Holiday Skincare Gift Guide: Show Your Love with These Products

The Mayan Holiday Gift Guide
The Mayan Holiday Gift Guide

It’s that time of the year to show your loved ones how much you love and care about them. There is no gift better than skincare products and this is because everyone loves the idea of their skin being healthy. It is best to know the skin type of your loved one or close friend before selecting the right gift for them. If you’re wondering how to find out, you should find a tricky way. This article will serve as the perfect guide to gifting your family or friends skincare products.

7 Holiday Skincare Gifts for the Perfect Christmas Glow

1. Triple Butter Soap Bar: The Ultimate Holiday Gift for Glowing Skin

The best thing about adding the Triple Butter Soap Bar to your Holiday gift is that you get three times the glow. The triple butter soap bar contains mango, shea and cocoa butter which are perfect for nourishing the skin. It also contains kaolin clay which removes dirt and crimes from the pores of the skin. The Triple Butter Soap Bar has a perfect finishing because of the presence of coconut oil, olive oil and sunflower oil. If you’re trying to leave an impressive natural smell in the home of your loved one, throw the Triple Butter Soap Bar into their Christmas stash.

2. Give the Gift of Eco-Friendly Luxury with Mimosa Hostilis Lotion Bar

The Mimosa Hostilis Lotion Bar is an excellent choice for your eco-friendly loved one. Lotion bars are resource friendly because they serve the role of a soap and lotion while preventing you from using plastic lotion containers. The Mimosa Hostilis Lotion Bar contains the mimosa hostilis root back and saturates the skin. After taking a shower with this lotion bar, it promises to leave your skin glowing and healthy. It has a cocoa butter and shea butter base which helps to lock moisture into your skin. Choose this gift and make someone happy today.

3. Indulge in Holiday Bliss with Magic Mud Mask

The holidays are all about taking a break from the many months of working. The best way to relax is by giving yourself a spa day using the Magic Mud Mask. The mask had three major ingredients that will have your skin feeling refreshed all holiday long. It contains Kaolin clay, MHRB, and oat flowers. The presence of the Mimosa Hostilis Root Bark helps to reduce the effect of the Kaolin clay which makes the product safe for the body. It is also perfect for people with sensitive skin so add this to your cart today.

4. Pamper Her with the Gift of Wellness: Ixchel’s Yoni Bar

The Yoni Bar detoxifies the womb and reduces pain that comes with vagunal infections. The Yoni Bar is the perfect gift for any woman who is always particular about her vagina. All she needs to do is use warm water and wash around the area to keep it healthy all holiday long. It also moisturizes the skin and balances out the pH level. The Ixchel’s Yoni bar has the Bulgarian Rose scented and unscented type. It also contains essential oils like almond, coconut and others. The Ixchel’s Yoni Bar is your best bet for people who love their yonis.

5. Unlock Radiant Skin: Kokum Oatmeal Bar Holiday Delight

The Mayan magic soaps gives you a variety of bars to send out as a holiday gift but we highly recommend the Kokum Oatmeal Bar for it’s double results. It’s a combination of Kokum which is an antioxidant and does not clog the skin. Kokum butter is a perfect moisturizer and helps in the treatment of several skin conditions. Oatmeal serves as an exfoliant and also relieves the skin of dead skin cells. Oatmeal also unclogs the pores. The combination of the two in the Kokum Oatmeal bar is good for acne scarring, inflamed skin and it also regulates the production of oil on the skin.

6. Caffeine Lover’s Dream: Mayan Magic Coffee Bar Gift

After sipping on eggnogs, when the body begins to crave coffee, your best bet is the Mayan Magic Coffee Bar. It gives a smooth skin and exfoliates the whole body. The Mayan Magic Coffee Bar contains coconut, olive and canola oil which moisturizes the skin and leaves it healthy and glowing. For a family member who likes their caffeine, add the Mayan Magic Coffee Bar to some coffee packs and dark chocolate for the best Christmas gift.

7. Share the Love: Salt Bar Gift for Holiday Bliss

The Salt Bar is the right gift for your partner, to make it cheesier this holiday, you can write a note that lets them know how they make everything right just like the salt bar. The Salt bar is an exfoliant that contains antibacterial properties and oil that keeps the skin moisturized. Did you know the salt bar (also known as epsom salt) contains magnesium which helps the body to regenerate it’s skin cells? The Salt Bar can be paired with the mud mask to give the perfect holiday spa day.

These are the 7 products we would gift anyone, any day!

Check through our products and select the right holiday gift for your family and loved ones.

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