Skincare Routine For Eye Skin

Skincare routine for eye skin
Skincare routine for eye skin

When we take care of our facial skin, it is usually easy for us to ignore our eyes. The skin around the eyes needs as much routine care as the skin on your cheeks and forehead. For starters, when your face begins to wrinkle, it does not just happen on your forehead, it happens at the side of your eyes too. Also, when you are stressed, the skin around your eyes, especially below becomes dark and sunken. Crow’s feet, dark circles, and eye bags are signs of quick aging; if you want your face to remain fresh and young, you must invest in taking care of the skin around your eyes. 

Here are a few ways you can start taking care of your eye-skin:

Cleanse your skin properly

One of the reasons the skin around the eyes begins to have issues is makeup. When we clean makeup off our faces, we are usually too concerned with the makeup on our foreheads, chin, and cheeks to focus on our eyes; the moment most of the shadow is gone, we move on.

However, the same attention you pay to other parts of your face should be paid to your eyes too, even more. Cleanse the skin around your eyes till you are sure there is not one speck of dirt left. Please, remember to do this gently because the skin around your eyes is very delicate and can easily bruise. Ergo, make sure you are using a product that is not harsh, and that you are cleaning rather gently. 

Choosing and Applying Effective Anti-Aging Eye Serums

Choosing and Applying Effective Anti-Aging Eye Serums
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Numerous effective over-the-counter serums are available for your eye skin. Meet a dermatologist, or a skincare therapist and have them prescribe a good eye serum for you. Once you are done cleansing or washing your face, gently pat the serum into your eye skin, making sure this goes all the way to your brows. Serums can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines which find their way to your eyes as time goes on and age happens. When going for a serum, specifically find the anti-aging ones, they have properties that take care of wrinkles and fine lines. 

Essential Eye Moisturization: Don’t Overlook Your Eyes

This is yet another routine we go through while ignoring the eyes. When moisturizing, your fingers are supposed to work their way around your eyes to under your brows and the part where you get to your nose. Oftentimes we just rub the moisturizers over the rest of the facial skin using our hands or face massagers, without bothering to moisturize our eyes as well.

Since it is easy to forget to properly moisturize your eyes, one way around it is to start with your eyes before moving to other parts of your face. Apply moisturizer on your fingers, and work it into the skin around your eyes until you are sure that it has settled in, then move on to other parts of your skin. 

Expert-Recommended Eye Creams: Transform Your Eye Skincare

Expert-Recommended Eye Creams: Transform Your Eye Skincare
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There are specific creams tailored to meet your eye needs, meet a dermatologist to tell you the best one to use for your eyes and get it. Eye creams usually contain vitamin C, retinol, and or hyaluronic acid, all of which are very beneficial to the eyes around the skin.

Hyaluronic acid is a popular anti-aging product that triggers the production of fluid in the skin around the eye, taking away that sunken look and giving you a supple fresher look around your skin. Retinol contains vitamin A, which is yet another anti-aging component. An eye cream will make your eyes look better and should definitely be in your eye skincare routine. 

Sun Protection for Eyes: Why and How to Safeguard Delicate Skin

Did you think your eyes did not need sun protection? Think again! Your eyes are constantly squinting under the sun, what makes you think the skin around it is safe? You need to apply a generous amount of sunscreen around your eyes before you go out.

Squinting already stresses the eyes and makes it easy for wrinkles and fine lines to surface. The toxins you meet outside already creates a breeding ground for eye bags and dark circles, same as not sleeping. The last thing you want to deal with is sunburn on the skin around your eyes; first, it will hurt, secondly it will get dark and wrinkle. 

Now that we have looked at skincare routines, let us look at the basic rules to having great eye skin. 

Protective Habits: Rules for Preserving Delicate Eye Skin

Protective Habits: Rules for Preserving Delicate Eye Skin
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The skincare routine we aforementioned will not work if you do not follow the following rules. 

Do not rub your eyes incessantly: Understandably, there are times when you really want to rub your eyes but do not make it a habit. Rigorously rubbing your eyes to probably soothe an itch or something else will strain the skin around the eyes and inspire wrinkles and fine lines. 

Do not smoke: Smoking is very bad for your skin and worse for the skin around your eyes, it will cause wrinkles and they may take time to go away. 

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If you have poor eyesight, please use your glasses or contacts: Going without your glasses or contacts will make you squint often, and the more you squint, the greater your chances of early aging. Using your medications will make it easier for you to use your eyes without squinting. 

Sleep when due: Reduce your late nights, and sleep often. Not sleeping stresses your eyes and causes dark circles and eye bags. 

Final thoughts 

We underestimate what effects our day-to-day habits have on our skins, and that is why we do not pay so much attention to the skin around our eyes. During your skin routine, give your eyes major attention, and adjust your lifestyle practices to reduce the strain on your eyes. Drink water often to supply oxygen to your skin, especially your eye skin, and avoid things that would put a strain on your eyes, including late-night-under-the-sheet screen time. Visit for the best products for your skincare.  


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