Five Things That Can Ruin Your Skin care Routine

things that can ruin your skin care routine
Five Things That Can Ruin Your Skin care Routine 3

Having a good and beautiful skin is achievable if only one can religiously follow certain laid down instructions and skin therapy routines. However there are certain habits if not checked can stop us from hitting the glow we so desire. Outlined below are some of those unchecked habits and action that can make us kiss our skin goals goodbye.

Five Things That Can Ruin Your Skin care Routine

Things That Can Ruin Your Skin care Routine
Five Things That Can Ruin Your Skin care Routine 4
1. Know your skin type: All skin products is not suitable for all skin types as some skin care product sellers tell “with the make believe” adverts. You need to understand your skin type, pay attention to how your skin reacts to certain product and the result from any recommended products. that way you won’t damage your skin.There are different skin types and textures (E.g, Oily skin, dry skin, e.t,c.).Don’t just use product because everyone is using it, find out what your skin type is and if the product suits you better. You can even consult a dermatologist they can help with detecting your skin type instead of making assumptions or guessing your skin type by popular opinions. Do not introduce a new product to your skin in a rush, do it gradually and be observant on the resultant effect on your skin. Because some skin type are more sensitive than the other.
2. The use of multiple product: Using multiple product on your skin for the same purpose can bring a lot of conflict on the result/reaction from those products. You cannot know which product works better together as you are trying too many at a time. Product A may not work so well with product B and vice versa so applying multiple product will only bring confusion and you may not get the desired result from applying a number of product to your skin at the same time especially if these products are from different manufacturers and serve the same purpose. It just might have a bad side effect on your skin thereby frustrating your expected result.
3. Lack of Commitment: There is a say that “commitment is the foundation of accomplishment”. If you are not committed to your skin care routine and following every bit of instruction step by step. You need to know how each product should be applied and in what proportion and the duration and occasions it should be done.  You need to know which procedurecomes first before the other. The order of application of each routine or product has to be done as directed. Takeout time to read about a product as we have too many quick fix products springing out on daily basis both from trained and untrained skin therapist. You cannot complain about not seeing much result when you have not followed all written down application rules on your choice product. You need to know what each product stands for and how and when to apply it.
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4. Lack of Consistency: You cannot achieve your set skin goals if you are not ready for regular repetitions as the resulting skin lift cannot come over night. You have to be consistent. If there are products or task or action that you are required to do daily and you skip any step it can be bring the whole skin care journey to a rough close. If one is not consistent it can slow down the duration it will take to achieve certain aims and objectives as to why you began the skin care journey in the first place. You cannot just move on to another product when you have not consistently followed through with a particular product. Don’t be carried away by my product works wonders campaign. There is not short cut if the goal is a lasting and rewarding result from certain routines. As we should agree that some products takes time to react.
5. Not following the right order: If You are required to drink lots of water as the first step and wash your face daily or apply certain products in that order and you reverse the flow of procedure that will in no small way affect your skin care routine.

If the goal is a head turning skin then the need to stay disciplined cannot be overemphasized.

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