How To Treat Maskne (mask acne) Naturally

Treat Maskne
Maskne Treatment

As a lover of skincare products, when we hear about masks, our first thought is sheet masks or other types of masks that we can add to our skincare routine. The spread of the COVID pandemic has made the facemask a routine in our lives. 2020 had us wearing masks a few times, but in 2021 it has become a lifestyle. As compulsory as mask-wearing has become because it protects us from getting infected, it still leaves us with acne on the face. Wearing a mask all the time leaves pimples on the chin or the cheeks. When acne appears, it is called maskne. Most people can relate to this, but they struggle with fixing it; this article will serve as a guide to get rid of acne, which appears from wearing your face mask for long hours. First, we will have to understand what a maskne is and how to get rid of it naturally.

Combatting Maskne: Skincare Tips for Mask-Related Breakouts

The word “maskne” is a combination of mask and acne. The word rose with the COVID 19 pandemic and is breakouts that wear face masks for hours. We wear masks for hours every day outdoors and only get to take them out when we visit restaurants or other places where we need to use our mouths for activities other than communication. When we wear masks for an extended period, it rubs on the skin, and it’s worse for people with sensitive skin. People develop breakouts from wearing masks, and it also causes redness and irritation to the skin. If you have been noticing these changes in your skin, then you are not alone.

How to Prevent and Treat Maskne

The extended wearing of masks is the primary reason for maskne, which appears on the cheeks and chin.  The mask we wear is made of different materials, and the repetitive rubbing of this on the skin causes inflammation and irritation on the skin. These are the significant causes of maskne.

1.       Friction:  The constant rubbing of material on the skin is the main reason for maskne. The skin is soft and fragile, and every time we try to talk with our mask on, it causes friction which leads to wear and tear on the skin. To keep ourselves protected from the spread of COVID 19, we need to wear our masks constantly, and the solution for the acne caused by friction will be addressed in this article.

2.       Dirty Mask: It is wrong to repeat your mask, and worse, when you wear a dirty mask from the previous day, wearing a dirty face mask is equivalent to using a dirty towel to clean your face. By wearing a dirty face mask, your face is in constant contact with the bacteria on the mask, which will cause more harm to your face. If you already have an opening in your skin, wearing a dirty mask can cause irritation and inflammation on your skin.

3.       Humidity: Bacteria tend to breed in a humid environment. When we wear masks, the air we breathe out, saliva, and the things emitted by our body when we sneeze or cough is trapped between the mask and our skin. There is no air, and it becomes a suitable environment for acne-causing bacteria to thrive. The consistent wearing of masks traps moisture and causes acne on the skin, especially the chin and the cheeks.

4.       Clogged Pores: When the skin is consistently under the mask, it has the pores clogged. When the skin is constantly clogged, it causes acne and pimples. The heat also makes the skin dry and itchy. Clogged pores are one of the reasons for acne and pimples, which is the same as maskne because masks cause it.

5.       Sweat and Dirt: There are different types of masks, and most of them let dust and dirt get trapped in the skin. The acne on your face from wearing masks is mainly caused by trapped dirt, oil, and sweat.

How to treat maskne

Wash your face:  Wearing a mask all day long does not stop you from practicing your daily skincare routine. Also, having a maskne is not a good reason to stop wearing masks as you need them every day, especially if you go out of your house. By removing the oil and dirt from your face with a gentle cleanser, you reduce the chances of having maskne. It would be best if you used a cleanser before and after wearing a mask. Use a cleanser in the morning and at night and dry with a clean towel.  Remember to dampen the skin and not rub, as rubbing the skin will cause irritation and worsen the acne.

Shea Butter: Maskne Solution for Hydration & Protection

What better moisturizer to use for your maskne than shea butter? It helps to keep the face hydrated and also creates a barrier between your face and the mask while reducing the friction which causes maskne. Shea butter serves as a protection for your skin, and it’s the perfect moisturizer because it does not contain fragrance. Shea butter is perfect for all skin types and also helps to get rid of dark spots while serving as a sunscreen and protecting your skin from UV rays.

Clean or Replace: Cotton Masks for Skin Protection

You either wash your mask or get rid of it entirely. If you choose to wear a cotton mask, wash it after use and protect your skin from bacteria and dirt buildup.

Opt for Natural Skincare: Protect Your Skin from Mask Irritation

When you constantly use medicated products, you make your skin easily irritated by masks. It is best to use natural skincare products and create protection for your skin. Medicated skincare products make your skin sensitive, and it is better to choose products from the list of natural products while protecting yourself from maskne.

Wear less makeup as the products can increase maskne. When your skincare routine is not helping with treating or preventing maskne from your body, it is best to see a doctor. Maskne, like regular acne, does not disappear in a day, so be patient with your journey.

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