How To Store Your Skincare Products

How To Store Your Skincare Products
How To Store Your Skincare Products 2

It’s funny how we never think of placement as a factor to measure the efficacy of our skincare products. You’ve done your research, got what works best for you, and is all set to delve into product use. It doesn’t end there. You knowing how and where to store your Skincare products is ideal for the aim you hope to achieve when purchasing those products. Not storing properly can be likened to being penny wise, pound foolish. Just buying your skincare products isn’t enough, storage matters a huge deal. Let’s show you how you can maximize the quality of your skincare products for its effective use.

Store Your Skincare Products

Store at room temperature: Most of your skincare products will do greatly at room temperature. When you observe that your products’ formulations are curdling, melting, breaking down, or oxidizing, you should check if they have been constantly exposed to extreme sunlight. Products like Vitamin C that contain active ingredients can lose their efficacy because of this. Always ensure that your skin products are far away from direct sunlight or heated temperature.
Don’t be the extremist: While running away from sunlight or heated temperatures, some people then resort to putting their products in the freezer. This is just as extreme as placing under direct sunlight. Both extremes can only do one thing, harm your products. When skincare products are formulated, there’s a precision that is aimed at, and you freezing your products to thaw later makes these products unstable. Room temperature still remains your best bet.
Keep away from the bathroom: When you take a shower, the fog can be seen on every glass surface in your bathroom right? This tells you that the heat from the shower travels through out the bathroom, even to corners you don’t perceive possible. This constant heat in your bathroom already permeates your skincare products and unbeknownst to you, your products are deteriorating. Advisably, store your Skincare products outside your bathroom, in a space that does not experience heat as much.

Apart from products, any other tool like beauty blenders, brushes, etc., should be cleaned and dried outside the bathroom. Else, mold can breed on them.

The fridge isn’t a total rule out: We know we talked about the freezer earlier but this doesn’t mean that other parts of the fridge are out of the equation. Take advantage of the cool temperature you get in the fridge for the longer shelf life of your skincare products. Storing your products with vitamin c or retinol can slow down its degradation. Other products like lipstick, nail polish, etc., can be stored in the fridge too. Your organic skincare product, especially the DIYs belong in the fridge, else they become unusable.
Seal containers properly: Your products can last longer and serve efficiently if they can be closed up properly after use and stored. A product that is meant to ease breakouts, blemish, and acne can be the very product giving you skin woes. This can be because you habitually contaminate these products by not sealing them tightly after use.
Never dilute with water: You aren’t being economical by adding water to your products, you are only contaminating these products. Microorganisms can breed on your products, thereby making it bad for you. Also, the effectiveness of the product is lost completely.
Keep your hands clean: storing your products for longevity and effectiveness may also mean that you wash or not transfer dirt in them. Dipping your hands in a skincare can cause bacteria to breed in your products.
Pay attention to packaging: If you are buying organic products, look out for products that are packaged in shaded containers. Buying organic products that aren’t in shaded containers can be your first step to buying a degrading product before all else.
Skincare mini fridges: These are becoming very mainstream and can take care of your degradable skincare products just fine. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes but they all do the same thing basically.
It’s goes beyond where: Skincare products go beyond where you store them but also how you store them. You can purchase online racks or improvise with your old shoe organizer to make storage effective and products easier to find. You can use lucite desk organizers to hold lotions, store cotton balls in mason jars, use stackable drawers for beauty products, plastic fridge tray for skin creams, etc. Organization goes a long way also.

In all, you may think adhering to these guidelines may be extra or fussy, no it’s not. It just means that skincare products are delicate and whatever that goes on your skin should be attended to in the same care and attention as those that go through your mouth. Try these outlined tips on how to store your Skincare products and see the difference your products offer you going forward.

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