Skincare In The Spring

Skincare In The Spring
Skincare In The Spring

After the winter comes the spring, and our skin takes a little breather from all that harshness it was exposed to. Unlike the winter where the skin is giving away water at the speed of light, in spring, the skin retains moisture. This means that having dry skin should be the least of your worries in the spring. However, this does not mean that you stop taking care of your skin because it is no longer dry. This means that you will have to now switch routines. There is an appropriate skincare routine for spring, and you should follow it if you want to bloom like the flowers in the spring. 

Your Routine of Skincare In The Spring

The first thing you should do is clear out your shelf. Some of the skincare products you used during the winter, will be too heavy for the spring. So, spring-clean your shelf, replacing heavy products with lighter ones, and getting newer products for your skin. 

Spring Skincare: Refresh Your Skin with Exfoliation

Refresh Your Skin with Exfoliation
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Exfoliate: Winter brought a lot of dryness to your skin. So there is a chance that you will be coming out of winter with dry, dull, flaky skin. Spring is also warmer, so you will be wearing fewer clothes. You do not want to show off dry skin in the spring, do you? So the first thing you should do is exfoliate. You need to get rid of all that dryness and blocked pores that characterized your winter skin. It is time to pop and take in all the moisture that comes with the elements, all of it. 

Balanced Showers: Adjusting Water Temperatures for Healthy Skin

Adjusting Water Temperatures for Healthy Skin
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More warm/cold showers: You could not do anything about the showers in the winter, because the weather was cold. Well, now that we are in spring, you can do something about it. It is time to tone down on the cold showers and start doing more room temperatures or cold showers. Your skin needs the loving that cool water gives it, do not deprive it of that. Besides, you want your pH at its best level, instead of the struggles which trigger acne eventually. 

Sunscreen Essential: Protecting Your Skin from Spring Sunshine

Use sunscreen: Something else which happens in the spring is that the weather gets warmer, and the sun is out often. All the elements are out there, still somehow gunning for your skin, even though the weather seems milder. You need to go out with your sunscreen, especially as you would be showing off some skin. You may not get sunburned, but your skin would fare better with some level of protection. 

Lighter Moisturizers: Embracing Water-Based Products for Spring

Change your moisturizer: In the winter, we are advised to use more oil-based moisturizing lotions and serums, because our skin is not retaining moisture. well, the rules are different for spring. In the spring, your skin is retaining moisture quite well, and this means you need to go lighter on the products. Instead of oil-based moisturizers, you need water-based moisturizers. You do not want to end up sweaty and icky during the day, because of your moisturizer. You do not need extra help with retaining moisture in the spring, the weather is in your favor already. 

Fresh Makeup: Opting for Lighter Choices in Spring

Fresh Makeup: Opting for Lighter Choices in Spring
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Go for lighter makeup: Because of how the winter works, as long as your face is protected from the wet snow, you can have heavy makeup on. However, when the sun is out and making the flowers look brighter, it is also inciting sweat. You will also end up making your skin sticky and your pores blocked. Go for lighter makeup, and allow your skin to breathe in all that moisture that is just in the air. Please, no matter how light you think or know your makeup is, do not go to bed in it. 

Continuous Hydration: Nourishing Your Skin All Season Long

Moisturize often: Did you think moisturizing was for only the harsh weather? no, throw that thought away. For every season your skin has to deal with, you need to moisturize. Moisturizing is your skin’s armor against a lot of things. To protect your skin, you have to moisturize enough to keep your pH on balance. Just remember that we are using water-based moisturizers. 

Nighttime Hydration: Keeping Your Skin Supple While You Sleep

Keep your skin hydrated at night: Even though there is now some moisture in the air and you can afford to skip some hydrating sessions, try not to. Before you go to bed, hydrate your skin and let it soak in some extra moisture. If the goal is to have skin that looks good, then you have to work at it, do some extra if need be. But do not let your skin go for long without some hydration. 

Fragrance Fun: Enjoying Spring Scents Without Irritation

Fragrance Fun: Enjoying Spring Scents Without Irritation
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You are allowed some fragrance now: In the winter, you were asked to slow down on the products with fragrance because they can irritate the skin. If your skin is not very sensitive to these irritations, you can afford to get some fragranced lotions. It would not hurt to smell like the flowers that bloom in the spring, since you are blooming as well. 

Clean Tools: Switching Makeup Brushes for Softer Skin

Change your makeup brushes: Because your skin is softer and more open, it might be time to change your makeup brushes. If they are still new, they need to go through intensive cleaning, so that they are less harmful to your skin. If they have been for a while, throw them out and order new ones, please. 

Fresh Linens: Maintaining Clean Sheets, Pillowcases, and Towels for Clear Skin

Change Sheets, pillowcases, and towels: You may have spent a lot of time indoors because of the winter, well, now that it is in spring, you need to change things. You will sweat a little more than usual, and have to shower more than usual too, you need to make sure your towels and sheets are always fresh. If they are not fresh, you will be exposing your skin to acne and other skin irritations

As you are entering the spring, thankful for the break from the cold and dry weather, your skin should feel that gratitude. Let your skin feel better, as good as you feel because it deserves to. Show your skin some loving, and if you are looking to spring-clean your shelf, take a walk through to find a range of products that could give you that spring skin vibe. 

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