What You Need To Know About Showering For Your Skin

showering for your skin
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How do you shower? Do you walk into the bathroom to wash out dirt, and then you go scrub, wash, rinse and go? Everyone thinks showering works the same way. However, if you care about your skin, your washing-up process will take a completely different approach. 

When it comes to washing up, the motive is the same for everyone “Get rid of dirt,” but in need of this, sometimes you wash too hard, and sometimes you wash too soft. When you scrub too hard, you expose your skin to bristling and dryness. In some cases, you strip your body of its natural oils and then cause your skin to stress while reproducing, and then you end up with acne. You most likely never thought that showering could cause any of these, did you?

Here are a few other things you may not have known about showering for your skin.

Do not shower for too long: There is the temptation to spend so much time under the shower, especially after a long day. Apart from catching a cold, there are other reasons why you should not do this, and one of them is your skin. The longer you spend under the shower, the faster your natural skin oils get off your body, and the more prone you are to dryness. It is like a “too much of something is bad” situation. While water can act as a good moisturizing base, it will also dry out your skin if you stay under the shower for too long. Take short showers; when you are done cleaning, leave the shower. 

Embrace Cold Showers: A Refreshing Choice for Healthy Skin

Embrace Cold Showers
What You Need To Know About Showering For Your Skin 4

Take cold showers: Hot showers are great, but if you can afford to, go for colder showers. Hot showers dry out your skin when used consistently. This is not good. Understandably, in cold weather, you need hot water, but even this is a problem. In winter, the humidity is very low, meaning your skin is already prone to dryness. So, what do you do? You cannot take cold showers in the winter; what you can, however, do is reduce your shower times, especially when you have not been out a lot, and there isn’t exactly a reason to shower. You can settle for cleansing your skin with a cleanser and moisturizing later. 

P.s. When we say cold, we do not mean cold; we mean room temperature. 

Shower Smart: Pore-Friendly Finish and Mild Soap Essentials

Shower Smart
What You Need To Know About Showering For Your Skin 5

Cold after hot: This is an unspoken rule when it comes to showering. If you must shower with hot water consistently, always end the session with a cold one. When you use hot water, all your pores open up. When you shower with cold water as a finish, the pores tighten back. Also, cold water helps in restoring the pH balance of your skin. When there is a pH imbalance, your skin works overtime to fix this, and in the process, you can end up with acne and its family members. On a lighter note, it gives an absolutely great feeling. 

Use mild soaps: We like soaps that lather too much, and sometimes it is not for our good. Some of these soaps which lather too much are a tad harsh on the skin. Here is something you must know, your soap does not need to lather so much for your skin to cleanse. You are not a piece of fabric. It is not a case of “the foamier the lather, the cleaner the skin”. Low or high lathering capability does not determine the cleaning power of the soap. As long as it lathers to an extent, it is fine. Harsh soaps can cause skin irritations, which may take a while to heal. Mayan magic soaps are mild on the skin, moisturizes your skin, restores pH balance and slowly, but effectively exfoliates the skin. 

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Rinse before you lather: This is mostly basic knowledge already, but it wouldn’t hurt to remind us again. Allow the water to wash all over your body first before using the soap all over your face and body. Use a washcloth if you can, or stick to just the soap and your hands.

Get the last soap residue out: Yes, we said shorter showers, but that does not mean you get to come out with soap residue on your skin. Leaving soap residue on your skin can cause that part to dry out or have irritations, neither of which you would like to deal with. Rinse and run your hands all over to be sure there are no residues. Only then are you allowed to walk out of the bathroom?

After-Shower Etiquettes: Pat, Don’t Pull, and Moisturize Instantly

We have looked at how to shower properly; now here are some quick after-shower skin etiquettes that you must follow for better skin. 

Pat not pull: There is that tempting feeling to draw your towel all over your body and face. You are tugging and pulling. Relax, do not do that. Pat your skin dry, with some love and care. 

Moisturize immediately: The best time to moisturize was when you stepped out of the bathroom. Do not wait for your skin to dry out. This is why the aforementioned step was mentioned. When you pat dry, your body still has some moisture from the water. This allows your skin to accept your moisturizer easily, giving it the chance to work fine.

Continuous Skincare Learning: Embracing the Journey to Healthy Skin

It sounds strange that we just taught you how to shower right, right? With our skins, we learn every day. There is always something new to learn when it comes to skincare. What you thought you knew might just be wrong. You need to assume the three learning stages for skincare: To unlearn the things you thought were right, to learn that which you did not know, and to relearn that which you may have forgotten. Today, you learned how to shower properly for healthier skin, what would you learn next? 

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