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Have you ever wondered if your skin changes with the season? The answer to this is “yes.” Our skin is so delicate that the seasons affect it, which means the skin changes with the seasons. If you are conscious of how your skin acts during each season, you will notice that summer isn’t good for the skin. Summer comes with scorching sun.  We get exposed to bacteria from being in the pool with other people. These bacterias can cause skin infections too. You deserve to enjoy the summer without any skin hassle; here are tips on how to take care of your skin in summer.

Tips on How to Take Care of your Skin in Summer

1. Summer Beauty: Embracing Natural Minimalism

We all want to look our best in summer 2021. It is best to go natural due to the scorching sun and its effect on makeup, mainly when no SPF is found in it. Going minimal on your summer makeup also extends to the lips; always use glossy lipsticks or a lip balm to avoid chapped lips. You can always use body butter to make your lip balm. Wearing heavy make p makes it hard for your skin to breathe, especially during summer when the heat and humidity are relatively high. If you have to wear makeup, moisturize your skin and be minimal about the procedure.

2. Summer Skin Care: The Importance of Exfoliation

Summer has us staying outdoors for more hours than we would on an average day. The skin has a way of absorbing dirt quickly, and that’s why exfoliation is essential in the summer. You need to get rid of excess dirt and oil from the skin. By exfoliating, your body sheds off dead skin cell which settles on the skin. The best way to achieve a healthy and glowing this summer is by exfoliating at least twice a week. Extend your exfoliation to the lips ad neck area. You can always make a DIY exfoliating scrub at home or buy an exfoliating bar from our store.

3. Year-Round Sun Protection: Sunscreen Essentials for Healthy Skin

In our opinion, sunscreen is for the summer, and we are open to arguments around this. Use as much sunscreen as you can before going outside. Most people do not see the importance of wearing sunscreen at home, so they barely bother about it. While indoors, the sun penetrates through windows and open doors; always use sunscreen at home for healthier skin. Your body can easily get tanned without sunscreen. Look out for natural ingredients like olive and almond oil before purchasing your tube of sunscreen. Also, remember to apply multiple times. Sunscreens are essential for all skin types.

4. Moisturize your skin

The best part of the summer has hydrated and glowing skin. A nongreasy moisturizer does the trick as it absorbs quickly and does not have you sweating under the sun. Moisturizes that contain antioxidants are the best, so look out for vitamin A & C in your moisturizer. You can also apply a little body butter before leaving your house.

5. Stay Hydrated: Summer Skincare Tips for Glowing Skin

In a season like this, the fun activities make it easy for us to forget to get suitable liquids into our body. You need about 2-3 litres of water a day during the summer. Water helps us flush toxins from the body. It also keeps the skin hydrated and glowing. If you struggle with drinking regular water, you can infuse some healthy fruits into your water bottle. Carry a summer fancy water bottle around with you, and remember to drink at least between thirty minutes interval. Water is good for your skin and your whole body. The more hydrated you stay, the easier it is to glow. Also, try to reduce your intake of sugary drinks as it makes you slow and sluggish. Make a healthier decision by replacing sugary beverages with fruits.

6. Maintain good hygiene

The summer activities can sometimes be too overwhelming and indulging. It makes you forget the basic hygiene that keeps your skin in check. No matter how engrossed you are in fun, remember to take a shower at least two times daily. Take a cold bath before ging to bed at night. It helps your body stay away from skin conditions that arise from accumulated dirt and sweat. After your morning and nighttime shower, follow the proper skincare routine.

7. Summer Skincare: Why Toner is Essential for Your Skin

Skincare enthusiasts will preach on how toners are optional but never tell you how important it is during summer. Toners help your skin close open pores and that is why you need a refeshngtoner to add in your routine ths summer. By using a toner this summer, you prevent the accumulation of oil which leads to acne and breakouts. Check out for ingredients like aloe vera and cucumber while purchasing your toner this summer.

8. Summer Foot Care: Essential Tips for Healthy and Beautiful Feet

How often do you pay attention o your feet? All winter you wore protective boots and on days you forget to oil up your feet, no one notices. Its different in the summer because you will be wearing mostly sandals and slippers. You need to exfoliate and moisturize your feet as often as possible. While using a sunscreen, extend it to your feet. You can also do a deep soak for your foot with DIY products from us. Your feet is what you need mostly to get around, start today to care for it.

9. Summer Skincare: Stay Radiant with a Consistent Routine

The summer is not an excuse to avoid following your skin care routine religiously. Cleanse, tone and moisturize your skin at least twice daily. Maintaining your skincare routine will keep your skin healthy an prepare it for the next season.


During the summer, your skin needs extra attention, so take care of your skin. Not only does what you use o your skin affect you, your diet plays aa major role. To not feel bloated during summer, tae more fruits and vegetables, eat in adequate proportion abd remember to always stay hydrfated.

If you follow tese tips, you will have one less worry this summer. Remember to wear protective eye wears to keep away the sun’s effect on your eyes. Have an amazing summer!

Image source: university of Hawaii

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