Glowing Skin for Your Wedding Day: Skincare Guide for Brides

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Glowing Skin for Your Wedding Day: Skincare Guide for Brides 2

Every bride’s dream is to look exceptional on their wedding day. Walking down the aisle with healthy and glowing skin is one of the best things to happen to a bride. No one likes the idea of having a breakout or puffy eyes and dark circles on their big day. The stress from wedding preparations and dinner rehearsals can cause the excessive production of hormones which can be bad for your skin. The essence of this article is to guide brides on the perfect skincare routine to observe before their big day.

7 Essential Wedding Skincare Tips for a Radiant Bride

Ready? Let’s get into it!

1. Start Early: Wedding Skincare Preparation:

The average result from applying skincare products begins between 6-12 weeks. Once you have that engagement ring on your finger, it’s time to start your wedding skincare routine. Most people begin their routine a year before the wedding day. The one-year preparation might not work for everyone as some people like to get married a few months after the engagement. It’s absolutely fine if you don’t have a long time to prepare. Once you have the rock on your finger, start preparing for your skincare routine.

2. Book a Professional Facial for Radiant Skin:

For your big day, everything about your skin has to be correct. It is not the best time for a DIY facial. It would be best to have all the pampering your skin can get, so now is the best time to gather the girls and book a professional spa date. Ensure the esthetician at the spa massages your face correctly. The massage will help get all the dirt out of your pore and give your skin a healthy glow. The techniques required for a facial before your wedding or any significant event require a professional.

3. Optimize Your Diet for Wedding Glow:

The best time to cut out the junk is now. When you eat unhealthy food before your wedding, the chances of being bloated and breaking out on the face become very high. Switch up your diet some months or weeks before your wedding. Infuse superfoods like cucumbers, tomatoes, kale, and lots of vitamins into your diet. What we eat affects our skin; if you want to look good outside, you will need to make a better diet decision. Cut down on the salt and sugar. Your skin needs a lot of hydration to stay healthy, cut down on the alcohol and juice and drink lots of water months before your wedding.

4. Give Your Skin a Makeup Brush Breather:

avoid make-up if you can. Our best advice for any bride is to let their skin breathe months before their wedding. If you have an event, apply little makeup. Using a dirty makeup brush, you pass acne causing bacteria to your skin. The best way to clean your makeup brushes is by soaking them into an everyday shampoo. When they soak for a few minutes, rub gently, rinse off and allow the brushes to air dry. If you need your skin to look healthy on your wedding day, ensure the makeup brushes are neat.

5. Exercise for Healthy Body and Skin:

While making sure your face looks perfect, you will also have to make sure your body is healthier. For your skin to be healthy, your body needs to be in the same procedure. By exercising regularly, your body will stay healthy. Exercising helps in the circulation of blood in the body. Blood circulation is essential for keeping your complexion in check. Always ensure to take a shower after you exercise your body. It will limit breakouts. Exercising is one of the healthy lifestyles you need to adopt before your wedding day.

6. De-stress to Avoid Wedding Breakouts:

Every new and old bride knows the stress that comes with planning a wedding. The number of calls you have to take, the dress up before the wedding and all the rehearsals to ensure everything is perfect t for your big day. Always make sure you find a way to distress because stress can lead to a massive breakout. Find a good book or movie, light a scented lavender candle and let yourself relax. You can also add yoga to your daily routine as it will help you sleep better. If your body is constantly stressed, you will end up having puffy eyes on your wedding day and no one wants that. Allow your body to rest, if you can, ensure you get your beauty sleep.

7. Stick to Your Trusted Skincare Routine:

As a new bride, there will be lots of advice concerning your skincare routine. Most people will suggest you start to use a new moisturizer or cleanser. It is best to stick to the routine you know unless otherwise professionally recommended. Changing your regime a month to your wedding will cause breakouts. The best thing to do if you really need to try new products, is to start three months before your wedding day. Avoid using harsh products that will irritate your skin. If you have an oily skin, it is best to use make up and skin care products recommended for your skin type. This is because oily skin is acne pro and if you have breakouts, there are chances you won’t look as flawless as you desire on your big day. If you can’t seek professional advice concerning the right products to use, stick to what has worked for you in the past. Cleanse, tone, apply a serum, moisture and use a sunscreen daily for healthier skin on your wedding day.

Remember that stress is one of the main causes of breakouts, it is best to engage in activities that will help you avoid it. Catch up on your sleep, create a schedule that allows you sleep and wake up at the right time. Stay hydrated at all times, especially three months to your wedding day. If you struggle with drinking water, it is advisable to infuse fruits (cucumber, lemon or lime) to flavor your water. Smile more to reduce the wrinkles and fine lines.

With these tips, you are ready to achieve your dream of a glowing skin on your wedding day! Share this with a bride you know.

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