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Natural Skin care

Natural skin care products are mother nature’s gift to us. People only use what products they are sure of their contents. It is easier to pick an over the counter natural skin care product than one made with chemicals; we can’t even pronounce their names. The skin is the largest organ in the body and super delicate. The skin also gets damaged (bleached) easily. Half the time, these damages are irreversible. Most damages done on the skin is a result of using chemical-infused products on the skin. Not all chemical products are dermatologically tested and cause more harm than good to the body. Natural skin care products are safe on the skin and better for the environment.

What are natural skin care products?

It is easier to hear the word “organic” than “natural” for skincare products. Natural products are organic. They have no chemicals in them. They also come in their purest form or mixed with other natural skin care products. Aloe vera is a good example. At Mayan Magic Soaps, all our products are natural with no chemical additives.

Natural skincare products are from plants, minerals or other natural sources. It is the best and most reliable care for your skin. Once you have the right natural skin care products, you have one less worry. Natural skin care products come in different forms. The list below will guide you on the best type of natural skin care products to look out for when purchasing a product.

1. Naturally derived and physically processed:

The products go through an advanced stage or get distilled in this category. Shea butter comes from a tree, and when processed physically, it becomes a product compatible with almost all skin types.

2. Naturally occurring ingredients

These forms of natural products work better in their natural state. Aloe vera and honey are good examples of naturally occurring ingredients. Also, crushed flowers like roses are a great example.

3. Some products are processed and infused with chemicals that are subtle on the skin. For example, castor oil is a natural product but needs a hydrogenated molecule to form the castor wax. The process has switched castor wax from a 100% organic product to a naturally derived product that is chemically processed.

With this guide, you know what products to pick up when shopping for skincare products. The best way for products to work is when you understand your skin type.

Reasons natural skincare is better for you

As humans, we need to pay attention to the products we use on our bodies. The skin has pores, and whatever we use on it can quickly get into the bloodstream. The same way we are particular about our meals, the same attention should be given to our skincare products. These are reasons why natural/organic products are better for you.


Allergies cause significant damages to the skin. Natural products are good on almost all skin types. If you ever have an allergic reaction to a skincare product, your dermatologist would likely advise—a switch. The switch is from chemical infused products to organic ones. Also, when you have an inflammation, reaction or irritation from natural products (the chances of this happening is very low), it is easier to spot.


Chemical skincare products claim to be effective over a brief period. No one tells you that the longer you use these products, the worse the damages become. You are never really sure of the chemicals used in synthetic products. Most of them are cheap fillers or pesticides. People will put anything out in the market to make money. Organic products are safer and better for your skin.

They cause no harm to your bloodstream or the organs inside the skin. Natural skincare products balance your skin and are the perfect pampering your body needs at any time. They have nutritional values, and if you maintain consistency, you will see results. Need better skin? This is your sign to go organic!


Nurture your skin with the lovely nutrients of natural skincare products. The products that come naturally have lots of nutritional value. They are easy on the skin, and since they contain botanical agents, you are sure of what you’re using on your skin. While we can monitor what we eat to nourish inside the body, the product we use does the job outside the body. It helps your body function better.


Natural skin care products give the body a healthy undiluted dose of vitamin c. It is safe to say that natural skin care products keep you looking younger. It gets rids of wrinkles, fine lines and keeps your skin tone radiant and glowing. Natural products with Vitamin C help in the skin’s rejuvenation and collagen production. Vitamin C helps in the repair of the skin and its development.


How we treat the environment around us affects our skin. When air is polluted, or the pool we dive into has been contaminated, that proves harm to our skin. Organic products have no chemical form and therefore have no damage to the environment while causing less waste. Going organic is your way of creating a positive impact on the earth.

Benefits of organic products

i. They cost less and are more affordable than chemical skincare products

ii. They are easier to use, and each natural product has directions all over the internet

iii. They have no strange side effects. If a natural product reacts to your skin, check the expiry date or be sure it matches your skin type

iv. It gives you a healthier lifestyle

v. The results are long term

Organic products save you from a future filled with skin conditions. Skin cancer is one of the results of clouding the skin with chemicals. We use many products on the skin daily, from cleansers to moisturisers, toners, moisturisers, and even perfumes. These products have an organic version. Now is a good time to protect your skin and make the switch.

Go organic!

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