Everything you need to know about Triple Cleansing

Triple cleansing has become one of the trendiest skin care topics, especially on Tiktok. It is very easy for our skin to pick up dirt and dust from the environment. Sometimes cleansing the skin once isn’t enough. The beauty industry constantly comes up with amazing things that have a lot of benefits to the skin. Double cleansing is excellent for the skin, but have you ever wondered what happens when you triple cleanse? While you have previously enjoyed all the benefits of double cleansing, this article will let you know everything about triple cleansing. Most people refer to it as double cleansing on steroids. For most people, double cleansing drains the natural oil on their face, primarily when they use the wrong product. If this is you, here is what you need to know about triple cleansing.

Triple Cleansing
Everything you need to know about Triple Cleansing 2

What is Triple Cleansing

Triple cleansing involves using different types of cleansers for your skincare routine. It means washing your face with a cream, oil, and gel-based cleanser. Double cleansing only requires two types of cleansers. Triple cleansing can also be done with a makeup wipe, cleansing oil and a foaming cleanser. Before you triple cleanse, you need to understand your skin type. If people with acne or oily-prone skin triple cleanse, it is easier to break out more. Over cleansing, the skin strips itself of its natural oil, leading to a breakout. Triple cleansing removes dirt and oil from the surface of the skin.

How to Triple Cleanse your skin

You need to triple cleanse if you live in an overly polluted city. Here is an easy way to triple cleanse. For the first cleanse, use a cleansing tissue to eliminate the impurities in your skin. You can try a soapless cleanser to remove makeup and dirt on your skin. You can also use a facial wipe for the first cleanse. The only negative thing about using a facial wipe is that it can cause friction that leads to skin barrier damage. After the first cleanse, proceed to the second stage. Use an oil cleanser to remove the impurities on the face. An oil cleanser will also help to massage your face while keeping it clean. The third cleanse will require a cleansing foam. Ensure that your face is wet to allow your skin to get all of its benefits. Rinse and pat your skin dry with a cotton towel. Always remember to moisturise during your morning and night time. Triple Cleansing does not stop you from applying a moisturiser, serum and other products in your routine.  Triple cleansing should not be done daily to avoid a breakout, especially if you have acne-prone skin.

Should you Triple Cleanse your face?

There are adverse effects of cleansing your skin all the time. The number of times you cleanse your face and the type of cleansing you choose depends on your skin type, the weather and your lifestyle. People would dry skin should avoid triple cleansing as it will only make your skin extra flaky and dry. However, the presence of the oily cleanser will keep your skin hydrated. If you have acne-prone skin, it is best to triple cleanse once a week. Treat triple cleansing as a self-care or for days when you need a break and want to pamper your skin. You should go through multiple cleansing sessions during your skincare routine if you work in a hot environment.

Triple cleansing can be a lot of work for some people, so it is okay to stick to double cleansing, especially at night.

Triple cleansing can cause more harm than good, depending on your skin type. When done with the right products, a single cleanse is all your skin needs. Also, before you start with new products, always check the ingredients while seeking advice from your dermatologist.

Would we recommend Triple Cleansing?

Mayan Magic Soaps products are made with natural ingredients. It is best to double cleanse twice a week, depending on skin type and lifestyle. Find the products that work best for your skin and proceed to triple cleanse. Always use a moisturiser and ensure your skin is hydrated.

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