How to Get Rid of Mouth Wrinkles: Causes, Types, and Treatment

Mouth Wrinkles
Get Rid of Mouth Wrinkles

The older we get, the more the appearance of wrinkles becomes more visible in our faces. The wrinkles appear due to the loss of collagen in the body. Our body naturally losses collagen when we get older and this is more visible in the face, neck,  and other thin areas of the body. Collagen is the fibers responsible for making the skin supple and firm. Not everyone has to have wrinkles when they get older. There are steps to follow that will ensure you avoid getting mouth wrinkles prematurely. This article will serve as a guide for getting rid of mouth wrinkles but first we have to understand the causes and types of mouth wrinkles.

Causes, Types, and Treatment of Mouth Wrinkles: A Complete Guide

Understanding the Causes and Types of Mouth Wrinkles

We use our mouths in communication and feeding which means our mouths. While in our early 20’s the body begins to produce less collagen and we can only take preventive measures to ensure we have no wrinkles. The following are the causes of mouth wrinkles.

1. Poor nutrition

2. Genetics

3. Sun

4. Dehydration

5. Smoking

There are also different types of wrinkles and understanding them is the first way to get rid or prevent these mouth wrinkles.

Common Types of Mouth Wrinkles and Their Causes

1. Lipstick Lines: These type of wrinkles have nothing to do with the application of lipsticks. Lipstick lines appear in the faces of those who smoke. It is also known as vertical lip liners or smoker lines. The Lipstick Lines appear on the upper region of the lips and other times,  they appear directly on the lip.

2. Sagging Wrinkles: When this type of wrinkle appears on the mouth, it makes the frame between the lip and the chin saggy. The sagging wrinkles appear when our skin starts to loose collagen and elasticity.

3. Smile lines: Little wonder why many people who smile have mouth wrinkles? It is because of the constant facial movement that creases the sides of the mouth and leaves them with smile lines. The smile lines are more visible when we smile or laugh and can begin to appear at any age. Smile lines are also known as laugh lines.

Treatment and Effective Tips for Preventing and Reducing Mouth Wrinkles

These rules and guide applies to everyone whether you have wrinkles around the mouth or you’re trying to avoid them.

1. Using Natural Oils to Combat Mouth Wrinkles

To get rid of wrinkles around the mouth, you can apply any type ofoily. Be careful with the type of oil you use because it might be harmful to your skin type. It is best to use either coconut or lavender oil to get rid of wrinkles around the mouth. Put your fingertip in the oil and massage it around the mouth and laugh lines. The oil helps to loosen the skin, and also, by massaging the oil, you promote blood circulation in that area. You can also use grape or olive oil as these are good for people with sensitive skin.

2. Nightly Moisturizing for Smooth, Wrinkle-Free Skin

It is best to moisturize before going to bed as it helps to prevent wrinkles around the mouth. Shea butter is an anti-aging moisturiser that is rich in collagen. By using shea butter as an over night moisturiser, you give it enough time to set into your skin and help get rid of the mouth lines. You can also reach out for moisturizer that contain natural ingredients as they help to prevent every type of mouth wrinkle.

3. Facial Exercises to Keep Wrinkles at Bay

One of the easiest ways to prevent or avoid getting wrinkles around the mouth is by trying a facial or cheek exercise. By using your finger tips firmly over the wrinkle spot, hold for about 20 seconds while you smile or keep your life wide apart. Repeat this process about 30 times a day and except results in about two weeks. You can also massage the cheek area of your face firmly to avoid wrinkles around the mouth.


4. Stay Hydrated

Remember we earlier said that dehydration is one of the factors affecting your face. Water is good for the body and also helps to lighten up the wrinkles around your mouth. You need to take a glass of water before you begin the facial and cheek exercise and also take water after you moisturise your face. It takes care of the wrinkles from the inside.

5. Egg Whites for Wrinkle Reduction: A Natural Solution

Apply egg whites directly to your face and let it seat in for about 30 minutes and wash off with warm water. It helps to fade the wrinkles around your face. Also remember to moisturize after washing off the egg white.

Be patient with your journey, and wrinkles are not enough reason to keep that smile away from your face.

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