Skincare Tips for Brides with Sensitive Skin

Skincare Tips for Brides with Sensitive Skin
Skincare Tips for Brides

One thing to know before we get into this article, your skin shouldn’t be the reason you don’t enjoy your big day! Calling on all brides and bridesmaids with sensitive skin. Here are some tips to have your sensitive skin ready for your wedding. Most people worry about reactions or redness during the application of make-up before their wedding. With this article, you have one less thing to worry about.

Skincare Tips for Brides with Sensitive Skin

1. Talk to your makeup artist

One of the mistakes by brides is that they don’t communicate with their makeup artists. Having sensitive skin is not a condition or a problem to be scared of. It is best to tell your makeup artist about your sensitivities. Ensure they use allergy-tested products and fragrance-free products. When your makeup artist has these details, you’re sure you won’t have itchy skin or any reactions on your big day. Also, if you know how to handle your makeup, it’s OK to do it. Or recommend products for your makeup artist to use.

2. Be a little extra on your wedding week

It’s okay to be careful with your routine during your wedding week. No one wants to use the wrong products and end up with an acne breakout or irritation. It is safe not to switch products two or three weeks before your wedding day. If a routine has been working for you, it is best to stick to it. You can do a trial run of make-up products a week before the due day; this also applies to any skincare product recommended. Our best advice is to stick to a routine that works for you. If you want to have your facials done, it needs to happen a week before your wedding. You have seven days until your big day to fix any irritation or allergy.

3. Let the hot shower take a rest

Did you know that taking a hot shower dries the skin out? When you constantly take hot showers, your body loses its natural oil leaving you with oily and overly sensitive skin. Now is an excellent time to get your skin relaxed for your big day with more warm showers. Also, you can infuse rose water and lavender into your bathtub and have a relaxing bath. Your skin will look healthier, but you will also feel more relaxed in time for your big day. Trust us, and your skin will be grateful you let the hot shower rest.

4. Use fragrance-free soap

When you have sensitive skin, fragrance can irritate, which can ruin your skin before your big day. We have a collection of fragrance-free, all-natural bathing soaps. These products are mild on the skin and won’t leave you with reactions or allergies. We recommend you try our soaps not only for the benefits to your skin but also for the relaxation it promises to give your skin before your big day. It is advisable to avoid detergents and products that contain astringents before your big day.

5. Eat more fruits and vegetables

Did you know you can toughen your sensitive skin by eating more fruit and vegetables? What is eaten plays a significant role in what happens outside of your body. Eat more fruits and vegetables and also reach out for food that contains lots of minerals and vitamins. For the week before your big day, eat more oats for the fibre and drink green tea to reduce inflammation or breakouts. Go easy on the wine and alcohol. It is best to take fruit infused water as it will toughen your sensitive skin and make your skin healthier.

6. Always wear a sunscreen

While you stay moisturised, remember to wear sunscreen at all times. It will protect your skin and also ensure your skin barriers are in check. Extend the application of sunscreen to your neck and ears. Also, remember to wear sunscreen while you’re indoors.

Try to manage your stress during this period and always get your beauty sleep.

Remember, when you trigger your stress hormones, breaking out becomes higher. So, wear a happy grin and stress less.

We hope these tips help you in time for your big day. Share this with someone.

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