How to Pamper Your Skin using Mayan Magic Soaps

pamper your skin
How to Pamper Your Skin using Mayan Magic Soaps 2

There are many ways to pamper your skin and many things you can use to achieve this purpose, but the best is Mayan magic soaps.

Formed from the best part of nature’s essence and created to provide the best nutrients to just about any skin type available, Mayan magic soaps provide the best kind of skin pampering there is.

Each soap is specially formulated with nutrients that could make your skin brighter, smoother, and healthier, and the best part? All of it is natural! Mayan magic does not do harmful toxic chemicals because we understand that the skin is the largest most visible organ in the body, and it requires tentative care.  

If you need to pamper your skin, here are five Mayan magic soaps and how you can use them to pamper your skin.

Pamper Your Skin using Mayan Magic Soaps

Coconut Lime Body Bar: The coconut lime body bar is made from two very wonderful natural ingredients. First, the coconut is an amazing moisturizer with healing properties that are almost second to none. Having a coconut bar gliding all over your skin is a good way to make sure your skin stays healthy and moisturized daily. Now, the second ingredient is both a strong antioxidant and an anti-aging ingredient. Lime contains vitamin C, which is the perfect anti-ager. The vitamin C nourishes your skin from inside out, giving you firm, youthful skin. With both of these ingredients in a soap bar, you are bound to have the best skin ever. To get the best out of this soap, use it at night to instigate cell repair and in the morning to prepare for a harsh day.


Kaolin clay and shea butter face bar

Kaolin clay and shea butter face bar: The kaolin clay is a natural exfoliator; when used, it seeps out the oils clogging your pores and saves you from an acne breakout. The kaolin clay also cleanses your skin, soothes your skin if you have any irritation, and evens out your skin tone. We all know that one of the best gifts we got from mother nature is shea butter. Shea butter heals, soothes, and moisturizes the skin, giving it the perfect glow. Using soap with both ingredients gives you perfect skin. To enjoy using this soap, use it on your skin and give it a good two minutes before you wash it out. Doing that will give the kaolin clay time to get into the pores of your skin to get rid of the extra oil.

Kokum oatmeal bar:

Kokum oatmeal bar: If you constantly have dry skin, then this is the skincare product for you. Kokum is a light butter that slowly seeps into the skin, providing moisture to all the parts of the skin. Apart from that, it has healing properties and is anti-inflammatory. Oatmeal is an exfoliating product rich in anti-inflammatory properties. Using the kokum oatmeal bar guarantees you skin free of acne because while one ingredient exfoliates, the other heals and moisturizes. Use the Kokum oatmeal bar every morning and night to get smooth, clear skin.

Lavender bar: When people hear lavender, they assume it is all fragrance and no substance; they could not be more wrong. Lavender has the ability to reduce acne, make your skin lighter, and reduce wrinkles. If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then a lavender bar is her sister. This lavender bar, when used, will give you clearer, brighter, and softer skin. An added advantage is that you will come out of the bathroom smelling like you slept in a garden.

Mayan magic citrus bar:

Mayan magic citrus bar: Uneven tones, sunburns, scarring, wrinkles, age spots, and dull skin. These are the skin issues tackled by citrus. Citrus goes into the skin and fixes it from the inside out. Our Mayan magic citrus bar will take good care of your skin, as long as it is used correctly, which is every morning and evening.

Why have you not hit the checkout button on our product section? What are you waiting for before you begin to give your skin the pampering it deserves? Your skin deserves the best, and only you can give that best, so start today. Buy our soaps and feed your skin till you are walking around like a porcelain creation.


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