Charcoal masks are safe for every skin type. The only time it causes redness or dryness is when it is overused. The charcoal mask is a must-have because of its tenderness on the skin. It has numerous benefits because of the activated carbon in it, which is the major ingredient found in charcoal masks. It is safe to know that the charcoal used in making masks for the skin is different from the outdoor/grill charcoal.

Activated charcoal used for masks draws bacteria from the skin and is used for many other products in the beauty world. There are cleansers and scrubs, but first, here are ten reasons to add charcoal masks to your skincare routine.

Charcoal Face Mask: Deep Cleansing and Pore Refinement

Charcoal Face Mask: Deep Cleansing and Pore Refinement

The contents of the charcoal face mask make it easy for the product to unclog the skin. It penetrates the skin and cleanses the dirt in the skin. When the charcoal mask is used on the face, it gets to the skin’s depth and purifies the oil and dirt build-up. A tightened pore means an acne-free pore. With a charcoal mask, your skin’s pores are not just purified, but it stays healthy and tight. You can close open pores using an activated charcoal mask.

Glowing Skin: The Charcoal Mask Secret

When the skin is toxin-free, it glows. Not all face masks have activated charcoal. The one’s that do not contain this major ingredient does not get rid of the toxins. Daily activities have your skin exposed to various pollutants that build up dirt and grime. These pollutants can be from exposure to the sun, sleeping patterns, and products used on the skin.

Moisturizing and cleansing the skin is not enough to get the toxins out. The charcoal mask absorbs the dirt and leaves your skin glowing. Use our charcoal mask at least twice a week to achieve that glowing and toxin-free skin.

Bye-Bye Blackheads: The Gentle Touch of Charcoal Masks

Popping blackheads with your fingers is extremely bad. It doesn’t only leave you with scars or injuries; you also have to deal with dark spots. Blackheads are a result of all the dirt accumulated on the skin over time. Blackheads can turn to pimples and acne over time.

The good thing with a charcoal face mask is that it is also a spot treatment. Apply on the areas with blackheads and gently pull. Do this two times a week to achieve results.

Banish Acne Woes: Charcoal Masks to the Rescue

The bacteria that causes acne can trigger a lot of other things on the skin. Acne-causing bacteria leads to pimples, irritation, and other times, it causes redness of the skin. The charcoal mask has antibacterial factors that reduce redness and swelling. It works wonders on acne too. Let the mask sit on the face for about 15 minutes before pulling it out to see results.

Pulling a mask off when you have acne can hurt if forcefully done. A charcoal face mask does not leave acne spots on the face.

Exfoliation Elegance: Charcoal Masks for Radiant Skin

The longer a product stays on the skin and its application determines how long it works. This also applies to the charcoal face mask. When used as an exfoliating product, it removes dead skin cells. The dead skin cells make it hard for your skin to be clear and bright. Excessive exfoliation of the skin is bad. Use the charcoal face once a week or twice, depending on your skin type.

Unlock Your Skin’s Potential: Charcoal Masks for Face Detox

Most people use the charcoal masks for other parts of their body, but it’s best to use it on the face. It works as the perfect detox for the face. It tightens the pores, which reduced the dirt build-up of the facial skin. Detoxifying the face helps in removing bacteria and excess oil. It also reduces the production of excess oil on the face. When the facial skin is perfectly detoxed, it is also acne-free.

Revitalize Your Skin: Charcoal Masks for Acne Scars

If you have acne scars from products used in the past or always poking the face, the charcoal mars help you get rid of it. The presence of oat and veg glyc in our charcoal mask is responsible for lightening the skin.

Say Goodbye to Oily Skin Woes: Charcoal Masks as Your Ultimate Solution

Oily skin is acne-prone. Activated charcoal helps the skin to regulate how oil is produced. The charcoal reduced the production of oil, and this makes acne break out lessen. It also clears out existing break out. If you have oily skin, the charcoal masks are a must-have for you.

Nourish Your Skin Naturally: The Power of Natural Ingredients in Our Charcoal Mask

The skin does not need excessive exposure to chemical products. Our charcoal mask contains oat flour, sunflower oil, veg glyc, grape-seed, safflower, kaolin clay, and activated charcoal. With these ingredients in your charcoal mask, your skin will be hydrated and healthier. They also promote the glow of your skin. It deep cleanses the skin and provides natural detox.

Charcoal Mask: Nature’s First Aid Kit

The charcoal mask has anti-inflammatory properties. If you have an injury, use a charcoal mask on the spot and wash it off. It will reduce the pain and irritation caused by the sting. Activated coal neutralizes toxins from insect bites. When next an insect bites you, a charcoal mask can provide the perfect first aid for you.

Applying Charcoal Masks

When applying a charcoal masks, wash your hands and face properly. Washing your face properly makes it easier for the charcoal to penetrate the skin. You can either use a soft bristle brush or your fingertips for application. Gently apply the mask around your skin and also avoid your eyes. The charcoal mask works better when you let it stay on for at least 15 minutes. It also helps the face stay hydrated but ensure to use a moisturizer after washing off the mask.

Shop from our products and get the charcoal mask with the right ingredients for all skin types.

Do you have a charcoal mask in your skincare routine?

Image source: Cosmopolitan

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