How to Detoxify Your Skin At Home in Time for Summer

Everyone’s favourite holiday is around the corner! The best thing to start now is to get your skin ready for the summer holiday. While getting your summer body ready, we advise that you get your skin ready also.

Detoxify Your Skin At Home
How to Detoxify Your Skin At Home in Time for Summer 2

When we get into a new season without detoxifying the skin, the chances of an acne breakout become higher. We come in contact with various skin buildups every day. Dust, germs, pollution, and dead skin cells can clog our skin. The best way to get your skin healthy and glowing in time for the summer is by detoxifying.

Detoxify Your Skin At Home

The following tips will guide you properly and ensure your skin is ready in time for the new season.

1. Hydrate Inside-Out: Your Summer Glow Starts with Hydration

If you’re hydrated on the inside, the results show on the outside. Remember that during the summer, the weather is hotter, and you get easily dehydrated. It is best to start now by keeping your body hydrated. Not only will your skin glow, but it will become a lifestyle for you during the summer. The average human is expected to take at least 2 litres of water a day. To make this more exciting, you can infuse lemon and cucumber into your water. It keeps you hydrated and has other benefits for your skin. You can also get your daily water limit through fruits. Cucumber and watermelon are good sources of water and also they brighten up the overall appearance of your skin. Instead of dealing with hyperpigmentation during the summer or shadow on your skin, drink lots of water.

2. EExfoliate for Radiance: Summer Skin Detox with Oat Powder

Dead skin cells live on skin that hasn’t gone through detoxification. During the summer, the exterior part of our skin suffers the most from the sun. Naturally, the sun can damage the skin due to the effects of the UV rays. When the UV rays damage the skin, it leaves dead skin cells on the surface. With the dead skin cells present, it is difficult for your skincare products to penetrate your skin. When you exfoliate, you get rid of these dead skin cells on the body. The best natural product to exfoliate with is the oat powder. It is gentle on the skin, but there are also other health benefits attached to this product. It leaves the skin mild and brighter. Always remember to moisturise after exfoliation, and when you’re done, use sunscreen to protect your skin from further damage.

3. Double Cleanse: Essential for a Fresh Summer Glow

To get your skin ready for summer, you will have to cleanse daily. It’s not okay to sleep with your makeup on as it will only clog your skin. To detoxify and get your skin ready for summer, you must double cleanse. It will help to remove excess oil from the skin. If you’re wondering why you should double cleanse, this is why: the first time you remove the dirt and makeup on your face. The second cleansing removes excess oil and impurities from the surface of your skin. Look through our products and choose a good cleanser for your skin. Remember, it is safer to use a natural cleanser as harsh products will only make your skin extra sensitive.

4. Healthy Diet for a Radiant Summer Glow

What you take on the inside is responsible for how your body looks outside. Junk food and dieting the wrong way will leave you with oily skin and acne breakouts. It is best to stay away from food that dull your skin and clogs the pores. Dairy products and fried food will only cause damage to your body when you’re trying to detoxify. It is safer to have more alkaline-rich food (or fruit) and vegetables. Avocados should be your best friend because they contain healthy fat that only makes your skin brighter and glowing from the inside.

5. Revitalize Your Skin with Summer Workouts

Another way to get your skin ready for the summer is by exercising more. It restores your body and helps to get rid of unwanted toxins. Exercising helps to increase your blood flow which balances out your complexion.

Always remember to get your beauty sleep. When you have your skin ready for the summer, remember to always wear sunscreen outdoors.

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