All You Need To Know About Soapless Cleansers 

Soapless Cleansers
All You Need To Know About Soapless Cleansers  2

Have you ever heard of soapless cleansers? 

When you want to cleanse your face, you either go for facial cleansers, wipes, or in some cases, for those who want deeper cleaning, water, and soap.

Do you know that some soaps you use in cleansing your skin, can cause acne and skin dryness? 

When you wash your face too much, you end up stripping your face of its natural oils. This can manifest in two ways. The first is that your skin starts overproducing oils to make up for the lost one, and when this happens, you end up with acne. The second thing that could happen is that your skin becomes very dry, and when this happens, you age faster. We are not looking to age faster now, are we? 

We cannot completely stop using soaps; what we can do is reduce how we use them and start working with soapless options instead. A soapless option is a soapless cleanser.

What is a soapless cleanser? 

Soaps are made with natural oils and some other chemicals, which, well, makes them soapy. However, soapless cleansers are without all these harsh chemicals involved in the production of many of the bar soaps you use.

This is just the basic explanation of it, but for you to get a clear understanding of how this works, let us look at the science involved in the work process of the soapless cleansers. 

The science of soapless cleansers

Although soaps and soapless cleansers use different formulation processes, they mostly work the same way. You see, for your skin to get clean when using soap to wash, there have to be components in the soap that can attract fat and water. These components are called the lipophilic and the hydrophilic, respectively.

 Both of these together are called the surfactant, a detergent that enables the process of washing off dirt, grime, and oil from your skin. The lipophilic component attracts the oil, and the hydrophilic part helps the rinsing process. 

Usually, the oil-loving part of the soap is made with fatty acids, but in the soapless cleansers, it is made with chemicals gotten from oils and petroleum. Soapless cleaners usually come with extra moisturizers and humectants that protect your skin from drying out when you use them. This usually is the issue with soaps. While it is stripping your skin off the oils found on it, it is not replacing these oils. More often than not, some people end up with serious skin irritations. Humectants are very important as they trap water in the skin, leaving it heavily moisturized and safe from dryness. When using a soapless cleanser that has humectants, rest assured your skin stays as fresh as ever. 

Why should you get a soapless cleanser?

They save your skin from dryness: When your skin gets dry, there are many skin conditions that could come from that. From eczema to other skin irritations, your skin could react badly to dryness. When using soapless cleaners, they moisturize your skin and leave you looking young and fresh. 

They are great for people with sensitive skin: For some people, soap irritates their skins so badly that they end up with numerous skin conditions. Because of the soapless cleansers’ calmer production process, there are no toxic substances that can trigger skin conditions in people with sensitive skin. We often want products that would not make us scamper to the dermatologist for more products to solve the problems caused by other products. If you know your skin is very sensitive, then you should go for a soapless cleanser.

They help you balance your skin’s pH: One of the most annoying things that could happen to your skin is ending up with a pH imbalance. The list of things that could go wrong when there is a pH imbalance is not a long one, but each of the things on that list is not anything you want to deal with. Soapless cleaners are very effective in balancing the pH of your skin. While you drink water to balance your body’s pH, use soapless cleansers to balance the pH of your skin. 

They last longer: With normal soaps, once they contact water, it is a downward spiral from there. One day they are there, the other day they are gone. This is not the case with soapless cleansers. They would last for a very long time, and more so, you do not have to use so much when cleansing your skin. If for anything, this is an economic benefit of the soapless cleansers. We are all looking to save more money, aren’t we? 

What soapless cleanser should I use?

For every skincare product that breaks into the market, there is a long list of brands offering the same product with different promises. It can get hard figuring out which one is best for use. 

Mayan magic has three amazing soapless cleansers for you to choose from.

New moon face and body soapless cleanser: This cleanser restores your skin’s pH balance, as well as moisturizes your skin. It takes out everything that is not meant to be on your skin, from dirt, grime, and dust, to oils that stick on your pores to cause black or whiteheads. The ingredients are Charcoal, oatmeal avocado oil, grapeseed oil, MHRB, Kaolin clay, and glycerin 

Mariposa’s Gentle soapless cleansers: Soapless cleansers are usually gentle, so if ‘gentle’ is added as a description, then you can imagine. It is safe and perfect. The ingredients include MHRB, kaolin clay, grapeseed oil, and a dash of avocado. 

Moonbow face and body soapless cleansers market: This tones your skin as it takes away all the grime and dirt there. The ingredients are lavender oil, Kaolin clay, MHRB, glycerin, and oatmeal. 

Final thoughts 

Your skin deserves the best. It is important to give your skin the absolute best, by giving up chemicals and toxic substances that come with this neat. 

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