The Perfect Anti-Aging Night Routine

Anti-Aging Nighttime Routine
The Perfect Anti-Aging Night Routine 2

The goal for everyone who loves a good skincare routine is to maintain a youthful appearance. While most people put a lot of effort into their daytime routine, not a lot of attention is given to the nighttime routine.

The order of a daytime routine is different from that of a nighttime routine. As much as it’s compulsory to use sunscreen in the daytime, it is best to avoid SPF at night. There is no sunlight at night, so why not a night cream instead of an SPF moisturiser?

Perfect anti-aging nighttime routine

Here is a list of things to do for a perfect anti-aging nighttime routine.

1. Nightly Cleansing: Essential for Hydration and Skin Rejuvenation

Cleansing is essential for your nighttime routine because it keeps your skin hydrated, preparing it for another day. During your nighttime routine, the first step is to use a cleanser that allows detoxification. During the daytime, your skin comes in contact with various germs. Cleansing your skin at night allows it to heal and repair. When we sleep, our face goes through a rejuvenation process. Imagine the many benefits your skin can experience when you cleanse it properly?

2. Nightly Double Cleanse: Enhance Hydration and Smooth Skin

The best time to double cleanse is during your nighttime routine. While the first cleansing gets rid of the make-up and impurities on the skin’s surface, the second cleansing gets into the skin and hydrates the skin. If your cleanser has exfoliating qualities, then you need to double cleanse. It also helps to keep the skin smooth. We highly advise that you save your double cleansing for your nighttime routine. When you double cleanse at night, your skin will feel all the benefits of the cleanser. Whether you’ve worn make-up during the day or only a moisturiser, it is advisable to double cleanse at night.

3. Nightly Serum Magic: Smooth, Rejuvenate, Enhance Skin’s Repair

The serum makes your face feel smooth in the daytime and even smoother at night. The serum has a high concentration on your skin and provides antioxidants. At night the skin is highly receptive. It is because at night, your body is at rest, so when you use a product, it works two times better than it would during the morning time. The serum gets directly into your skin. It prevents fine lines, dryness and loss of elasticity. The serum will give you a youthful look, but it will also help enhance your body’s natural repair process at night.

4. Night Routine Tip: Skip SPF, Embrace Active Moisturizer & Facial Oil

If your moisturiser contains SPF (sunscreen), it does not have to be a part of your night time routine. You need an active moisturiser to give your skin the right benefits during your night time routine. A facial oil is also lighter and allows your skin to breathe while you enjoy your beauty sleep. The facial oil comes last in your night time skin care routine. If you’re trying to avoid oils due to your skin type, you can use shea butter or avocado oil. It will give your skin the best benefits and leave you with a good skin tone by morning.

5. Night Cream Magic: Plump, Firm, and Revitalize Your Skin

By using a night cream in your skin care routine, you make your skin look plump and firmer. It reduces the appearance of wrinkles while you enjoy your beauty. A night cream ensures your skin’s collagen is constantly boosted while you sleep. It also makes your skin soft and supple while reducing signs of aging. While you apply your night cream, massage it evenly into your skin to increase circulation.

Benefits of a night time routine

Your nighttime skincare makes your skin glow more. It gives you a radiant glow and fixes whatever damages that were caused by free radicals during the day time.

It gives a better result as the skin penetration levels are higher at night. While you get your beauty sleep, your products perform their magic on your skin giving faster results. When you have a night time skin routine, it reduces the moisture loss of your skin.

If you sleep in an air-conditioned room, make sure your skin is always moisturiser to avoid dehydration. When the skin is hydrated, you will look youthful and have glowing skin.

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