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Why You Need The Mayan Magic Face Serum

Whatever keeps your face hydrated needs to be at the top of your skincare kit. Moisturizers are not the only product skincare gurus use these days. Everyone has a moisturizer but having a face serum is top tier. A face serum is a skincare routine essential, and you need to hop on this and let your friends know too! You need to add a face serum to your skincare routine to see faster and long-lasting results.

The face serum not only makes your face glow, but there are also loads of benefits that come from using our Mayan Magic Face serum. Finding the suitable serum can be tasking and overwhelming as each one promises to do better than the other. There are active ingredients found on over-the-counter r face serums, which might be too harsh on your skin. Also, note that our serum is suitable for all skin types, and the application is easy. This article will help you understand what a face serum is and why you need one in your routine.


Face serums mostly come in transparent tubes that help you see what you’re applying to your skin. They also come with a tube syringe that aids each drop. Face serums are lighter than regular creams and moisturizers. Most face serums contain an adequate amount of vitamin e, glycolic acid, vitamin c, hyaluronic acid, retinol, peptides, etc. these products can be harmful to some skin types. The Mayan Magic Face Serum is made from grapeseed oil, safflower oil, sunflower oil, vitamin E, and MHRB, which is soothing to all skin types. The grapeseed oil found in our face serum is high in linoleic acid, which cannot be made naturally; all other ingredients are from natural sources. 

Face serums come in different forms; they come either ass gels, creams with a light consistency, and oils. Serums come in a water-like feeling also, so they won’t be heavy for your face as they would be applied alongside other products in your routine. 


  1. IT REDUCES WRINKLES: Our face serum is perfect for anti-aging, and this includes reducing fine lines and wrinkles. When the skin retains moisture, it gives a plump and youthful appearance. The face serum can also substitute for a moisturizer. Due to the ingredients found in it, the Mayan Magic Face serum smoothens and firms the skin. Serums can absorb easily on the skin, and the results become visible in little or no time. The serum can be used in both morning and evening skincare routines alongside a moisturizer. The skin can wear and tear as we get older; this is why you need a face serum in your routine. Age backward with the Mayan Magic Face serum, vitamin E’s presence will reduce the signs of aging. 
  1. IT HELPS CLEAR DARK SPOTS AND IS PERFECT FOR ACNE-PRONE SKIN: Any product that doesn’t clog your pores is perfect for your routine. The Mayan Magic Face Serum helps you manage acne and other skin care problems. While also reducing the chances of a breakout, trust this serum to minimize dark spots’ appearance. This is also because of the presence of the vitamins and grapeseed oil found in it. Breakouts happen for different reasons like change of environment, hormones, your skin type, but with a face serum in the skincare bag all the type, you would have one less skin problem to worry about. 

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  1. IT KEEPS THE SKIN HYDRATED: The skin needs water, and a face serum is one of the key hydrating products found in a routine. Having hydrated skin is equivalent to having glowing skin. When skin is properly hydrated, it retains its beauty and stays healthy too. With the Mayan Magic Face serum, you are sure that your skin is moisturized, hydrated, and constantly refreshed. Serums can be used to bring dry skin back to life when applied underneath moisturizers and body butter. It is best to apply your serum when the skin is still damp for better results. 
  1. SERUMS BRIGHTEN THE SKIN: The good thing about serums is how light they feel on the skin. Unlike lotions and moisturizers, serums have a very light consistency and absorb quickly into the skin. Also, vitamins and other ingredients found in the serum make it easy to brighten the skin. Serums help in cell renewal and this gives you that youthful look at all times. 
  1. SERUM EXFOLIATES: Oil-based exfoliants are becoming a new trend in the cosmetic and skincare world. Most people can swear on the goodness of chemical exfoliants, and we can do the same for our face serum. It’s advised not to use harsh products on the skin while exfoliating. The facial skin is very sensitive, and the more harmful chemicals you use on it, the more you damage your skin. Face serums serve as good daily exfoliants; include that in your routine today. 


Serums can be added every day to your morning and night routine. It absorbs easily and gives the best results. The best time to use your Mayan Magic Face serum is right after cleansing. When the skin is clean from dirt and bacteria, the serum forms a perfect base for other skincare products in your routine. One drop on each side of the skin, and you massage it slowly into your skin until you notice how fully absorbed it has gotten. The serum is best used on damp skin for a better effect. 

Also, remember that the Mayan Magic Face Serum boosts your skin volume and serves as an antioxidant. It goes best between cleansing and moisturizing time. Add our Mayan Magic Face toner to the cart as using this product with the face serum gives a better result in weeks. Now that you know how the akin care gurus do it, what time of the day would you add a face serum? The morning or night routine? Let us know! 

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