Most of us will choose bar soaps over body wash or lotion bars any day. Bar soaps that are appropriately made will have good benefits to the skin, and one of the best types is coffee bar soap. We all want that soap that isn’t stripping and has many health benefits to the body, right? Coffee is healthy for the body as a drink, but it’s even better as a bar soap. The best type of soap to use is healthy and keeps the skin smooth and glowing. Coffee is a mood booster, and the perfect way to kick starts your day. Imagine all the benefits you can get from taking a shower with a bar made from coffee? The contents of this article will serve as a guide to the benefits of using the Mayan Magic Coffee bar Soap.

Why do you need a coffee bar soap?

The coffee bar soap helps to wake up your senses while you take a shower. There are lots of health benefits attached to coffee for the skin. The good thing about coffee bar soap is that all skin types can use it unless you are allergic to coffee. The caffeine in coffee bar soaps are anti-inflammatory and helps in water retention on the skin. When a product aids water retention, it does not strip the body of its natural oils and helps to lock in moisture. Coffee bars are chlorogenic, it helps to fight inflammation on the skin also reduces hyperpigmentation. When you use a coffee bar soap, you are sure to have no problems with fine lines and wrinkles.

The Mayan Magic coffee bar soap contains MHRB, coffee grounds, coconut oil, olive oil and canola oil which moisturises and soothes the body. The coffee you drink has an internal effect on the body but using a coffee bar soap has external results. So while you start your day with a cup of coffee, why not also use it topically?

Benefits of coffee bar soap to the skin

1. Energize Your Skin: Exfoliate with Mayan Magic Coffee Bar Soap

Coffee contains caffeic acid, which helps to boost collagen and is excellent for exfoliation. It helps to get rid of dead skin cells from the body. It is best to exfoliate the skin twice a week, depending on your skin type. When you exfoliate using a coffee bar soap, it makes the appearance of the skin radiantly glowing. Coffee helps to make the skin brighter and more energised from the circulation that comes with exfoliation. The Mayan magic coffee bar soap contains natural oils that are mild on the skin during exfoliation.

2. Rediscover Youthful Skin with Mayan Magic Coffee Bar Soap

Coffee is anti-ageing. The coffee bar soap helps to clear fine lines and wrinkles on the face caused by stress, and it reduces dryness on the skin and helps restore the youthful appearance of the skin. When we get older, sunspots become more visible on the body, and coffee bar soaps help reduce the appearance of sunspots on the body.

3. Say Goodbye to Cellulite with Mayan Magic Coffee Bar Soap

If you have always been worried about the visible cellulitis in your body, then the Mayan magic coffee bar soap is for you. Cellulitis is the appearance of dimpled skin in the thighs or buttocks.  The caffeine found in coffee soap helps in the reduction of cellulite in the body. The coffee bar soap amplifies the blood vessels and increases blood flow on the body, reducing the appearance of cellulitis. So here’s to more days of wearing bikinis!

4. Coffee Oil: Nature’s Hyaluronic Acid in Mayan Magic Coffee Bar Soap

Did you know that the oil in coffee is equivalent to hyaluronic acid but the natural type? So it is safe to say that coffee oil is the natural version of hyaluronic acid because they both increase collagen, making the body smoother, firmer, and clearer. The chlorine acid found in coffee also makes it anti-inflammatory, making it soothing for skin care conditions. It also helps in the reduction of acne breakouts and the treatment of acne on the body. When used topically, the antioxidants found in the coffee bar soap have a calming and soothing effect on the skin.

5. Energize Your Skin: Combat Dark Circles with Mayan Magic Coffee Bar Soap

Coffee soap helps in the circulation of blood vessels when used on the face, reducing the dark circles under the eyes and puffiness. If you constantly appear tired and have eye bags or dark circles under your eyes, you need the Mayan magic coffee bar soap. The caffeine in coffee is responsible for the dilation of blood vessels, which contribute to dark circles. So while you drink your coffee to energize your body, use the coffee bar soap to get rid of the tired look on your face.

You can use the Mayan Magic coffee bar soap in combating cancer due to the presence of vitamin B3, also known as Niacin.

The benefits of the coffee bar soap are almost endless, and one way you can know is by purchasing one for yourself. Let us know what you think!

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