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Sometimes we need to combine two or more skin care products in order to get the desired skin complexion, glow or even repairs that we need. We also must agree there is need to combine them adequately to achieve our skin goals.


So here are some useful tips to that may help you combine your skin care product to get optimum or desired results;

1. What is the purpose of combination: You must first identify the purpose for which you want the combination of product to serve to your skin. Some products are combined to repair damages or to fix patches on the skin, some are combined to give the skin a better complexion, some are for better skin texture So if you are combining any product you need to ask the question of ‘why do I want to combine these skin care products’?
2. Understand the formulation of each product: In order to combine any products, it is important to first know the formulation of each product individually before combining them for use. Understand the chemical content or composition of each product and see if they contain chemicals that reacts negatively with each other.
Which also means you need to know more about chemicals used in producing these skin care product and how they can be combined with certain chemicals of another product. So that the combined mixtures does not have damaging effect when use don your skin.
3. Know which product is suitable for your skin: There is need to know if each product formulation is suitable for your skin type before combining them for use. If possible seek the help of a dermatologist to help analyze each product with their scientific knowledge, to tell if combining any two or more skin care product will do your skin good. Also if you are not sure of your skin type, the dermatologist can also help discover your skin type.
4. Don’t be carried away by the advert lines: As part of marketing strategies, skin care promoters and distributors will do a lot to put their products in the hands of users. By creating and carving out eye catchy and convincing lines and slogans to make you buy their products. But please don’t let it deter you from scrutinizing these products to know their content before going ahead to combine it/them with others.
They can even go the length of saying you have to combine all products from their own brand alone. But it is not only product from the same brand that works better, you can combined products from different brands and it still gives you the desired result.
5. Introduce gradually/do a test run: If you want to know if a combination of two or more skin care products works well, try introducing them to your skin gradually and see its effect and reaction. Pushing any product into your skin without first test running it can be dangerous as you are not sure what the reaction will be.
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