Maximize Product Absorption: Tips for Better Skin Penetration

Skincare Products Absorb
Make Your Skincare Products Absorb Better

Most times, the problem is not with the products in your routine. It primarily depends on how well your skin absorbs and accepts these products. A product takes a few seconds to penetrate the skin giving room for other products to get absorbed. Naturally, our skin is not always accepting of outsiders, so penetrating the outer layer of the skin is difficult. When you keep applying products, and they sit at the skin’s surface, it causes damages, and there will be no results from the routine. These tips will help you make it easier for products to penetrate your skin.

1. Enhance Skin Absorption: Apply Products to Damp Skin

It is easier for products to penetrate the skin while still damp. The skin absorbs a product ten times more than it is damp. It is advisable to apply your face skincare products immediately after using a cleanser. Also, the products you use on your body should be applied when the skin is still damp. Remember, you don’t have to be dripping wet; pat your body with a towel after showering. When your body or face is damp, apply other skincare products. The skin retains more liquid when it is damp and helps your products absorb better.

2. Exfoliation for Better Skin Product Absorption

Exfoliation is the removal of dead skin cells from the skin. When applying a product without exfoliating, the dead skin cells restrict them from penetrating the skin. To get your products to absorb better into the skin, it will be best to exfoliate once or twice a week, depending on your skin type. Remember to go easy on the skin while exfoliating. The dead skin cells are nothing to panic over, our skin sheds every 28 days, and the remains are on the face. By exfoliating, we get rid of the dead skin cells, and this procedure will make it easier for products to get absorbed into the skin.

3. Layering Products: A Key to Effective Skin Absorption

Most people apply their skincare products and make them look all over the place. If the goal is for your products to penetrate the skin and be absorbed while enhancing good results, you need to layer these products properly. If we apply thicker products before the lighter ones, the thicker products will make it difficult for the others to penetrate. Hence, it is better to start with a cleanser, then other liquid products in your routine (also serum ), and end with the moisturizer and sunscreen. When layered properly, there will not be any blockage by the thicker products for the lighter products. If you apply a moisturizer before the toner, the result gotten from the routine will come solely from the moisturizer and not the toner.

4. Steam Your Face for Improved Product Penetration

Another reason why it is difficult for products to penetrate is that our pores are clogged. When you notice your skincare products have no positive results, it is best to steam the face with hot water or a home steamer. Boil some water and put it in a bowl. Bend your head over the bowl with a towel on your head. It is safe to remember that this needs to be done alone to avoid distractions. Once your face is steamed correctly, apply your skincare products. You can also exfoliate after steaming your face. The steaming procedure needs to be in your routine at least once a week. If the hot water procedure makes you uncomfortable, there are other face steaming methods, and you can use a hot towel to steam your face. If steaming were not so important, it wouldn’t be added to the routine during your facials!

5.Apply Sparingly for Enhanced Skin Product Absorption

The results from skincare products occur between 6-12 weeks. Applying a lot of products to your skin will only reduce absorption. It is best to apply your products in tiny amounts. The only product that needs an application during the day is your sunscreen. Smear a small amount of product on your skin and dab gently. It is best to apply your products in a circular motion to increase blood flow. Also,  if you have a lot of products in your routine, it is best to pay them in small amounts to avoid piling.

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