Managing and Treating Butt Acne: Causes and Solutions

Butt Acne
Managing and Treating Butt Acne: Causes and Solutions 2

With butt acne, the first thing to know is that you’re not alone. Butt acne is irritating, and almost everyone has one time in their lives experienced it. Though most people refer to it as bacne or regular acne, butt acne is a bacterial or fungal infection medically known as folliculitis. If the name scares you, take a deep breath, butt acne is nothing to worry about.

There are easy steps to get rid of butt acne. Even though this type of acne can be itchy and irritating, the first step to treating the red bumps on your butt is by understanding the causes.

Understanding Butt Acne Causes: Genetics, Hygiene, and More

One of the leading causes of butt acne is right underwear. It is best to let the skin breathe by wearing comfortable underwear. Even though there are medical reasons for butt acne, ingrown hair is another cause. When bacteria gets into hair follicles on the butt region, it leads to butt acne. While the infection on the butt grows, it forms a bump.

Sometimes your butt acne gets filled with white pus, while other times, it doesn’t. It is safe to note that not all butt acne flare-ups.

Butt acne is genetic. Some people wake up to butt acne that flares up even when you practice good hygiene.

Stress causes acne, and it can show up on any body part. Butt acne can also be from hormonal imbalance. While others break out on different body parts, others break out on the butt. Sweating after exercising or other activities can cause butt acne. When you let sweat sit on the skin for a long time, you will begin to break out.

Moisture makes acne itchy but here are ways to treat or remove them.

1. Exercising with Butt Acne: Tips to Prevent and Manage

Butt acne shouldn’t hold you back from visiting the gym or exercising. After working out, rinse your body to prevent moisture. When sweat seats on the body for too long, it triggers the sebum gland and causes butt-acne.

2.Choosing the Right Moisturizer for Butt Acne

It is best to use lightweight creams or moisturizers if you have butt-acne. By using heavyweight moisturizer, you clog your pores. Clogged pores are a trigger for acne. The best way to treat or prevent butt-acne is by using body butter or lightweight lotion.

3. Preventing Butt Acne: How to Avoid Friction and Irritation

Friction and irritation are significant causes of butt-acne. If you work in a space that requires you to sit down for long hours, it’s best to take butt breaks. Too much time on the chair can be wrong for your butt. Stand up more frequently to avoid butt acne.

4. Choosing Comfort Over Tight Clothes to Prevent Butt Acne

When you wear tight clothes, it traps sweat and friction on the butt. It’s time to let go of your tight pants and leggings until the butt-acne goes. The sweat and oil block the hair follicle in that region. It’s time to wear more comfortable clothes.

After taking a swim, change out your swimsuit as it can be tight and uncomfortable. Wear clothes made of cotton to avoid extra breakouts on your butt.

5. Gentle Exfoliation: A Key to Preventing and Treating Butt Acne

Exfoliating your butt, reduces acne. Exfoliation helps to get rid of dead cells and dirt from the body and this applies to the butt too. Exfoliating the butt also helps to improve skin texture and fight off dullness. It will also help to prevent acne in the future.

It is best to exfoliate using oat powder as it is mild on the skin. Avoid abrasive exfoliation or using scrubs because it can damage your skin. Use a washcloth to exfoliate and remember to moisturize when your body is still damp.

6. Effective Home Remedies for Butt Acne Discomfort

A warm compress will help to open pus in your butt-acne. It helps relieve the discomfort and irritation in that area of your body. After using a warm compress, it is best to wash off the area and moisturize. You can put ice into a cotton cloth and put it around the affected area.

If the butt-acne makes you too uncomfortable, it is best to see a doctor.

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