Why Your Skincare Routine Isn’t Working

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Why Your Skincare Routine Isn’t Working 2

It can be a lot to deal with it if your usual skin routine suddenly stops working and leaves you with a myriad of skin problems. Using skin care products can become pretty addictive to your skin, hence in their absence, you skin reverts into a worse state than it was before you found your products.

Usually, once you find the right skin products, that marks the end of your facial nightmares but sometimes, things happen along the line that cause these products to stop working. Some of the reasons why your skin care routine no longer works are:

Why Your Skincare Routine Isn’t Working

1. A change in environment: a lot of people have no idea that their skin is greatly influenced by the weather, climate, season and general attributes of their environment. The skin is the largest organ of stimuli and will respond differently in tune with the environment. This is the reason why our lips chafe during the harmattan season and why we need extra sunscreen during the summer. To maintain the excellent skin condition, you need to be sensitive to the environmental conditions around. In dusty environments, using gels only increases the amount of dust and germs that have access to you, thereby increasing your rate of skin infection. Excess oils during sunny periods will only result in sunburns. Be attentive to your surroundings.
2. They’re not the best kind of product for you: you might think you’ve hit the jackpot with a certain set of skin care products just because of how well it works, but given more time, you do not feel the effects any longer. This is because the product is not specialized for your skin and may be more generalized. Skin types differ and are unique per person hence what works generally for others, might have minimal or temporal effect on your skin. For example, using vaseline might brighten your face for a while and after sometime cause your tone to darken because it adds excess layers of oil to your naturally oily face. Find out what works for you rather than using a product out of public persuasion.
3. Incorrect usage of product: since most skincare products do not come with specific instructions on dosage, the user is usually left with the task of applying as he/she wishes. But just because a drop of your regimen was used in the ads doesn’t mean that a drop would be enough to heal your damaged skin. Ensure to rub in your lotions properly and use healthy amounts of your regimen rather than too little or excess. The key to its magic is adequate use and consistency. Avoid using a dab where multiple applications are needed.
4. Blockage of skin pores: our skin needs care and pampering, it needs to be nourished, so we can be proud of showing it off. Our skin doesn’t need suffocation.

Take makeovers for an example, most times using light precise make-up will enhance a woman’s beauty ten times more than a full makeover.

You do not need to apply ten products on your face everyday, because at the end of the day they might end up accumulating and blocking your pores, thereby preventing any sort of work from any products. The alternative is to find one or two products that contain the ingredients you need and apply them judiciously.  Stay true to them. Be monogamous in your use of products unless one isn’t working for you.

5. Perhaps you’ve come to the end of the road: your skin routine might seem to have stopped working but in truth, maybe it has done all there is to do. If your skin is in top condition, there just might be no work for your routines to do rather than help maintain it. Think about it, once an acne lotion helps you get rid the acne, continuous use might seem ineffective, but in truth, there’s nothing to remove anymore.
6. Your skin routine may not be working because you have a high rate of germ activity: this is downright the craziest reason why your skin care routine might’ve stopped working, but try to stop touching your face with your hands so much. Our hands get in contact with a million things and a billion germs per day and a lot of us simply put all that bacteria on our face with the constant touching. Remember that your skin is fragile especially your facial area. It caves to any sort of pressure, so be sure to always wash your hands, nails and body properly.
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If none of these reasons are responsible for your skin care routine failing, maybe it’s time to switch it up and get new products altogether. Remember, skincare is the principal.

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