The Basic Rules of Exfoliation

The Basic Rules of Exfoliation

The Basic Rules of Exfoliation
The Basic Rules of Exfoliation

Touch your face; does it seem smooth? It could be smoother. Look at your face in the mirror; does it seem bright? It could be brighter. When we talk about how your skin could better in this context, we are not talking about rubbing more products on your face; we are talking about exfoliation.

Every day you go to bed and wake up, your body is regenerating and renewing itself, all the parts of it, including your skin. Every 30 days, old skin cells die off, and fresher ones take over. The problem is, these dead skins are small, you cannot exactly see them, and they do not fall off when they die. Your pores are often blocked by these dead skins, which is why it takes longer for some of your skin products to work. It is because there is a low absorption rate because of the blockade.

This does not just happen with dead skin; when you go out daily, your face comes in contact with dust and dirt carried around by the wind. You may think that washing or cleaning your face will take them out, and you are right and wrong, right in the sense that the surface dirt is taken out by the washing, wrong in the sense that your pores still have a lot of dirt in them.

To get rid of the dead skin and dirt from your pores, you need a little more than the daily washing you do. You need to exfoliate.

Exfoliation is the process of getting rid of the dead skin cells and dirt from your pores using either a chemical substance or a granular one. Some people usually use an exfoliation tool. Any of these methods work fine.

Rules of exfoliation

Just like any skin regimen, there are basic rules you should follow when exfoliating. These rules are not some stringent must-follow thing. They are written so that you can get the best out of the process.

Prepared Scrubs: Safer Choice for Your Skin Exfoliation

A basic rule that is not really a rule is that you should go for already prepared scrubs. Yes, you can DIY your own scrub, but you may not really know the right proportion of what and how your skin would react to it. That something is organic does not mean it is completely harmless. The scrubs already made have already gone through a series of testing and procedures before it is put out in the market, making it a much safer choice for your skin.

Pre-Exfoliation Cleanse: Key Step for Effective Skin Scrubbing

Because we said exfoliation takes away dirt, it does not mean you should come back from a dusty day out and immediately slap your scrub on your face. Gently clean, wipe or wash your face before exfoliation. This takes away the surface dirt, allowing the scrub to do what it is meant to do, going deeply into the pores and cleaning out all that is stuck in there.

Exfoliation Frequency: Twice Weekly for Glowing Skin

Yes, we said that exfoliation makes your skin smoother, brighter, and fresher. Everything we said was right. However, this does not mean that you have to scrub your skin every day. When you do this, you leave your skin prone to injuries and breakouts, which in turn can cause acne. While exfoliating has its many benefits, you could open yourself to a lot of disadvantages when not used right. So when should you exfoliate? Twice weekly! That is how much scrubbing you need. Do this consistently, and you would love the feel of your skin.

Face scrub and body scrub are not the same:

Some people ask you to use the scrub for your body on your face; well, it is a bad idea. Just like body soaps and creams, these are made with harsher methods because the skin on your body is tougher than the skin on your face, especially knees and elbows. These products are designed to penetrate these places. Using them on your face is just asking for trouble. Some scrubs come with a face & body on the pack. These basically face scrubs that you can use on your body; you just have to scrub your body a little harder.

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Stick to a product at a time: When you are on a certain skin product, it is best to stick to it alone for a while until you are sure you are not getting what you want. This is because a mix of products can cause issues, and the worst part is, you do not even know where these issues are coming from. This is how it works for scrubs. It can be tempting to buy that new product you saw on TV; resist the temptation. However, if you fall for the temptation, stick to that product and get rid of the old one. Do not use so many products simultaneously; the only thing you will achieve is skin issues.

You are allowed to change products if the one you are using is not working for you. We have different skin types, the product you got may not have been that appropriate one for your skin type, and that is fine.

Benefits of Exfoliation: Clearer Skin, Reduced Acne

Exfoliation can deal with acne because clogged pores sometimes are major causes of acne. When your pores are unclogged, there is a lesser chance of acne, whiteheads, and blackheads.

Exfoliation can greatly improve your skin’s look and feel; that was why you were asked to feel and look at your face at the beginning. Apart from the fact that it opens your skin to take in all the products you use, it gives the fresher skin to show. Sometimes, your skin is not dull for ‘no’ reason; the brighter, clearer one is just hiding underneath the dead one.

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