The Benefits Of Using Bar Soaps Instead Of Body Wash

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The Benefits Of Using Bar Soaps Instead Of Body Wash 2

Bar soaps complete your skin cleansing ritual. Most people believe that body wash and bar soap do the same work (cleaning), and the only difference is the form they come in. there is a point in this because the body wash is liquid while the bar soap is solid. There are a whole lot of differences between these two skincare products. Before figuring out why the bar soap is better, let us understand how they are different and similar. 

BODY WASH : Choosing the Right Body Wash: A Guide for Healthy Skin

The body wash is best recommended for dry skin, flaky skin, and people with clogged pores. Body wash gets rid of the dirt on the skin. The ingredients on it are most times specific, which means it is reserved for treating a skin condition or a particular skin type. Body wash helps you maintain body moisture on the surface. Once you have the shower running over the body wash, everything goes directly into the drain. It is advisable to use a body wash after a bar soap. The main work of a body wash is to seal in moisture. The body wash contains exfoliating ingredients. The ingredients are also found in bar soaps, but since the body wash is liquid, it works as a better exfoliant. How you use your body wash matters. It requires using a sponge to get the ingredients into the skin or locked in. body washes contain microbeads that are harmful to the environment. 

BAR SOAP (body and face) : Natural, Eco-Friendly, and Skin-Friendly

Bar soaps are nature’s gift from “man to man.” Bar soaps can contain a lot of natural ingredients in one bar. Body washes contain ingredients, but some of them are either harmful to the skin or the eco-system. The fragrance in bar soaps is harmless to the body, and almost all the time, it is natural. Bar soaps are eco-friendly because they come in recyclable boxes and can fit into any travel pack you own. They are free of parabens. Parabens are chemical preservatives used to increase the shelf life of beauty products. Parabens interfere with the hormonal balance of your body, and this applies to all genders. With bar soaps, you have a larger natural ingredients option to pick from (check our products for the best body and face bars). Bar soaps are hypoallergenic, meaning they hardly trigger allergies. 


  1. There are so many options to pick from when it comes to bar soaps. Bar soaps come in different types, i.e. traditional soap, superfatted soaps, combination, syndet soap bars, and transparent soap bars. Whatever herb you think of comes in a bar (do not hold these words against us but still, it might be a fact). There is a bar soap that works best for any skin type. If you have ever wanted your skin to glow and smell like either lavender or coconut oil, there is a bar for it. Read the ingredients and the pack on a bar soap before putting it in the cart.
  2. Bar soaps are as good for the body as they are for the soap. In the past, bar soaps come in very high pH levels that leave the skin dried out of oil. The drying out is the fear most people have with bar soaps. No one wants to make harmful products. Many reviews have been done over the years, and there are fewer drying out bar soaps. This means that you can use your bar for both the body and face with less fear or worry. 
  3. Bar soaps last a long time. You do not keep tabs on how many drops you use during a shower session with the body wash. It might spill, and all of it is gone. A block of bar soap can last as long as two o three weeks, depending on the size and product. Bar soaps are family-friendly, especially when you have kids. Store your bar soap in a dry and well-ventilated area and make sure it is not sitting in water. Here’s a fun tip, by cutting your bar soap into half or smaller lasts longer. Keep the other half not in use in a dry and clean space. 
  4. Bar soaps are concentrated, unlike body wash which is mostly made of water. It also needs less packaging and can be your go-to product during a vacation (travel-friendly). Bar soaps are eco friendly and also contain healthier ingredients than body wash. Bar soaps are cost-effective and are perfect for small spaces. 
  5. Bar soaps help in blood circulation. Other times they come with nodes that help massage the body when you use it. The more you use your soap in circles on the skin, not only does it let the nutrients get into the skin properly, but it also makes the skin smoother and softer. Many bar soaps contain glycerin that is generally good for your skin. 
  6. Bar soaps are easy to use. You either lather it on a sponge or straight on the body. it also rinses off easily and has a lasting effect on the body than body wash. 

An extra hack that the bar soap can be used for? If you want your clothes to smell fresher, wrap a dry bar soap in them and keep it in the wardrobe. It also repels bugs, but this depends on the brand of bar soap. 

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Wash your bar soap before using it to prevent bacteria and germs. When you keep your soap, there are chances that it hoards bacteria. This is why you need to always rinse it off before use. If you have always been team “body wash”, it is good to switch sides now, get better results and save cost. 

There is a lot of body and face bar options made from the finest ingredients and essential oils. Get one or more into your cart. 

What team are you on? Bar soap or body wash? 

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