Natural Skin Myths That Are Actually True

Natural Skin Myths That Are Actually True
Natural Skin Myths That Are Actually True 9

The thing about myths is that they last from generation to generation. They are passed on till someone comes to debunk them, and then they are either trashed or left for those who did not realize that they had been debunked.

Almost everything in this world has a myth to back it, our hairs and even our skins have myths that we may debunk or leave to exist as time goes on.

Natural skincare was a thing, then civilization happened, and it was no longer a thing, fast forward a few decades later the internet goes ‘woke’ and people suddenly realize that civilization brought a truckload of lies and natural skincare is better, so natural skincare once again, becomes a thing.

As usual, myths are surrounding the natural skin that is either true or should be debunked.

Now, let us look at 7 natural skin myths that are amazing and true.

Natural Skin Myths That Are Amazing

Myth 1: Coconut Oil Lightens Skin

Coconut Oil Lightens Skin
Natural Skin Myths That Are Actually True 10

Myth 1- Coconut Oil Makes Your Skin Lighter: There have been arguments about coconut oil on the skin. There is a sect that believes it makes you darker, there is another sect that says no, it makes you lighter.

However, there has been a long-standing myth that it makes your skin brighter, so yeah, this is a myth we will not be debunking, today. It does make your skin brighter and healthier, so this is an excellent addition to your skin routine as it is also a very good moisturizer and sealant.

Myth 2: Palm Kernel Oil Is Antiaging

Palm Kernel Oil
Natural Skin Myths That Are Actually True 11

Myth 2- Palm Kernel Oil Is Antiaging: This myth is one of those that you might want to readily debunk because when they list the top ten antiaging natural oils, you might not find palm kernel oil on the list. This is mostly because this is not a very popular skincare product, people will rather settle for coconut oil which is a lot easier to make or other anti-aging oils which will not stress you than go for palm kernel oil.

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But, this myth will fortunately not be debunked today. Get you a stash of palm kernel oil, if you can find it, and work your way to aging backward like a vampire. It should not come as so much of a surprise that it is quite difficult to get something so good, now, should it?

Myth 3: Honey Heals Scars

Myth 3: Honey Heals Scars
Natural Skin Myths That Are Actually True 12

Myth 3- Honey Is A Scar Healer: Yeah, some scars cannot heal unless a reconstructive surgery is done, but there are also minor scars that could clear if taken care of. Honey gets rid of this kind of scars if used consistently. You see, honey repairs skin tissues, and it also has antioxidant properties.

So if you ever saw someone rubbing honey on an inflammation, Do not ask so many questions, honey does a lot more than stay sweet and moisturizes the skin, it repairs the skin as well, thus getting rid of scars.

Myth 4: Tea Tree Oil Stops Itching

Myth 4: Tea Tree Oil Stops Itching
Natural Skin Myths That Are Actually True 13

Myth 4- Tea Tree Oil Stops Itching: Tea tree oil comes with anti-inflammatory properties, these properties make it possible for the tea tree oil to stop itching and inflammations. If you have a spot or a part of your body that is constantly itching, the tea tree oil will help in reducing the irritation, and stopping the itching.

Since it is anti-inflammatory, the tea tree oil can also get rid of inflammations on your skin, especially the kinds that come with a lot of itching. Just remember to mix it with another oil when you are making use of it, as it can get harsh and cause irritation if used alone. Always mix it with an oil such as olive, coconut or almond oil.

Myth 5: Carrot Oil Brightens and Heals Skin

Carrot Oil Brightens and Heals Skin
Natural Skin Myths That Are Actually True 14

Myth 5- Carrot Oil Heals The Skin: Honey and tea tree oils are not the only oils with the ability to heal skin, and carrot oil does not only brighten the skin, but it also has anti-oxidant and anti-fungal properties, so your skin is in safe hands when you use carrot oil on it. This is not one of those myths you debunk, this is the kind you hold on to and pass down from generation to generation.

And perhaps you grow to be a dramatic grandparent, you could hand your daughter a jar of carrot oil when you are handing her something old, and something blue for her wedding, with strict instructions to do the same for her kid.

Myth 6: Sesame Oil Is a Sunblock

 Sesame Oil Is a Sunblock
Natural Skin Myths That Are Actually True 15

Myth 6- Sesame Oil Is A Sunblock: Sesame oil has properties that help you protect your skin from UV rays the sun, which means, no sunburn, which also means you will have fewer wrinkles to worry about, as sun born causes wrinkles on the skin. Sesame oil also has other benefits like, repairing the skin, blocking the skin from toxins and pollutions. Sesame skin as a sunblock has moved from a myth to a fact.

Myth 7: Peanut Oil Helps with Eczema

Peanut Oil Helps with Eczema
Natural Skin Myths That Are Actually True 16

Myth 7- Peanut Oil Help With Eczema: People are too busy eating peanut oil to notice that peanut oil does not just have great effects when ingested, but when applied on the skin as well. Peanut oil, when applied on the skin, helps in taking care of eczema and also helps in reducing the effects of dry skin as it stops the skin from being so dry when it is applied on the skin.

The peanut oil myth is not a very popular one because people will rather use the oil for food, than use the oil on their skin. Well, the next time you are buying peanut oil when grocery shopping, keep in mind that you are also doing your skin a huge favor by purchasing in.

Not every myth needs to be debunked, some myths like these need to be written in a book and hidden in libraries for the chosen kids who are inquisitive to find them in the future. Okay, that is a bit dramatic, but the point is, these myths are important to take note of as they are beneficial to your skin health. You can add them to your skincare routine and give yourself a better skin.

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