7 Beauty Benefits Of Coffee

7 Beauty Benefits Of Coffee
7 Beauty Benefits Of Coffee

In everyday conversations, you would hear about the health benefits of coffee but how often do people talk about its beauty benefits? Coffee makes a great start for the day and also works its wonders with puffy eyes. Did you know that coffee is a major source of antioxidants? It helps in replacing damaged skin cells. Coffee is a good way to start your day either in a cup or as a scrub for your face. It is safe to say that we all need a daily dose of coffee in our lives. Here are the 7 beauty benefits of coffee. 

7 Beauty Benefits Of Coffee for Skincare

Clear Skin with Mayan Magic Coffee Mask: Dermatologically Tested Excellence

The Mayan Magic Coffee mask does more work than the regular DIY coffee mask. The chances of an acne breakout us high when the skin is clogged. Our coffee mask exfoliates the skin and the presence of kaolin clay in it helps to remove impurities from the skin. Naturally, coffee contains chlorogenic acid which reduces inflammation and bacteria. The presence of this acid helps to get rid of acne. Coffee is an exfoliant and when you exfoliate your skin, the acne goes away. Most times, already packaged coffee does not get the work done, that is why it’s best to use coffee products that have been dermatologically tested. 

Banish Dark Circles and Puffy Eyes: Mayan Magic’s Caffeine Solutions

Banish Dark Circles and Puffy Eyes: Mayan Magic's Caffeine Solutions
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When dark circles appear under the eyes, it can be hard to go away. Caffeine solutions are recommended to do the trick of removing dark circles. Most times dark circles are caused by stress or the use of wrong skincare products on the face. Coffee helps to dilute the blood vessels found under the eyes which causes dark circles. By using products with caffeine or drinking coffee, releases the blood vessels and encourages the flow of blood under the eyes. A paste of a coffee mask will help get rid of the dark circles. Paste the Mayan Magic Coffee Mask and let it sit for about 5-10 minutes under your eyes. Remember to avoid direct contact with your eyes and wash with clean water. Repeat this process daily depending on how dark the circles are. 

To get rid of puffy eyes, you will need to either use the mask or make a coffee serum. Puffy eyes appear as a result of fluid retention in the under eyes which happens after long hours of sleep or crying. Coffee helps you make the puffy eyes go away. 

Smooth Skin with Mayan Magic Coffee: Defying Cellulite with Caffeine

Caffeine helps to reduce the appearance of skin dimples due to the stimulant properties it contains. Cellulite is very difficult to get rid of but the daily application of coffee makes it easier. Using the Mayan Magic Coffee Bar helps dilate the blood vessel which promotes blood circulation. Daily use of the coffee bar or in packaged coffee reduces the cellulite appearance. You can also use a coffee scrub or ask your dermatologist for the best coffee care for cellulite. Cellulite can sometimes be an accumulation of old far cells which can be broken down by the use of coffee scrub or bar. 

Coffee-Infused Lip Balm: Say Goodbye to Chapped Lips

No one loves chapped lips, not only are they less disable, but they can also bleed at any slight contact. Chapped lips are a result of dry lips and are rough on-site. When next you see a coffee-infused lip balm in a beauty store, do not hesitate to add it to your shopping cart. You can make your coffee lip balm with coconut oil, cocoa, and coffee-infused oil. Get a coffee lip balm today to have softer and healthier lips. 

Coffee-Powered Hair Care: Say Goodbye to Dandruff and Hello to Healthy Hair!

Coffee-Powered Hair Care: Say Goodbye to Dandruff and Hello to Healthy Hair!
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Imagine having dandruff flakes all over your clothes just because you run your hands or a comb through it? Coffee not only reduces dandruff, but it also promotes hair growth. If you struggle with hair loss, you can use a shampoo that has coffee as an ingredient or use the Mayan Magic Coffee Bar when washing your hair. If your scalp feels clogged, this is a good sign to wash with a coffee-infused shampoo and conditioner. 

Here are bonus tips for your hair, coffee oil also makes the hair shiny. You can rinse your hair freshly brewed coffee on a hair day. Coffee also helps tint your black and brown hair and makes it dark while also strengthening the strands. 

Coffee: Your Morning Wake-Up Call for Skin and Soul

We all can tell how good a cup of coffee feels in the morning. It not only wakes up the body, it also awakens the skin. Coffee also calms the body and has an anti-aging property. It soothes anxiety and when the body is less stressed, it reflects on the skin. The calming benefits of caffeine help in the blood flow of the body. It also is a great antioxidant.

Coffee: Your Natural Solution for Skin Redness and Anti-Aging Benefits

Coffee helps in the reduction of redness caused by the body’s exposure to the sun. Coffee reduces the appearance of spots and fine lines on the body. Coffee contains polyphenols that fix the hyperpigmentation of the body. Daily consumption of coffee also promises a healthier and longer life. When it comes to anti-aging, apart from fixing fine lines, wrinkles, and brightening of the skin, there are more health benefits as coffee protects the body from chronic inflammation and cancer. 

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Drinking coffee will not do enough for your body as using skincare products with coffee as an ingredient. Caffeine also reduces swelling of the face because it works as a diuretic. Diuretics help retain less fat in some cells found in the body. 

The beauty benefits of coffee are almost endless as it goes almost perfectly with essential oils and other DIY skin care products. A daily dose of coffee also makes your day and this radiates on the skim. Coffee is excellent for skin cell renewal. Add the Mayan Magic Coffee mask and bar to your daily skincare routine. 

Start using the coffee bar and face mask and let us know the results you get! 

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