Best Skincare Routine To Beat Summer Acne

While trying to get your summer glow on for pictures and the holiday, one pimple or an acne breakout can ruin your day. The switch in weather affects the skin, and it’s one of the reasons you experience an acne breakout during the summer. If you’re currently reading this article, you have one less worry. This article will serve as a guide for the best skincare routine to beat summer acne.

Best Skincare Routine To Beat Summer Acne
Best Skincare Routine To Beat Summer Acne 2

Understanding the reason for your breakout is one of the best days to avoid it. If you have seasonal breakouts (or mainly in the summer), keep reading.

Causes of Summer Acne

When the weather changes, the same happens with our skin. We mostly react to the weather, our environment and our lifestyle. During the summer, the weather is mostly hot, and the sun damages the outer layer of the skin. The heat and humidity during the summer also make you sweat. It is easy for our skin in the summer to experience an accumulation of dead skin cells. It is worse when you don’t exfoliate. The accumulation of the debris on the outer layer of the skin can multiply, leading to inflammation.

But not to worry, we have you covered. Here is the best skincare routine to beat summer acne.

1. Use an oil-free sunscreen

It is essential to change some of your skincare products when the seasons change. It is okay to use a heavy lotion during the winter, but the same is not advisable for the summer as it will leave your body sweaty and sticky. During the summer, it is best to use an oil-free sunscreen. A better option is our shea butter, as it serves as a moisturiser and sunscreen. Shea butter is lighter on the skin and won’t clog your pores.

2. Take a break from the peroxide

When it’s almost summer, it’s normal to panic about your skin. However, it’s not advisable to try every product to get rid of acne. If you have been using benzoyl peroxide tubes, the summer is the right time to take a break. The benzoyl peroxide will only be harsh on your skin outdoors, and you will get little or no results from this product. It is best to stay away from chemical-based products during the summer. Use a mild cleanser on your face as it will help with your skin’s oil production.

3. Moisturize Oily Skin: Prevent Acne Breakouts, Choose Light Formula

There is a misconception about oily skin, acne breakouts and moisturiser. People claim that applying moisturiser on oily skin will only damage it. We tell you that moisturising your oily skin will reduce the chances of an acne breakout. When your face is appropriately moisturiser, your skin won’t have to produce its oil forcefully. Remember that excessive production of sebum (natural oil) on the skin is one of the reasons for acne breakout. Choose a light moisturiser from any of our products and use it to prevent summer acne.

4. Try gentle exfoliation

The best thing to use as an exfoliant is oatmeal powder. It is subtle on the skin and also leaves your skin nourished. Oatmeal powder gently gets rid of the dead skin cell on your body. Because it’s a natural product, it is mild on the body. Exfoliating your skin helps you get rid of toxins and impurities. By exfoliating two to three times a week (depending on your skin type), it is easier to beat summer acne. Remember to each your face with lukewarm water, and don’t forget to moisturise.

5. Avoid washing your face with harsh soap

It is advisable to use plain water to wash your face, especially if you have sensitive skin. Our Mayan Magic Soaps are easy on the skin as they are made with natural products. When you use harsh soap made with chemicals on your face, you will only drain your skin of its natural oil. When this happens, it causes an acne breakout. Also, scrubbing the face can lead to an acne breakout. Let your cleanser do the scrubbing while you wash off with plain water. Use a cleanser or one of our bars on your face

6. Weekly Clay Mask: Summer Acne Defense

Did you know by masking out once a week, you reduce the chances of an acne breakout? The summer strips your skin of some nutrients and also makes it oily. Clay makes to draw out impurities. You can use a clay mask to maintain the oiliness of the skin. Remember to rinse off with lukewarm water and always apply a moisturiser.

Ensure to stay hydrated and always eat the proper meal to avoid a breakout. Remember when you eat oily food, it increases the chances of an acne breakout. Eat more fruits and find a diet your skin will appreciate.

What is your daily routine for the summer? Share this with someone today.

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