Benefits of Mimosa Hostilis

mimosa hostilis, Benefits of Mimosa Hostilis
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There are many benefits of Mimosa hostilis root bark. Many applications as well, such as: cosmetic, art, dye, medical purposes, and more. Mimosa hostilis possesses surprisingly powerful properties. This root bark is native to the northeast of Brazil and the south of Mexico. The medicinal properties of mimosa hostilis are anti-infective, applied on burns, skin damage, wounds, etc.  In 1984, after a horrific gas explosion in Mexico City killed 500 and left more than 5000 with severe burns, the Red Cross treated the burn patients with MHRB. It was so effective at healing their wounds and regenerating the skin that a year later, when an earthquake caused a series of explosions and fires, mimosa hostilis was again used to treat victims.
Since ancient times it has been used for healing. Mimosa hostilis is also called, Jurema Preta, Jurema or Tepezcohuite. If you want to restore the vitality of your skin, then mimosa hostilis is has what you’re looking for. It naturally restores your skin vitality and reduces aging through it’s regenerative properties.
The bark of Mimosa hostilis has a complicated chemical structure that makes it suitable for many skin problems. The collection of these many ingredients increases the delivery of benefits of this bark. It possesses many therapeutic benefits. Most often delivered in MHRB soaps these days. If you don’t have the time to make your own you can try our Mayan Magic Soap.

Benefits of Mimosa hostilis

Anti-aging effect:
It could be beneficial for people who want to slow down the aging process. Using its powder topically can make your skin tighten and glow. Delaying the aging of the skin as it stimulates the production of new cells and reduces the damage of existing cells.
The water-attracting properties of Mimosa are due to Xylose that hydrates the skin. Premature aging is protected by flavonoids present in Mimosa bark which also act as antioxidants and guard the skin against the action of free radicals. – Valencia-Gómez LE, et al. Int J Biol Macromol. 2016.
Used as a Cosmetic Agent:
Mimosa hostilis is also called a tree of skin. Yes, because its many actions prove to be beneficial for the skin. In the cosmetic industry, it can be used in various formulations for the betterment of skin health. It has strong antiseptic activity. There are many powders, and topical ointments are available for the treatment of psoriasis and acne. It is mostly used in soaps, serums, face masks, conditioners and shampoos for
Maintaining healthy hair:
It is equally good for the health of hair. It helps to maintain clean and healthy hair. It also strengthens your hair and gives then necessary shine. It has the ability to strengthen the scalp. It gives strength to weak and damaged hairs and also increases the volume.
It reduces hair loss and helps in the regeneration of hairs. The presence of tannins and bioflavonoids provide an antioxidant effect that helps in maintaining healthy and clean hair.
It also contains trace elements, vitamin B12 that stimulate the hair growth and also strengthen the thin hairs. The regenerative ability of the Mimosa hostilis root bark is also due to the presence of sulphar. As it is backed with multiple nutrients, it can effectively treat your hair related issues.
Stops Bleeding:
The powder of Mimosa hostilis bark is beneficial in the treatment of the bleeding wound. The bark of the plant contains a sufficient amount of antioxidants and tannins that stimulate the blood coagulation and helps to stop bleeding. It is beneficial to apply on cuts and wounds due to its powerful blood clotting properties. – Zippel J, et al. J Ethnopharmacol. 2009.
Used for Treating Burns and Ulcers:
Mimosa hostilis is very important medically. It has many medically approved benefits. One such benefit is its analgesic property. It is a natural painkiller. There are many creams and powders are available in the market containing extracts or powder of Mimosa hostilis. It can be applied on minor to severe burns for a soothing action. It is also effective against severe burns, and it can be used on large for the same purpose. – Rivera-Arce E, et al. J Ethnopharmacol. 2007.
Alleviates Toothaches:
As the bark and leaves have potent anti-inflammatory and antiseptic property, it can be used to help dental pain. Toothache is mainly due to gum disease or dental abscess. The powder of Mimosa hostilis can be applied to treated dental abscess and pain. – de Souza Araújo E, et al. J Appl Microbiol. 2018.
Treatment of wrinkles:
Powder of Mimosa hostilis is used in creams and lotions for removing wrinkles from the face and skin. It also has a property to diminish the appearance of skin blemishes.
Collagen production:
The bark of Mimosa hostilis also facilitates collagen production. It is also involved in the production of elastin that improves the elasticity of the skin.
Antiseptic properties:
Mimosa hostilis is a natural antiseptic, and used to help different skin conditions and kills maximum germs due to its powerful antiseptic activity. Thus protect the skin from the risk of various infections. It has strong defense against viral, fungal and bacterial infections. – Ferreira JM, et al. J Sci Food Agric. 2017.
Important pharmaceutical raw material:
It is an essential raw material in various creams, ointments, and pastes formulations because it can treat infections and inflammation. It has the ability to treat such conditions within an hour.
It has a pleasant smell and aroma. It is part of various body lotions and body sprays. It plays an important role in aromatherapy sessions.
Strong immune system:
As it is famous for its antiseptic and antibiotic properties, it can also successfully help conditions that are keeping you under the weather. It can also strengthen your immune system.
The presence of alkaloids, lipids, saponins, glucosides, lupeol, phytosterols, arabinose, and rhamnose provide multiple effects and useful in treating many illnesses.
Glow and firm skin:
It has powerful antioxidant properties that fight against free radicles and prevent cell damage. It gives your skin natural glow and firmness and youthful appearance.
Mimosa hostilis protect against environmental damage by nourishing the skin with micronutrients like copper, magnesium, and zinc. The natural surfactant activity of saponins cleanse the oil and dirt from the skin and gives skin its natural glow.  Skin barrier function is strengthened by lipids of Mimosa bark that also help to retain moisture. The tone of the skin can be improved due to the action of tannins that also tighten the skin due to astringent action. It also reduces the oil from the skin.
Remove spots and scar from the skin:
It can successfully remove the spots and scarring from the skin surface and can stimulate deep soft tissue and hair follicles. – AC Dweck, Forwad Naturally. 2001.
It can help psoriasis heal and relieve the discomfort of pressure sores.
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