Face Serum: Benefits, Mistakes to Avoid, How to Use

face serum
Face Serum: Benefits, Mistakes to Avoid, How to Use 2

Serums are essential to the skin and play a vital role in the growth and glow of our skin. People mostly avoid serums in their skincare routine because they do not know their importance. Other times, the effect of serums is not noticed on the face because we are not using the proper procedure. Did you know that the face serum provides the skin with the most highly concentrated active ingredient required during a skincare routine? Serums are a need in your skincare routine. Keep reading this article to find out what a face serum is and its benefits to the skin, also the mistakes to avoid while using a face serum.

What Is a Face Serum and Why You Need It in Your Skincare Routine

A face serum is a skincare product designed to provide a high concentration of active ingredients to the body. They get into the skin quickly because they are lightweight are perfect for the skin after cleansing. Face serums are essential for different reasons because they hydrate the skin. It helps to lock moisture into the skin and is safe to be applied in your morning and night time skincare routine. Face serums are best for people with dry, oily, or skin with redness. Serums help you treat different skin concerns and skin conditions. There are different types of serums, and each of them contains nutrients essential for the skin. If you need glowing skin, it is best to add a serum to your skincare routine.

Benefits of serum to the skin

Serums are soothing for people with sensitive skin because they are lightweight and subtle for sensitive skin. If you have acne-prone skin, it is best to add a serum to your skincare routine.

It gets rid of fine lines and wrinkles. Serums contain ingredients that improve the skin’s texture and lighten the skin. It is safe to note that serums contain MHRB, grapeseed oil, safflower oil, sunflower oil, and Vitamin E. It leaves the skin feeling smooth and also glowing. The grapeseed oil found in our grapeseed oil contains linoleic acid.

Serums reduce inflammation and dryness on the skin. Everyone has been obsessed with glass skins; lately, face serums leave your skin looking dewy and moisturized, which has a glass effect.

Face serums protect the skin from free radicals and damage from exposure to UV rays. Serums do not feel heavy on the skin, perfect for your skincare routine.

Eight serum mistakes you need to avoid

1.       Prep Your Skin for Serums: Don’t Skip Exfoliation

When we forget to exfoliate, the skin will have dead cells. Ensure to exfoliate your skin at least once or twice before using your face serum. Exfoliation makes penetration easier for the face serum. Remember to use a gentle exfoliator so you don’t dry your skin out or cause friction which is terrible for the skin. Applying a serum after exfoliating prepares your skin for other liquid skin care products in your routine. When applying the serum to your face after exfoliating, move in a circular motion as it allows for deep penetration.

2.       Proper Serum Storage: Protect Your Skin Investment

Storing your skincare products wrongly has a negative impact on the product and your skin. It is wrong to leave your serum in a warm or sunny area of your house. Sometimes it is best to avoid sunlight exposure for your serum. It is best to keep your serum refrigerated as it will be safer and one of the best methods to store it. Always ensure you keep your serum in a place that prevents it from oxidizing.

3.       Face Serum Order: Maximize Benefits by Applying Correctly

The face serum comes into your skincare routine after cleansing or washing your face. It is lightweight and does not take more than a minute to penetrate the skin. The serum does not create a base for other products to get in; instead, applying a serum after a moisturizer only makes it difficult for it to be absorbed by the skin. The serum comes after the moisturizer and sunscreen.  Applying the serum in the wrong order reduces its ability to be active on the skin.

4.       Proper Application: Enhancing Serum Efficacy for Results

How we apply a skincare product is responsible for how it works on our body. When applying the face serum, move upward because it will help penetration. Apply the serum on your fingertips and apply directly to the face. If you are consistent with applying your face serum, the results will begin to show in weeks.

5.       Serum Dosage: How Much Is Just Right for Your Skin?

The most important question is, “what is the right amount of serum to use?” It is best to use a pea-size amount of face serum to have a better effect on the skin. For our Mayan Magic face serum, a drop does the trick as it contains the right amount of ingredients. Using a serum is to have the effects visible, so it’s best to apply it on the face and neck.

6.       Consistency Is Key: Using Face Serum in Your Daily Routine

The key to getting any product to work perfectly on your body is staying consistent. If you decide to use the face serum in your morning and nighttime routine, it is best to keep up with it. In the morning, use the serum once before applying sunscreen and moisturizer. During your nighttime routine, use the face serum before the moisturizer.

7.       Proper Face Serum Application: Timing and Moisture

The face serum needs to sit in for a minute before applying  your moisturizer. It is best to apply the serum when the skin is still dry.

8.       Stick to One Serum for Your Skincare Routine

It is best to stick to one serum for your skincare routine. When you use different serums from different brands, it causes damage to your skin. Be careful with the products you layer on your skin. Also, ensure the products have the perfect blend of actives. We will advise you to purchase our serum as it has the benefits your skin requires.

Face serums are one of the best products for your skin; add one to your routine today. Be patient with your skincare journey. Share this post with someone today.

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