When you hear the word oat, your first thought would be oat cookies or a hot bowl of healthy oatmeal, making the perfect breakfast. Oats do not only make the ideal meal, but it also is top tier when it comes to skincare DIY products. If you notice, most skincare products have colloidal oats as a significant ingredient; this is the same as the oatmeal flour in our product list. Oats are enriched with vitamins, lipids, antioxidants, and minerals that keep your skin in check. It’s nature’s gift to humans and most people with dry and rough skin. There are many benefits of oatmeal flour and also a long list of fantastic skincare DIY that can be done with this flour.



1. Oat serves as a natural exfoliant. It cleanses dead skin cells and brings the glow back to your skin. You can make brown sugar and oat facial scrub because brown sugar is an excellent additive to any facial scrub. Exfoliating with oats helps your skin get rid of spots and blemishes. It is a natural product, so the chances of it damaging your skin are meager; rather, it hydrates and soothes the skin leaving it with a glowing effect. The more you exfoliate, the easier the circulation of blood happens, which gives you radiant skin.

You can also make an oat powder scrub by adding enough water until it makes a paste. Add a little honey or yogurt and gently massage around the face and neck area. Let this mixture sit in for a while before you wash off with cold or lukewarm water. Moisturize your face. You can try this once or twice a week, depending on your skin type.

2. Oats reduce skin inflammation and are anti-bacterial. The oat flour in its finest form serves as a proper time barrier for the skin. If you struggle with eczema, psoriasis, or rosacea, then oatmeal flour should be your favorite skincare DIY product. Most over-the-counter lotion and soap for the treatment of eczema has colloidal oat as a major ingredient. Oats act as an emollient and have water-binding properties that protect the skin against skin conditions. It has antimicrobial effects because it reduces itching both on the skin and scalp. If your skin is itching, then it’s time to make an oatmeal bath.

You can easily make an oatmeal bath by adding two spoonfuls or more oatmeal flour into your water when the water starts to look and feel milky; it a time to have the most relaxing 15 minutes of your day. Soak yourself into this bath and let the oats do it’s magic on your body. Here’s a fun tip, this bath also helps to softer and smoother the body. By having an oatmeal bath, you would enjoy the multiple benefits of adding oatmeal flour to your skincare routine. Try it today!

3. Oatmeal flour enhances the skin’s complexion. Oats have a protective phenol that is found in antioxidant properties. It contains two types of said that is are beneficial to the skin. Ferulic and caffeic acid are UV-fighters that protect the skin from the rays of the sun and the harm it causes to the skin. It also can be used to soothe sun-tanned skin. By using an oat and lemon or yogurt facial mask every day, you will notice how your face would get lighter. Also, making a moisturizer or DIY oatmeal soap improves the texture of your skin when used consistently. You can add a little oatmeal powder to your body lotion today; a few drops of essential rose oil complete the magic!

4. Oatmeal flour gets rid of acne, blackheads, and whitehead easily. Oat helps to dry out excess oil in the skin. It contains zinc that kills acne-causing bacteria. Make an oat flour facial mask and infuse honey; rub this mixture on the acne and let it sit in overnight. If you have sensitive skin, avoid the use of lemon on your skin as it can be too drying and might also be harmful to your skin.

5. Oat soothes your dry skin and makes you look younger. Oat has a way of locking in moisture, and this keeps your skin hydrated. We already know that hydrated skin is very equivalent to younger and healthier skin. All you need is a cup of oatmeal, lavender oil to get your skin looking better. You can try this regime on cracked heels, rough and dry hands, or feet. Soak in the oat mixture for about 10 minutes and rinse off with lukewarm water. You can try this one or two times a week. By mixing the oatmeal powder with jojoba oil or honey to make a thick paste, apply it on any cracked part of your skin and watch it get softer in days.

6. Oatmeal powder makes the best shampoo for your dry and itchy scalp. The best part is that it leaves your hair smelling fresh while doing its magic on your scalp. For a good hair care day, take a cup of your oatmeal flour and mix with a half cup of baking soda; sprinkle this on your hair and leave the mixture in. Wash the hair with lukewarm water and say your final goodbye to an itchy scalp.

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Oatmeal flour is an essential ingredient in any spa you visit. This is because it can be used for facials and also for a pedicure session. Why not create a home spa day by trying these simple skincare routines that have been listed in this article?

You need essential oils, yogurt, honey, and even milk to make the perfect blend when using oatmeal flour in any skincare routine. If you feel sticky after taking an oatmeal blend, do not forget to wash it off with regular lukewarm water and also moisturize your body while it is still damp.

What skincare DIY would you be trying out with the oatmeal flour?

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