dry skin

Dry Skin? Here’s How To Fix It 

dry skin
Dry Skin? Here's How To Fix It  9

Do you ever run your hands on your skin, and it feels dry and ashy and sometimes itchy? Is that a usual thing? Then you have dry skin. Some people are born with dry skin; others develop it along the way. For those born with dry skin, moisturizing consistently and eating the right foods would help their skin stay off dryness. However, those who came across it as they went on have to first find the root cause of the issue before getting to the solution. This is because discovering the ‘why’ will make it easier to fix the ‘how’ equation. 

Why do you have dry skin? 

Why do you have dry skin? 
Dry Skin? Here's How To Fix It  10

There is a long list of things that could land you and your skin in a dritchy(dry+itchy) town. Let us look at 5 of them and see if any one of them is familiar to you. 

Fragrance and Dry Skin: Avoiding Irritation and Allergies

Fragrance and Dry Skin: Avoiding Irritation and Allergies
Dry Skin? Here's How To Fix It  11

Fragrance: It may sound weird, but your perfume or your deodorant can cause you skin dryness at a really small scale. What could send you to itchy town faster than you can spell the word dry are fragrance-filled lotions. Of course, you do not need an explanation for this; you rub the fragrance directly on the skin. Now, this does not happen with everyone, most people who are allergic. So if you are worried about this, you should see a dermatologist as soon as possible. 

Soap Selection: Choosing the Right Soap for Hydrated Skin

The soap you use: Some people go for soaps that lather very well and smell so great, without realizing that these soaps strip our skin of its natural oils. It may not happen once, but consistent use of these products will continue in this trend. One day, you just wake up and find a patch of your skin dry and itchy. Usually, it is the skin that comes in contact with the soap more often that bears the brunt of this. Maybe the shoulder, neck, or chest before it then moves to other parts of the body. 

Hot Showers and Dry Skin: Finding the Right Water Temperature

Hot Showers and Dry Skin: Finding the Right Water Temperature
Dry Skin? Here's How To Fix It  12

Hot showers: Hot water is still water, and water should generally cause a mixture to enter the skin, right? Well, that is wrong. Hot water, instead of sending moisture into your skin, strips your skin of the same. So if you are a fan of hot water, this may be the cause. We do not mean warm water; we mean those kinds that leave steam all over the bathroom when you are done with your shower. They tend to dry out your skin, especially during the cold weather. 

Weather Woes: Battling Dry Skin During Changing Seasons

The weather: During the winter, the humidity is at its lowest, so you are prone to dry skin, and it is not much you can do to avoid this process. It is the weather, and you cannot exactly control it. 

Medications and Dry Skin: Managing Side Effects Effectively

Medications and Dry Skin: Managing Side Effects Effectively
Dry Skin? Here's How To Fix It  13

Medications: Sometimes, some medications you are taking may cause your skin to have dry patches. Being that this is often a side effect of whatever the medication you are on, you may need to talk to a doctor about these effects and see what he can do about them. 

Now that we have looked out five out of the numerous reasons you could end up with dry skin let us move to the how.

How can you deal with dry skin? Combatting Dry Skin: Tips and Tricks for Lasting Hydration

How can you deal with dry skin
Dry Skin? Here's How To Fix It  14

You should know that if your dry skin is caused by genetics, you will have to do twice of whatever it is you see here. Your first option will be to take more fruits and vegetables and more water, then the rest follows. This is because you need to work the skin from inside out to deal with the dryness effectively.

Here are ways you can deal with dryness. 

Shower Smart: Adjusting Water Temperature and Moisturizing

Reduce hot water showers: Instead of the steam-causing, almost-scalding exercise you call a shower, why don’t you do something different? Make the water a little less hot, and shower with that instead. On hot afternoons, take cold baths instead; it is better for your skin. If you take one of your almost-scalding baths, turn the shower to cold after you are done with your hot shower, and let the cold water go on your body. The moment you step out of the shower, give your body two minutes and moisturize immediately. 

Moisturize when wet: Instead of waiting for your body to dry before you moisturize, you can do it immediately you come out of the shower. The water will carry the moisturizer into your skin as it dries up. This will help the moisturizer stay in your skin longer than it naturally should have. 

Consistent Moisturizing: The Key to Supple and Healthy Skin

Moisturize all the time: This is not even negotiable; your skin needs moisture to survive. The definition of dry skin is skin with moisture absent. You need to moisturize morning and night. There should never be a time when you are not moisturizing, especially after a shower when the previous moisture has just been washed out. 

Reduce the use of chemical-based products: Unless you have verified with a dermatologist, restrict your skincare to mostly natural-based products. They will serve you better. More importantly, make sure the one you are using is mild; natural products can be drying too. 

Exfoliation Essentials: Rejuvenating Skin Through Scrubs

Exfoliate: This works like magic. Exfoliation will take off all the dead skin cells hanging on your pores and leave your skin smooth, soft, and moisturized. Exfoliating twice a week with proper moisturizing can get rid of dry skin.

Mayan Magic Skincare: The Solution to Persistent Dryness

Use Mayan Magic skincare products: Mayan Magic skincare products have one thing in common, they all have moisturizing properties. From the Lavender bar soap to the coconut lime bar and the new moon soapless cleanser. All of our products will moisturize your skin and give it an even tone. The problem of dry skin can be solved using our products. 

Final thoughts 

Having dry skin can be such a buzzkill. At some point, it may seem like your products are not working. Just follow these steps we listed, especially the last point, soon your dry skin will be a thing of the past. 

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