Natural Skincare Tips for the New Year

While arguments are ongoing about whether the new decade starts in 2020 or 2021, one thing is certain: 2020 is a NEW YEAR! And we all know the frenzy associated with every new year that unfolds – new year resolutions, investments, starting big projects and all of those things we just deem fit for a “new year”.

You may want to be an exception to the frenzy though but there is no denying the fact that you look forward to doing better in the next 365 days and we do too! If one of your visions for the new year is having great skin or working on your skincare routine, then you’ve come to the right place. It is safe to turn off the ignition now and step out.

This is not going to be a how-to guide that dabbles around the main point. We understand how focused everyone is towards their goal and so we wouldn’t waste the time you’ve decided to put into yours. That said, you may need to get a journal or an app that helps you keep track of what you need to do and changes observed because this one is coming right for all your unhealthy habits.

Without further ado, let’s jump right into the top skincare tips for the new year.

Fresh Skin: Wash Away Makeup for Natural Glow

Wash your face every night. EVERY NIGHT except you have ten strong reasons not to do so. This is more important if you used makeup during the day. Most makeup products settle into the pores the longer they stay on your face so the biggest mistake you would be making is turning off the lights with those things in your pores.

Face wipes and cleansers are good at getting bulk of the makeup out but they don’t take the place of some clean water and mild soap. Try washing your face tonight and you can thank us later in the morning.

Hit the gym : Exercise for a Healthier Body and Radiant Skin

You may want to jump over this one but be surprised if you don’t hit your targets for the new year. Working out has been linked majorly to having body goals but if you check out most of the fitness experts you see on the internet, you would notice that they not only flaunt some hot body goals but skin goals as well.

Sweating is part of your body’s excretory process and it unclogs your pores in the process plus it helps blood circulate a lot faster to all those tiny veins. Oh, and have you also realized that working out early in the morning just makes achieving your goals for the day a lot easier. Probably not because you’re not working out yet.

Protect Your Glow: Sunscreen Is Your Skin’s Best Defense

Your skin is not a mirror and neither is it foil so why are you going to the beach without a sunblock? Sun rays are no doubt, an amazing feature in getting that sun-kissed look in your photos but when they kiss you for too long, you could end up looking older than when they first touched your skin. Besides aging, prolonged exposure to the sun can cause wrinkling and other grave illnesses you wouldn’t have thought of. So, before you go out next time, get a sunscreen with SPF 15 or more that blocks UV rays.

Embrace Natural Glow: Opt for Fresh Foods & Chemical-Free Skincare!

Embrace Natural Glow: Opt for Fresh Foods & Chemical-Free Skincare!
Natural Skincare Tips for the New Year 11

Quite a good number of us already do this but not everyone realizes that it also plays a part in skin glow. Incorporate more berries, citrus fruits, vegetables and proteins into your food. This goes on to say; remove more carbs and oily foods and junks that you definitely can do without.

Cut down on exotic skin products. It’s not about having the money to buy luxurious products, it’s about what those products do to/for your skin. Yes, some of these products do a great deal of good to the skin (or so we think) but do you know the ingredients that are responsible for such changes?

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Many a time we just toss tubes and packets into our shopping carts without carrying proper survey on the stuff they contain. Some contain materials that are toxic on different levels but who cares as long as they make our skin glow and do all the things they claim to?

Invest in natural products.

In response to the last point made, we came up with this amazing tip: natural products. There are countless natural recipes and products that all of those things that the more sophisticated products claim to do and even more. With natural ingredients, there’s little to no negative side effects (and none that can’t be quickly managed). What’s even better is that these natural products are cheaper and easier to get than the “hundred percent factory processed with caution and love and care all in one tube”.

Embrace Natural Beauty: Cultivate Your Garden for Skincare & Serenity

What better way to invest in NATURAL products than have a garden of your own? Just think of it: a garden that first of all, provides the essential materials you need to make your skincare recipe, produces some edibles and then gives your once empty yard a whole facelift. Doesn’t that sound like something you should be doing in 2020? Doesn’t it?

Prioritize Quality Sleep: Boost Your Skin’s Elasticity and Freshness

We are fully aware of how much you like all your items: premium quality, neat packaging, and fast delivery but why do you deprive yourself of all those qualities in the one activity that your body badly craves for? Putting motivational talks and hustle game aside, there is only so much your body can do when you don’t allow it rest.

Quality sleep—with emphasis on “quality”—is important for building collagen, the one thing that makes your skin elastic and fresh so next time you are tempted to get only 3 hours of sleep at night, remind yourself of your skin goals. Is it worth it? If it’s not, then, by all means, go ahead and have a three-hour sleep.

Revitalize Your Skin: Water, Healthy Habits, & Early Action for Radiant Results

Revitalize Your Skin: Water, Healthy Habits, & Early Action for Radiant Results
Natural Skincare Tips for the New Year 12

If there was a more intense way to put this, we would have done that. Water cleanses your system. Water helps circulation. Water aids excretion. Water does-so-much-more-than-you-realize. Drink water, fam. Drink water.

Keep your hands off your face. It’s so tempting to touch those pimples and zits and swellings but how about you keep your hands on the work in front of you instead? Popping those tiny things doesn’t do well in getting rid of them. What happens is that another inflammation happens on the inside so you’re pretty much walking in circles.

You are probably taking down notes of these things so you can start them in the new year but what happened to today? Who said washing your face and eating fruits and sleeping well only works in 2020? Stop procrastinating and get about working on your skin goals already. If you start early, you may start reaping the benefits before the first quarter of the year is over

Thank you for reading! If you’d like 7 more amazing having great skin can make you feel, then follow that link. Be sure to check out the rest of Mayan Magic Soaps, we have a ton of resources for you. .

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