10 Effects of Stress on Skin

The effect of skin is something that be overemphasized and that’s why we have decided to do a comprehensive blog article on this. When we are hit with unforeseen pressure, it tends to affect not only our mood but also our skin. The signs associated with a stressful body are mainly associated to the skin.

10 Effects of Stress on Skin
10 Effects of Stress on Skin 2

There are also consequences of stress on mental health. People mostly pay attention to the effects of stress on human health while the skin gets ignored. It can lead to an imbalance hormones and other times, it alters how the skin functions. In this article, we will explore ten different Effects of Stress on Skin.

10 Effects of Stress on Skin

1. Stress causes breakouts

Stress is one of the leading causes of acne. When a person is under stress, wounds, inflammations and other signs associated with acne take forever to heal. Unlike other forms of breakout, stress breakouts is a combination of pimple pus, blackheads and whiteheads. You will also notice that the skin gets oilier even when you have dry skin. The body releases cortisol which also triggers the sebaceous gland. The sebaceous gland is responsible for oil production which when in excess, clogs the pores and leads to an acne breakout.

2. Stress leads to skin dryness.

While stress can make the skin extra oily, it can also cause your skin to dry out. The cortisol and adrenaline levels in the body rise and this makes you sweat. Some people, while under intense pressure or stress sweat. It makes the sweat gland to lose water and it also leads to dryness of the skin. Stress can also cause the skin to become itchy and flaky.

3. Stress causes bags under the eye

If you have ever woken up to swelling or puffiness under the eyes, there are very high chances that you need to get proper rest. Sleep deprivation and aging weakens the skin’s elasticity leading to bags under the eyes.

4. Stress can induce rashes and other skin condition

Stress weakens the immune system. When the immune system of the body is weak, it leads to redness and rashes on the outer layer of the skin. Stress can lead to certain skin conditions like eczema, psoaris and even dermatitis.

5. Stress makes wounds to heal slower

When you are stressed out, the body releases excess cortisol and catecholamine. These hormones make the body to heal injuries slower. For our skin to look better, it regenerates its cell. Stress alters and reduces the cell growth process.

6. Stress causes hair loss

If you have recently noticed thining on your hair, it is due to stress. When the body is stress, you will start to noyive scaly scalp and brittle hair. It is a condition known as telogen effluviun which causes thinning and hair loss.

7. Stress causes wrinkles

Wrinkles and fine lines are early signs of aging. When you get stressed, without proper care or management, it can lead to premature aging of the skin. It can also restrict the proper circulation of blood thereby leading to an uneven skintone. Stress can make the skin complexion paler.

8. Stress causes face flush

The skin gets temporarily flushed when you are stress. Though having a flushed face does not require any medical attention, it can leave you with red patches on the skin. When you start to notice these red patches, it is the right time to take a break and allow your skin to heal.

9. Stress interferes with skincare

Most times, the reason your skincare routine isn’t working might be from stress. Your skin issues tend to aggravate when you don’t use your products or follow your skincare routine. It makes you too tired that you often times forget to take care of your skin. If your skincare routine isn’t yielding any results, its time to reduce your stress level.

10. Stress can cause sore lips

For most people while under pressure or stress, they start to chew on their lips. The constant habit of chewing on your lips can lead to sore or chapped lips. It also creates access for bacteria or infection on that part of the body.

It is almost inevitable to completely avoid stress. However there are easy ways to manage stress so it does not affect your skin. Here are some easy tips.

. Exercise your body. You can either go to the gym three times a week or take a walk around your neighbourhood.

. Even when you are tired, try not to neglect your skin. Take out your makeup and always ensure you use a gentle cleanser, then moisturise.

. Get enough sleep as this will help your skin regenerate cells. An average adult needs at least seven to eight hours of sleep every night.

. Include stress management routines into your day. Try meditation, yoga or breathing exercises as this will help to reduce your stress level.

Remember to avoid situations that trigger your stress level. Share this post with someone.


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