5 Skin-Saving Tips for Thriving in the Dry Season

Help Your Skin Survive In The Dry Season
Help Your Skin Survive In The Dry Season

The dry season means there is no humidity, and lack of humidity means that your skin is not getting any external moisture. The resultant effect of not having any external moisture means that the dry season pulls out the internal moisture. The bottom line is that the dry season poses some kind of danger to your skin, but only if you do not care for your skin.

Your skin requires an ample amount of moisture for it to stay fresh and shiny. In the dry season, your skin becomes dull because it is not getting any moisture, and dry, dead skin cells are sticking to your skin. Also, when your skin does not get or retain moisture in the dry season, it begins to crack, and you may start dealing with irritations.

This year, we are not about to walk around with ashy broken skin just because mother nature decided to hold onto her humidifier for a little while. We will hack this season such that we still have soft, smooth, fresh, and beautiful skin anyway.

Here are five ways to help your skin survive in this dry season.

Combat Dry Skin with Humidifiers: A Seasonal Survival Guide

Since mother nature is being a little selfish with her humidifier this season, we would be turning to science for help, which means getting a humidifier. A humidifier slowly and consistently expels moisture into the surroundings, giving your skin the moisture it needs to survive. Of course, it would not be as perfect as the humidity of the spring or summer, but it gets the job done.

The good thing about these humidifiers is that they come in different sizes, which means you can have a large one for your room and a smaller one for your car. On a lighter yet healthier note, getting humidifiers is not just good for your skin; it is good for your respiratory system as well.

Conserving Moisture: How to Shower Wisely in Dry Weather

Instead of having a hot shower every morning and evening, we advise you space out your showers. This advice may sound weird, given that dry weather is synonymous with cold. However, we did not ask you to shower with cold water, and we would never ask you to do that unless during the summer.

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Have hot showers only when necessary, maybe once a day or in two days, and use a towel and warm water to clean your skin on other days, especially your face. If you were wondering why you have to do this, hot showers, just like the dry weather, dry out your skin with every glass blinding steam moment you have. You need moisturized skin, not a dry one, which means not using anything that would aggravate the condition.

Unlocking Fresh Skin: The Power of Exfoliation in Dry Weather

Your skin is constantly shedding dead skin cells, and the dry weather just makes them stick to your skin like old paint to drywalls. Just like a painter would scrape old drywall to repaint, you need to scrub your skin before applying products. Your products may not work if you keep plastering them on a skin clouded by dead skin cells. Thrice a week, take a scrub to your body, and lose all that dead skin. The result of scrubbing always makes the entire effort worth it. About the hot shower point we made before this one, the days you scrub could be when you take your hot showers.

Winter Skincare: The Importance of Sunscreen in Dry Seasons

Interestingly, the lack of sun in the winter-sponsored dry season does save you from the elements seeking to destroy your skin. Use sunscreen to protect your skin from these elements.


Moisturizing is the last point on our list, but it is also the most important. To save your skin from this skin-hating weather:

1. Moisturize as if your life depends on it.
2. Use water-based moisturizers while using natural oils to seal in this moisture.
3. Moisturize in the mornings when you wake up, every time you clean or wash your face, and before you go to bed. If it is not too dramatic for you, set a reminder for moisturizing.


Your skin deserves better than you think you are giving it. The holiday season where you could hide inside the house and away from the weather was just a few weeks; you still have to go out now. You need to protect your skin, take care of it and make it look good, even though you cover every visible part because of winter.

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