Skin Care Habits That Worsen Acne And How To Make A Switch

affect one’s self-confidence. A lot of people who suffer from constant acne are quick to try different skincare hacks and routines just to get rid of it. However, rushing into popular acne solutions can do more harm than good to your skin.  

We’ve listed 5 skincare habits you might be guilty of and how to solve them.

SkinCare Habits
Skin Care Habits That Worsen Acne And How To Make A Switch 2

5 Skin Care Mistakes You Are Making And Their Solution

1. Cleansing Multiple Times A Day With Harsh Cleansers

The first skincare habit that can worsen acne is cleansing too many times a day and with a harsh cleanser. It’s okay to cleanse your skin daily to get rid of dirt and build-up in your pores. If you, however, go into the bathroom at every chance you get to wash/cleanse your face with an alcohol-based cleanser, it can damage your skin. A lot of people think that cleansing the face for even up to 10 mins would deeply purify the skin. While this is true to an extent, deeply cleansing your face like this will strip out all the natural moisture from the skin and damage your skin’s barrier.

Switch from cleansing your face often and for a long time with an alcohol-based cleanser to using a mild cleanser that has moisturizing properties. The Moonbow Face and Body Cleanser and the Mayan Magic Face Barare mild cleansers that would purify your skin, add extra moisture, and leave it feeling smooth.

2. Taking Off Makeup With Wipes

This is also one of skincare habits that a lot of people are guilty of. Using a face wipe is an easy way to clean off makeup after a long day but note that it’s never enough. Face wipes only remove dirt and makeup from the surface of your skin leaving behind some makeup residue that can cause acne. Also, most wipes have alcohol and other ingredients that will dry out your skin and cause irritation.

To fix this, you’ll need to get a makeup remover that’s water or oil-based depending on your skin type. The next step is to use a cleanser that works well for your skin to properly remove all dirt and makeup from your pores. The Mariposa Gentle Soapless Cleanser is the perfect mild cleanser that not only clears your pores of impurities but it also balances your skin’s oils and tones.

3. Depriving Oily Skin Of Moisture

A lot of people with oily skin tend to think that they need to dry up the oil by using very little or no moisturizer. Oily skin types are more prone to acne so it’s easy to think that using less moisturizer would help to manage the production of sebum (oil). This isn’t true! Depriving your oily skin of moisturizer can cause your skin to get dehydrated and think it needs to produce more oil.

To fix this, you need to get a water-based and lightweight moisturizer that would moisturize your skin to help balance your skin oils. Moisturizing your oily face correctly would keep it nourished as well as reduce the appearance of a greasy or shiny look.  

4. Misusing Acne Medication

To banish acne from your skin in record time, you might be using too many different acne treatments and medications. Another common mistake you might be making is using acne medications like salicylic acid every single day with no breaks. These acne medications work no doubt but not giving your skin time to rest and function on its own can cause damage and even more breakouts.

The solution for this would be to take breaks from these acne medications and try to avoid only using products with active ingredients in your skincare routine. Think of it as giving your skin breathing space from these acids and active ingredients.

5. Exfoliating The Wrong Way

Exfoliating your skin is a great way to deep clean your skin however when you exfoliate with harsh physical or chemical exfoliants often, it can damage your skin. Instead of opting for scrubs with harsh particles (on active acne), you can go in with an exfoliant like salicylic acid once or twice a week.

Correct exfoliation involves proper hydration right after with a toner, serum, and moisturizer. The Mayan Magic Face Toner and the Mayan Magic Face Serum are great for tightening pores, balancing the skin’s pH level, and evening the skin tone.

Pay attention to what your skin needs and you’d be surprised how hassle-free it’ll be to treat your acne.

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