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All You Need To Know About Face Masks, Cleansers, Scrubs, Toners and Moisturizers

All You Need To Know About Face Masks, Cleansers, Scrubs, Toners and Moisturizers

When it comes to skincare, some must-haves are very essential to your skincare regimen, especially when it comes to your face. If the care you apply on your skin is a 20, multiply that by a hundred and that’s how much care you should apply on your face. Your face is more delicate, always open and much more prone to skin issues, that’s why your whole body can come in contact with some kind of wrong product and your face will be the only part of your body affected. Make your skin glowing by using face masks, scrubs and cleansers.

The skincare routine you use on the rest of your body is should be different from the skincare routine you use on your face.

facial skincare pack

Four things you must always have in your facial skincare pack are: Face masks, cleansers, scrubs, toners, and moisturizers. Each of these things plays a different role on the skin, but all together, they have a specific purpose, which is making your face look better and healthier.

Let us look at each of them separately, see their uses and how and when to use them.

Face masks

These are used to, either to induce a glow, deal with acne, or anti-aging properties. When you make use of a facemask, you are bringing the product closer to your face, giving it time to enter into your pores and do its work.

Face masks help in hydrating your skin, getting rid of the excess oil produced by your skin, thereby making you less prone to acne. It also helps in unclogging your pores, thus leaving your skin more open to receiving the products needed for your skin to look better.

When you make use of a facemask, you are making your face more receptive to the rest products you want to make use of, as the pores are already wide open and ready to receive the products you want to use on the face, this will make them work faster.

There are 7 types of face masks

  • Clay masks: This is usually made with bentonite or kaolin clay. It is applied on the skin for a while, and then washed off when the work is done
  • Sheet masks: This a thin absorbable material, infused with products that should go on the face. It is placed on the face for as long as it is needed, then taken off and disposed of after use.
  • Gel masks: These are gel-like, and they have a cooling sensation. You wash off when you are done.
  • Peel off masks:  When you apply these, they thicken and stick to your face, you will have to peel them off when you are done, carefully too, so you do not hurt your face.
  • Cream masks: These are just like creams, only that you’ll have to clean them off after a while.
  • Sleep masks: This is a mask that can be worn overnight.
  • Charcoal masks: These Face masks are made with charcoal, and may come in the form of the rest of the other masks, just as long as the active ingredient included is the charcoal.

The best time to use a mask is at night or on a day you know you intend to rest and not move around, it gives your face the relaxation needed for the products to work.


These are used to cleanse your face, deeply, getting rid of the surface dirt before you apply other products on your face. before you start any skin regimen, you need to properly deep cleanse your face first, and get rid of all the dirt around your nose, under your eyes, below your lips too. These places are bound to encounter and hide dirt.

A cleanser also helps in getting rid of the excess oil that is naturally produced by your face.

Here are a few rules to using a cleanser

  • Wash your hands
  • Wet your face
  • Cleanse gently
  • Use just twice a day to avoid inducing dryness on your skin

This is used to exfoliate the skin. Exfoliation is the process of getting out dead skin cells from your skin. Your skin sheds constantly, to allow regrowth when this happens, the dead skin cells do not just fall off, sometimes they stick to your pores and need extra help to be gotten rid off, and this is where a scrub comes in. 

A scrub is made of grainy pieces mixed in cream. When applied, the grainy pieces help in getting rid of dead skin cells and unclogging your pores.

You can also use a DIY scrub, usually made with sugar as the grainy exfoliating agent, and honey or almond oil.

A scrub opens your face to receiving products that will be later used on your skin. It also gives your face and smoother feel and a glowing look.

Do not scrub every day, limit your scrubbing to twice a week. If you scrub every day, you will hurt your skin.


Toners are like cleansers, but you don’t wash these off, and you apply these before you apply other products on your skin. Toner also has the task of getting rid of dead skin cells attached to your pores.

A toner also helps in restoring your skin PH, sometimes your soap is too harsh, so it strips your skin of its natural oils, and then your skin starts reproducing these oils and might produce excess and, hello, acne.

They are usually gel-like, so allow to dry before you apply a moisturizer, always follow with a moisturizer.


This helps in hydrating your skin and giving you that glow that you need.

Your skin is always at risk of drying, especially during the winter, you need your skin to stay smooth and fresh. A moisturizer is always helpful.

Find time to constantly moisturize your face, but first, make sure your skin is clean, your pores are unclogged and you have already used a toner. A moisturizer will not work as well as you want it to if your pores are clogged with either dirt or dead skin cells.

Always use a cleanser before applying a scrub or a facemask, it gets rid of the surface dirt on the pores.

Your face deserves to be pampered by you, never stop pampering your face; it is the first thing people notice about you when they see you. Take care of it.

Thank you for reading! If you’d like 7 more amazing ways having great skin can make you feel, then follow that link. Also check out this article on Skin care tips for the new year. Feeling the winter chill? Check out these tips to keep your skin glowing this winter. Be sure to check out the rest of Mayan Magic Soaps, we have a ton of resources for you.

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