Is it too early to say “winter is coming?”. It is never too early when it comes to preparing your skin for a new season. The skin adapts to new seasons, and for most of us, we have to change our skincare routine at the beginning of each season. During the summer, the skincare product invested in the most is sunscreen. In Fall, the most used skincare product is the moisturiser, and this is because the weather makes your skin feel dry and tight. We have curated this article to guide you for the winter season in a few months.

Winter can make your skin dry and itchy. When this happens, the skin gets irritated. Staying indoors during the winter or sitting beside a fireplace without the right skincare products only does more harm than good to the body. It strips the body of its natural oils and moisture. We feel the urge to take hot showers the most during the winter, which strips the body of its natural oils, and it’s worse if you have dry skin. The following Winter hacks will help you get through winter with glowing and healthy skin.

Winter hacks and Tips for Healthy skin

1. Winter Hydration: Keep Your Skin Nourished and Glowing

During the cold winter water, our body has a way of making us feel hydrated. It is best to know that feeling hydrated is not the same as actually being hydrated. The low humidity that comes with the winter season harms the skin. It strips the body of its natural oils and leaves our skin dehydrated. If you are not a big fan of drinking water, you can always make it flavoured using cucumber or lemon. In the morning, taking green tea or ginger tea is perfect for your skin as you stay healthy and hydrated.

2. Winter Skincare: Optimal Cleansing with Mariposa Gentle Soapless Cleanser

One of the best cleansers to use during the winter is the Mariposa Gentle Soapless Cleanser. It has no physical exfoliant and is delicate for all skin types. Avoid cleansers with harsh chemicals or fragrance as it is very harmful to the skin. When you use the wrong cleanser, it makes the skin dry and itchy.  The gentle soapless cleanser is perfect during winter because it can be used on all body parts. Remember that before using a cleanser, you can use shea butter to take out your makeup before using the soapless cleanser.

3. Winter Exfoliation: Gentle Renewal with Oat Flour DIY – Nourish Skin

No one wants to exfoliate, especially when their skin feels tight and dry. It is best to exfoliate when you have been following all your skincare routines consistently. By exfoliating during the winter, you take off dead skin cells from the body and help regenerate new ones. You can use the oat flour powder for your DIY gentle exfoliation. Always remember to wash your face off with warm water after exfoliating. Use any of our body buttersto leave your skin smooth and healthy after exfoliation.

4. Winter Shower Tip: Opt for Warm, Short Showers for Healthy, Hydrated Skin

We all know how hot baths can strip the body of its natural oils. It is worse when you spend a long time in the bathroom. The best temperature to keep your water while taking a shower, especially in the winter, is warm. The hot showers will leave you and your skin dehydrated. If you take long showers all the time, you will notice redness or itchiness on your skin. Keep your showers short and sweet. You can also try any of the Mayan Magic Beauty bars to take a shower. It nourishes the body and leaves it healthy

5. Winter Moisturizing: Embrace Body Butters for Hydrated, Healthy Skin

What better time to moisturise than in the winter? Body butters should be your best friend during this cold season as your body will feel dry and tight. It is best to choose your face and body moisturiser carefully, as products made of chemicals will be harsh on the skin in this season. Apply a moisturiser immediately after taking a shower as it helps your body lock in moisture when damp. Remember to moisturise your hands and your feet. During the winter, it is easy to have cracked feet and palms, and these are a gateway for bacterial infections. Always keep your body moisturised using shea butter or anybody butter of your choice.

6. Year-Round Protection: Sunscreen Essentials for Indoor and Outdoor Defense

One thing you need to know is that sunscreens are for every weather. It would be best if you also had sunscreen when you are indoors as it helps to protect your skin from the damage of UV rays. Apply your sunscreen around the face, hands, neck and also remember your ears as they are exposed to the sun as much as other parts of your body.

During the winter, reach for clothes that are comfortable and cold-weather friendly. Eat healthily and when you get wet or soaked, change out of your damp clothes.

Now that you know, these winter hacks have the best winter season with glowing and healthy skin!

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