Does my skin need glycerin? Benefits of glycerin for the skin

Benefits of glycerin for the skin
Benefits of glycerin for the skin

Most times, all it takes for your skin to achieve the glow you want is a particular ingredient. Glycerin is one of the most popular ingredients used in making cosmetic products. It comes as a great combination with water and fragrance. Glycerin is mainly found in moisturisers and lotions. It can also be used in making soaps. Glycerin has many benefits to the skin, but it is also essential to know if your skin needs glycerin.

Since our skin needs water to stay hydrated, a natural humectant is an excellent choice. A humectant is any substance that attracts water from the atmosphere and sends it into the skin. A humectant is a moisturising agent like glycerin which helps the skin retain moisture. Glycerin is a humectant.

Glycerin is a dermatologically approved skin care product with many benefits to the skin. Glycerin is derived from vegetable oils and animal fats. It comes in a colourless liquid state. As an ingredient in skincare products, it helps retain moisture and keep the skin hydrated. In this post, we will discuss the benefits of glycerin and if your skin needs it. It is also best to note that glycerin can irritate some skin types, especially in an undiluted form.

Here are the benefits of glycerin to the skin.

1. Glycerin protects the skin.

Glycerin protects the dermis. It keeps the skin moisturised and constantly hydrated. When used in a moisturiser, it protects the skin from sun damage. Glycerin helps to increase the thickness of the epidermal layer of the skin. It helps the skin retain moisture and protects it from environmental pollutants. When you use glycerin or a product that contains glycerin, it keeps your skin healthy for a more extended time.

2. Glycerin prevents acne

Glycerin is non-comedogenic, which means it does not clog your pores. It keeps the face moisturised and hydrated at all times. Glycerin does not give an extra shine to the skin. If you have oily skin, always look out for products that contain glycerin as a significant ingredient. Glycerin helps to soothe the pain from already existing acne. A toner containing glycerin helps prevent skin concerns like acne, pimples and blemishes. It has exfoliating properties that, when applied to the skin, can also help with exfoliation. Always consider your skin type before applying glycerin.

3. Glycerin moisturises the skin.

It is one of the perfect moisturisers for your skin because it helps keep it hydrated. Glycerin draws moisture and locks it in the deeper part of your skin. When you use a lotion or moisturiser that contains glycerin, it helps your skin moisturise itself. It tightens the pores on the skin and makes it firmer. Using a beauty product with glycerin as an ingredient will leave you with smooth and soft skin. Glycerin has anti-ageing properties while keeping your skin moisturised. It also has you looking younger. Its hydrating properties give the skin a smoother appearance.

4. Gentle Skincare: Glycerin in Cleansers and Moisturizers for Healthy Skin

Cleansers and moisturisers that contain glycerin are gentle on the skin. Glycerin is gentle on the skin. It ensures your skin is healthy. Although there are cases when glycerin irritates the skin, it is a gentle way of exfoliating the skin. It removes dirt and makeup from the skin without damaging the skin barrier. Cleansers with glycerine are perfect for people with dry skin as the product is gentle. When you use a harsh product on the skin, it leaves your skin flaky and might cause a breakout.

5. Glycerin has healing properties.

Glycerin draws moisture to itself. It heals the damaged or broken barrier in the skin. It also helps to heal skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. It promotes skin health and contains antimicrobial effects.

Did you know glycerin helps to preserve other ingredients in cosmetic products? It is effective preservation because of its antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Is Glycerin Good For Your Skin?

The answer is yes, but you always need to consider your skin type. Glycerin is excellent for people with oily or dry skin. It retains and absorbs moisture from the skin. It is anti-bacterial and treats skin conditions while preventing breakouts. It is also best to know that you might experience an allergic reaction from using glycerin.

How To Use Glycerin On The Face

If you decide to use glycerin alone for your skin, ensure your dermatologist prescribes it. Rinse your face with cold or lukewarm water. With a cotton pad, apply glycerin around your face or on areas with dark spots. Allow the glycerin to sit on your face for a few minutes. Rinse off with water.

Glycerin comes in soap, lotion or moisturiser. You can also add glycerin to your body butter for extra skin benefits.

Have you used glycerin in your skincare routine?

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