How to Layer your Skin


How to Layer your Skin

There are a million skincare acclaimed professionals on the internet with lots of tips on what to and what not to do for your skin. It is easy to believe anything, especially when you are desperate and need to get rid of that annoying pimple or breakout. How you layer your skin care products determine how it works for you. Each skin care product has a role it plays on your face so the more accurate you are with the layering and timing, the faster you get a result. Also, remember that your skincare routine must not contain all products involved in the layering process.


What is the point of using skincare products without it doing it’s work? If you place a serum on top of a moisturiser, you have only succeeded in wasting your skincare products and money too. The proper layering of these cosmetic products makes them work properly. When you don’t follow the correct order, it can cause many problems for your skin. Before we properly go into how to layer your skin, here is why you need to do it in an orderly manner.

Layer Your Skin Properly

I. Effective Skincare Layering: Achieve the Glow You Deserve

  Skincare products need to penetrate your skin to give that glow you deserve. Organic products found in every skincare product can react with the other. if you use them together or products without being certain of their ingredients, it can cause an allergic reaction for you. It can also make the skincare routine ineffective. You need to know how to layer each ingredient to promote results. 

II. Effective Skincare Layering: Preventing Clogged Pores

The skin pores might get clogged after you start your routine with the wrong product. Imagine starting your routine with a thick product and then layering with a water-based one. The water-based product will not be able to penetrate because there is a barrier caused by the thick product. 

III. Proper Layering for Healthy Skin: Hydration and Protection

New sin conditions can arise from the use of wrong products. The skin needs to be hydrated and pores open for products to get in. When you layer your skin evenly, not only are you creating protection, it also makes results show up fast. Products not layered properly can lead to aging. Also when you make use of some products without layering with sunscreen, it can lead to skin cancer. 


The skin is the most sensitive and delicate part of the human body and should be treated in the best way possible. Some rules guide product layering to help it absorb effectively into the skin. 

I. Thinnest to thick textured products. 

II. Water-based products before oil-based

Here is the best order to apply skin care products: 

Effective Cleansing Routine: The Key to Clear Skin

Effective Cleansing Routine: The Key to Clear Skin

Cleansers are best for your face every morning with warm water. If you are using a cleanser for your nighttime routine, ensure to wipe off makeup using shea butter or an over-the-counter facial wipe. Always use a gentle cleanser on your face. The cleanser is the first base for your morning and nighttime routine. It opens the pore for other products. You can single cleanse or double cleanse your face, as long as it’s the first step, then you are doing it right. 

The Importance of Toners in Your Skincare Routine

The Importance of Toners in Your Skincare Routine

Most people consider toners as optional and suggest that they can be left out of the skincare routine. If you are a fan of simple skincare routines then it’s okay to jump over to the next product. Toners set a base for other active ingredients in your routine. They also set a base for products used in acne treatments. Toners shrink the pores on the face and act as a base for antioxidants and oils. There are different toners for each skin type so if you find a toner that works best for your skin, stick to it. Always remember that toners are optional. 

The Benefits of Serums: Glowing Skin Starts Here

The Benefits of Serums

You need serums in your routine because they provide various benefits to the skin. Serums contain concentrated nutrients from natural products and are antioxidants. You can also skip using serum if you prefer exfoliants. Serums are a good first base for skincare layering. They help reduce inflammation and damages caused by free radicals. Serums also brighten the skin and help to lighten dark spots. Serums are for morning and nighttime routines and work perfectly for people with sensitive skin. 

Serums also include the eye serum and facial oils sometimes, it is best to apply them before moisturizers to help keep the skin clean and balance it out. If you need to see results on your skin tone, add a serum to your routine and layer it properly. 


Moisturizers are the holy grail of every skincare routine. They hydrate your skin and leave it glowing. They help to lock in moisture and other nutrients found in the products earlier used. Moisturizers contain emollients that keep the skin protected and reduces the loss of moisture. You can always substitute moisturizers for facial oil but remember not to use them together. It is only advisable to use facial oil and moisturizers together when you have dry skin. Body butter is always a good moisturizer to make your skincare routine pop!


The skin is very delicate and the sun is one of the damaging factors. Sunscreens act as a physical form of protection and barrier. Sunscreens are for the skincare morning routine only either indoors or outdoors. Sunscreens should be applied lastly before your make-up. It is best not to apply a lot of sunscreens especially if you have already applied other products. Avoid sunscreens that leave a white cast on the face. Shea butter serves as a good sunscreen if you are looking to stick to natural/organic products. 

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Natural skincare products provide vitamins, antioxidants, and proteins for all skin types.

For people with oily skin, avoid products with a lot of oil and try more DIY products. Dry skins are prone to reactions and it’s more frustrating when the allergies become itchy. Always use warm water and avoid harsh products. Following the right skincare routine works for sensitive skin too. 

Remember to use the right quantity of products to make absorption easy. Feel free to share your results with us when you start layering properly. 



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