Nighttime skincare routine

Effective Nighttime Skincare Routine

Nighttime skincare routine
Effective Nighttime Skincare Routine 7

Do you have a skincare routine? If the answer is no, why do you not have one? You are probably thinking you probably do not need it because you do not go anywhere during the night. So, before we go into what your nighttime skincare routine should be, let us start with what a nighttime skincare routine is, and why you need one.

A nighttime skincare routine is just how it sounds—a skincare routine done in the night. Some people, do not see the need for one because they are going to bed.

Nighttime is when your body rejuvenates itself, and your cells go on a self-healing mission. It is when your bones heal themselves from the stress of the day, and the same happens with your skin. When you go out, your skin is exposed to toxins and dirt; it is also exposed to the sun. At night, when you sleep, your skin begins to self-repair all these damages done to the skin. You are supposed to help it in this process by having a nighttime routine that makes this process happen faster and easier.

Your nighttime skincare routine could include something that repairs UV damage to the skin. This way when you sleep, your skin is not just dealing with these damages on its own; it has help from the products applied during your nighttime skincare ritual.

Some skincare products are photosensitive, this is why they should be applied only at night for them to work perfectly. Some other skincare products just work better at night, and an example of those is anti-aging products. What better time to apply an anti-aging product than when your skin is going through a regenerative process? This process only happens when you are asleep at night.

Now that you know why you need a nighttime skincare routine, here is a nighttime skincare routine that some dermatologists swear by.

Nighttime Skincare Routine You have Follow

Nighttime Ritual: Complete Makeup Removal and Deep Cleansing

This is probably the umpteenth time you would be reading this but never go to bed with makeup on. If there were 7 deadly skin sins, this would make it to the top of the list. Pack your hair up in a bun so that you make sure you are cleaning deep into the roots of your front hair. Clean all the way to your ears and neck, under your chin, and below your ears. Use an oil-based cleanser if you have dry skin, they are also very effective in taking out eye makeup, including stubborn mascaras. If you will use an alcohol-based cleanser—which is not recommended—you will need to moisturize deeply after. Bottom line, clean out your makeup completely.

Bedtime Skincare: Gentle Cleansing for Fresh Skin

Bedtime Skincare: Gentle Cleansing for Fresh Skin
Effective Nighttime Skincare Routine 8

Whether your shower or not before you hit the bed, you must wash your face with a bar of gentle soap and warm water before you go to bed. Wash all the way to your ears, neck, and behind your ears. If you have had a sweaty day, please shower completely, cleaning all sweat stuck dirt from your skin. Your skin will fare better if it feels clean.

Gentle Facial Cleanser: Clear Skin Begins Here

Using a gentle facial cleanser, cleanse your face to get out any bit of makeup or dirt that may have been stuck inside your pores. Make sure this cleanser neither has alcohol or fragrance, it should be a mild cleanser. Using a harsh cleanser at this point could upset the balance of your skin’s pH and open you up to acne, or cause skin irritations that could deteriorate into more serious skin conditions in the future. It does not matter if your skin is oily, dry, or normal, a gentle cleanser works for anyone.

Nighttime Toning: Balance and Revitalize Your Skin

Nighttime Toning: Balance and Revitalize Your Skin
Effective Nighttime Skincare Routine 9

Yes, you used it in the morning, and probably do not see any reason why you must use it again, but you must. You just cleanse, washed and cleansed your face again, your pH is nearing imbalance, you need to keep it in check using the toner. The toner will also help to even out your skin tone which has probably been un-evened by the sun and other elements. You also need to tighten your pores before you go to bed, so the place of toning in your nighttime routine cannot be overemphasized.

Targeted Treatments: Enhance Skin Healing at Night

If you are undergoing treatment for any skin condition, beit sunburn or acne, or eczema, this is when you apply it. Some people just apply their treatments after showering, and while that is not really bad, following these steps the way they are arranged is your best bet at getting a faster result. You are usually asked to apply these treatments at night because of the regeneration reason we gave earlier, treatments work better at night. If you need to apply spot treatments or any kind of serum for better skin, they all go in at this time.

Apply eye cream and lip balms

Apply eye cream and lip balms
Effective Nighttime Skincare Routine 10

If you have not gotten eye cream yet, you should get one soon. This will help you get rid of those dark stress circles under your eyes. Then lip balms will help keep your lips soft and moisturized. Your lips are also producing new skin cells when you sleep, so applying a lip balm will help with the moisturizing and softening process. These may be optional, but they are quite necessary.


Finally, this is the last thing you do before you go to bed. Richly apply moisturizer all over your skin, from your face to your feet, make sure your entire body is moisturized. This is the most important part of any skincare routine, after cleansing. Even though you jump over some of the steps written above, never forget to moisturize before you sleep.

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This may seem like a lot of work, but your skin will thank you for having a nighttime routine. Start a nighttime regimen today, and see the change in your skin after a few weeks. Your skin will look better than it used to be, once you start backing up the daytime routine with the night one.

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