Post Summer Skincare Tips

post-summer skincare
Post Summer Skincare Tips 2

Yay! Summer is over, well not yay because we all love summer because of the warmth, the sunny beaches, the warm waters, and the skin exposure. Now, the one part of our body that does not really like the summer is our skin, and for very good reasons.

Why the summer is great for us and how we feel, it is not exactly fair on our skins. Your skin needs a post-summer rehab session to repair all the damage that must have been done to it by the elements of the summer.

Why do you need post-summer skincare?

There are a few small skin conditions that could come with you from the summer. First is sunburn, so you might be dealing with some uneven skin tone on your body, especially on your face and neck. Secondly, there may be small spots that look like freckles on your skin, but what they really are, are sunspots, and they are the harbinger of hyperpigmentation. Finally, this may not happen often, but you may just end up with acne from all that stress the sun puts on your skin.

You see now, that taking care of your skin intensively after the summer is just as important as putting on back-to-back sunscreen in the middle of the warm summer.

Post-summer Skincare

Here are ways you can take care of your skin better.

Post-Summer Skincare Routine: Exfoliate, Tone, Moisturize, Treat

Exfoliate: Between heavy makeup, heavy sunscreen application, multiple skincare products, and toxicity from the air during your travels, your pores have been through a lot. Chances are, they are not blocked with grime, dirt, and oil from all the extra production from pH imbalance. The first thing you need to do once the summer is over is all-around exfoliation. Sometimes, when we talk about exfoliation, people easily go for just their faces, which is very expected actually. However, your entire body has been at the receiving end of all 92 days of summer (yes, we love that movie too), and needs to be taken care of. Ergo, you need to scrub the entirety of your body gently with an exfoliating agent, making sure that your pores are clean and open to taking in the next few products you will be applying.

Tone your skin: Remember we said that you may be dealing with uneven skin tone because of sunburns and elements, well a toner is your chance at getting your skin tone back.

A toner will first do some extra cleaning of your pores, tighten the pores, smooth your skin, even out your skin tone, restore the pH balance of your skin, and leave your skin looking fresh and firm. The Mayan magic face toner is the best toner for your facial skin. Consistent use after the summer will soothe your skin, and get rid of the sunspots and uneven tone. You do not need to rinse it off or clean it off after applying, a toner is safe to leave on your face, as it has quite a several benefits as needed by your skin.

Moisturize your skin: This is one of the most important after-care for your skin. More than being aftercare, this is the easiest way to guarantee you have healthy skin. It is not even just summer aftercare, it is all-season aftercare. After toning your skin, work your moisturizing product into your skin generously, from your face to your feet. Rub it in both firmly and gently, allowing the product to seep into the pores of your skin to do its job. Moisturizing has numerous benefits, but the most important one is that it helps your skin heal easier, especially when there have been cracks and breakage from the summer.

Get treatments for your skin: This is only applicable if you can see visible summer damage on your skin. Otherwise, you can just let this part slide. If you however do notice the damage, do book an appointment with a dermatologist to help you decide the best product for your skin. Follow the directions given to you by the dermatologist judiciously if you want to get back to see smooth and flawless skin. Some of these skin-care repair treatments can only be applied at night to help your skin.

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Continue with the sunscreen: Summer may be over, but the sun did not recede into the sky. It is still out there, as damaging as ever and your skin needs to be protected against it. More so, your skin is going through rehab as a result of the summer, the least you can do is protect it from the biggest perpetrators of the crime, the sun. Apply sunscreen on your skin generously if you are going out, and make sure that the SPF is at least 30. As long as you need to step out, put your sunscreen on.

Go heavy on the water: We know this sounds funny, but yeah, drink water. Drink enough water for your skin to get hydrated from the inside out. Water will help balance your skin and body’s pH as well, and you need that. Drink a cup of water within the hour every day.

Get some good sleep: Believe it or not, sleep is good skin therapy. When you sleep, your entire body goes into auto repair mode, which is what you need since your skin needs repair from all the sun damage in the summer. So when it is nightfall, get in with your skin routine and treatments and hit the bed early, so that your skin has enough time to repair itself.

Final thoughts

Your skin looks great during the first week of summer, and as the sun gets hotter, your skin begins to revolt against UV intrusion. Because the sun is stronger than everything on the planet including your skin, your skin takes the brunt of the sun’s anger. After the summer, it just cannot be business as usual. You have to take active steps to work on your skin so it can go back to the way it was, or better even.


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