Viral Skincare Tips To Avoid In 2022

There are so many viral skincare tips all over social media and while some work, others should be avoided like a plague. Anyone can have access to social media platforms, especially the main culprit Tiktok. This means that skincare advice shared on TikTok or Instagram might not be credible but just from someone hoping to get more followers online.

Viral Skincare Tips To Avoid In 2022
Viral Skincare Tips To Avoid In 2022 2

Let’s delve into some viral skincare tips that you need to flee from in 2022.

Viral Skincare Tips To Avoid

1. Aspirin For Acne

The first viral hack trap to avoid is using aspirin to get rid of acne “quickly”. For this hack, you’re told to crush up aspirin and turn it into a paste using water and then apply it directly to your acne for quick results. It doesn’t work, please don’t do it.

Applying aspirin to your acne can cause irritation and dryness ultimately damaging your skin. The same goes for using a bandaid or baking soda on active acne; they’ll do more harm than good.

Instead of experimenting with different hacks, you should figure out the type of skin you have and stick to a skincare routine with a good cleanser and toners like the Mayan Magic Kaolin Face Bar and Mayan Magic Face Toner.

2. DIY Face Scrubs

This is a very popular one right here; especially mixing coffee grounds with lemon and then scrubbing your face with it. The coffee grounds are meant to exfoliate while the lemon juice brightens your skin. The first thing you should realize here is that the skin on your face is quite delicate and should be treated as such.

Secondly, coffee grounds are too harsh to be used on your face because they can cause tears and damage your skin barrier. Lemon should also not be applied directly to your skin because it can make your skin become sun sensitive and affect your skin’s pH level. For face brightening, you would include the Mayan Magic Tonerin your skincare routine to help balance your skin’s pH level and brighten your skin.

3. The Sunscreen Contour Hack

The viral sunscreen hack says that you can get a natural-looking contour when you only apply sunscreen on the high points of your face. This has got to be one hack that makes no sense given the fact that you need to apply sunscreen appropriately to protect your skin.

The fact remains that those areas you refuse to apply sunscreen will be prone to skin damage and even wrinkles in time. And the weird part is that that tanned part that gives an illusion of contour doesn’t last long. Simply use a bronzer to contour your face and you’re good to go.

4. Icing Your Face: A Viral Hack for Puffiness, but Not a Miracle Cure for Acne or Radiance

Icing your face every morning is a viral hack that is said to treat acne, give you glowing skin, and reduce oil production on your skin. Here’s the truth; even though ice can help to reduce puffiness and redness on your face, it cannot get rid of your acne no matter how consistently you do it. Icing your face also does not automatically give you glowing skin or reduce sebum production however, the immediate result might give that illusion.

With the different skin types, there are so many skin regimens that can help balance the oil production on your skin and treat acne and hyperpigmentation to help to achieve glowing skin. Double cleansing with the Mariposas Gentle Face Cleanser would help balance your skin’s oils and tone.

5. Peel Masks To Get Rid Of Blackheads

Lastly, peel masks became so popular because they supposedly get rid of blackheads. Here’s the thing; peel masks do not effectively get rid of blackheads. They’re just painful to peel off causing skin irritation. Instead, try using a face mask and exfoliating cleansers like the Mayan Charcoal face mask, and the Moonbow Soapless exfoliating cleanser. You can gradually unclog your pores the right way that would give lasting results.

Viral skincare hacks that seem too good to be true most likely are so you should do well to avoid them. Discover the skin type you have and stick to a skin regimen that will provide safe and long-lasting results.

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