repurpose skincare products

Repurpose Your Skincare Products for a Sustainable Beauty Routine

repurpose skincare products
Repurpose Your Skincare Products for a Sustainable Beauty Routine 4

Not all products have to be given out or put in the trash can. If a skincare product does not work for your face anymore, you can repurpose it! Every product deserves a second chance. Most people make purchases without being sure it works for their skin type. Other times we go splurging on skincare products for different reasons. If you have recently bought a product because the packaging looks nice or a friend recommended it, and now you have no idea what to do with it? It’s time to repurpose! Before getting into this video, we need to understand why repurposing is essential.

Repurposing Skincare Products: Saving Money and the Environment

When you repurpose rather than discard a skincare product, you help the ecosystem. It also helps you to save money. How? If you decide to repurpose your face moisturizer into a hand or feet cream, it benefits your wallet. Repurposing helps to reduce the amount of waste in our environment. Did you know it is less expensive and super efficient to repurpose your skincare products?

Now that we understand what repurposing is let’s get right into the skincare products that can go through this procedure.

1. Repurpose Your Face Moisturizer as Body Lotion for Smoother Skin

You can give your body more benefits by using your face moisturizer as a body lotion. Instead of leaving your products until they expire, you can use them to moisturize your body. When you come out from the shower, apply your face moisturizer on the body when your body is still damp. We often change our skincare products when we feel they are not working anymore. If you have recently switched products, use your old face moisturizer for your body. It is also a good repurposing tip for people who don’t like body lotion. The face moisturizer can help in getting your body smoother and softer.

2. Repurpose Your Face Cleanser for Body Wash or Hand Soap

Why restrict the goodness of a face cleanser to only your face? If you are tired of using a face cleanser for your face alone, you can switch it to a body wash. You can put the face cleanser into a dispenser for a daily wash in your shower. The only reason to completely discard the face cleanser is if it is too drying for your skin. You can also convert your face cleanser to hand soap. For an even consistency, add a little water to the face cleanser. Remember that face cleansers are gentle to the skin; imagine all the benefits they will offer your hands. Who needs a product for hand care when you have an old face cleanser to repurpose?

3. Repurpose Exfoliator for Brighter Underarms and Smooth Skin

Our underarms are prone to hyperpigmentation and bumpy skin. You can prevent this with oat as an exfoliator. Instead of resting your exfoliation to the face alone, repurpose it for your underarm. You can also use the exfoliator all over your body to get rid of dead skin cells. No need to panic over that extra oat flour powder; give your underarms a brighter tone today!

4.Repurpose Old Serums for Healthy, Glowing Body Skin

Serums have a high level of active ingredients that make your skin look glowing and healthy. If you have recently added a new serum to your skincare stash, convert the old one to a body serum. It will help get rid of body acne flaky and uneven skin tone. While you apply your new face serum on your face, use the old one for your body immediately after taking a shower. Always remember to moisturize your body for a better result.

5. Transform Your Face Masks into Luxurious Foot Masks

It’s not every day you find a feet mask at a beauty store. The fun part is you can make your feet mark by repurposing a face mask. Give yourself a spa treatment by laying your face mask on your feet. Allow it to sit for a few minutes and apply a moisturizer. You can use a face moisturizer for your feet as it also counts for repurposing.

6. Repurpose Your Toner for a Refreshing Room Fragrance

If you have a lovely smelling toner, you no longer use, put it into a spray can, dilute it with water, and use it around your room. It will leave your room smelling fresh.

It is okay to give out these products or use the old containers to store new products.

Share this with someone today! What skincare products have you repurposed?

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