5 Basic Skincare Items That Should Never Leave Your Kit

5 Basic Skincare Items That Should Never Leave Your Kit
5 Basic Skincare Items That Should Never Leave Your Kit 6

When they ask you what are your basic skincare routine items what do you say? Everyone has different products for their skin, some have 10, others have 5, but in all of these do you know that there are some you MUST have? These items are non-negotiable. If you do not have them, it will be decided that you do not know what to do with your skin. These products are so important that if you do not have them, your other skin products just won’t work. It does not matter how expensive that product is, if these basics are not in your routine, you might as well have wasted money on that skin-brightening or lightening product you got.

What are these Basic Skincare products?

A Cleanser : Cleanse Your Skin

5 Basic Skincare Items That Should Never Leave Your Kit 7

Yes, a cleanser. Not sure who told you all you could go to bed without cleansing your face, but they lied. Your face comes in contact with and attracts dust, grime, and toxic substances all day. You cannot stop this from happening, because your skin is out there for these things to come in contact with. When you get home, you need to cleanse all of these from your face. You also are not allowed to go to bed in makeup, no matter how tired you are, clean that face up with a cleanser.

When using a cleanser, resist the urge to not cleanse under your chin and your throat. They may not be part of your face per-say, but you apply makeup on them do for the sake of blending, do you not? So, yes, a cleanser should never be missing from the list of things you have. You can try out the Mayan magic New Moon soapless cleanser, it is perfect for sensitive skin, and will take out oil and dirt from your skin while moisturizing it. It would also restore your skin’s natural oils, saving your skin from dryness and acne.

Tone for Radiant Skin: The Unmatched Benefits of Using a Toner

5 Basic Skincare Items That Should Never Leave Your Kit 8

If anyone ever told you that you could do without a toner, they lied. Do you know that no matter how effective your cleanser is, it may not be able to wipe your pores properly? Do you know that toner does that? Do you also know that a toner moisturizes your skin and evens out a skin tone? Do you know that toners can also give your skin some protection from the sun? why then does your routine kit not have a toner? Why are you going through life without the goodness a toner has to offer.

Well, now that you have stumbled on and read this article, you no longer have to live life without a toner. Get the Mayan Magic skin toner which will balance the pH of your skin, and also tighten your pores, so dust and grime don’t get into your pores and stay there.

Sunscreen: Your Daily Shield Against Skin Damage and Aging

5 Basic Skincare Items That Should Never Leave Your Kit 9

This has been said over and over again, the fact that we are still having this conversation means some people have been listening. Now, before we move on, repeat these words to a mirror as intently as ever “I am never leaving the house without applying sunscreen ever again”. Do you know why you had to repeat those words? Because the sun is harmful to the skin. Yes, it gives us Vitamin D and all that, but when we are getting that Vitamin D, we need to protect our skin.

Sunburns become scars, that become wrinkles as time goes on, and if you are looking at 50-looking-like-20 as an aging goal, well you need sunscreen and you need it stat. Your chosen sunscreen should have at least an SPF of 30. If you sweat a lot and have oily skin, get a water-based sunscreen, and if you have dry skin, an oil-based sunscreen will be perfect for you.

Exfoliate for Radiant Skin: Unlock Your Skin’s Potential

5 Basic Skincare Items That Should Never Leave Your Kit 10

Another thing you should have never thought about getting through life without is an exfoliator. Your skin could be smoother. From your face to your feet, it could be brighter. Sometimes your skin products are not working as well as they should because your skin is not open enough to receive them. When you use an exfoliator, you open your skin to receiving the products that you get for them.

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Your skin sheds constantly, and your pores are blocked by dead skin cells which refused to fall off when you shower or cleanse. However, when you exfoliate, all the dead skin and extra dirt can cause blackheads, leave your skin. When your pores are open, even without using a lot of products, your skin is automatically brighter and smoother. Please, remember that you do not need to moisturize every day. It is an important skincare product, but it could ruin your face if you use it always. Restrict usage to just twice a week.

Moisturize for Healthy Skin: Your Solution to Common Skin Problems

Finally, this is not something that you should be lacking at the moment, but if you are for some reason, here is a good reason to get one. Almost all the problems of your skin can be solved by moisturizing it. Is your skin dry? Moisturize. Is your skin breaking? Moisturize. Do you always have to deal with acne? Moisturize. Do you have eczema sometimes? Moisturize. Without moisturizing, your skin will stay dry, brittle, and prone to scarring and wrinkling.

 If you want fresh-looking, smooth, clear, shiny skin, you need to start moisturizing and right now. Moisturize day and night, and if for some reason you need to wash your face and hands midday, please moisturize immediately. If you have very dry skin, you need an oil-based moisturizer, and if your skin is oily, a water-based moisturizer would do.

Final thoughts : Complete Your Skincare Routine

If you already have some of the things on this list, well, good for you, but you need to complete them. Without extra products, these are enough to give you clear and bright skin. However, if you are going to get other products, you need to make sure that you never neglect the place of these. Your skin deserves the best.

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