Feminine hygiene is essential for women. Most women want their yoni (or vagina) smelling like strawberries and would shove in any product they find without knowing how it works. Yoni is a word used to describe the vagina and vulva, and it’s derived from Hinduism. There are a lot of over the counter feminine products but yoni oil and pearls top the chat. The vagina needs to stay healthy. Yoni oil balances the vagina’s PH level. It keeps the vagina clean and gives it a better smell. The vagina cleanses itself naturally, and this is why people question the yoni oil. Is it safe for the vagina considering it is a blend of herbal ingredients and essential oils? 

WHAT IS YONI OIL ?  : Nourish Your Feminine Wellness

Discover the Safe and Healing Benefits of Ixchel's Yoni Oil: Natural, Chemical-Free, and Multipurpose

Yoni oil is a natural blend of organic essential oils and herbs. It improves vaginal health. It improved the elasticity of the skin around the vagina. It is an antioxidant and protects the vagina from infections. Yoni oil is made from herbal ingredients and, when added to the vagina, gets rid of the odor and unpleasant smell. It is used as shaving lotion. It can also be used as a body oil or as a massage oil. The ability of yoni oil to work depends on the ingredients used in making it. Our Ixchel’s yoni oil is made with almond oil, Schisandra extract, Bulgarian rose essential oil, Vitamin E, and MHRB.

The ingredients found in our yoni oil moisturizes and smooths the skin. It also improves skin elasticity and promotes vaginal health. Vitamin E improves and assists in hydration, and the MHRB (mimosa hostility root bark) balances the PH level of the vagina. If you are worried about the scent, the Bulgarian rose essential leaves your vagina with a lovely smell. These are all-natural products. Yoni oil can also contain olive oil, neem, coconut oil, feminine botanicals, and other essential oils. The combination of these makes up the yoni oil. The best kind of yoni oil is made from oil, petals, and herbs. 



Everything you heard about our vagina oil is correct except its usage. Do not put the Ixchel’s yoni oil into your vagina! When you put products “inside” the vagina that is when it becomes unsafe. The vagina self cleanses and it is okay for you to have discharge sometimes. As a woman, the pH level of your body is never balanced and using yoni oil balances it. Yoni oil can be used everywhere except inside the vagina. You can use it on the clitoris, the vulva and the openings of the vagina. Did you know that using oil on the face can also decrease acne? This is because of its anti-inflammatory qualities. After taking a shower, apply the yoni oil externally on the top of the vulva. You can massage it around the vulva. Our vagina oil can be applied under the labia as it would help the vagina restore it’s flora balance.

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The skin around the vagina needs to be moisturized and that is what the oil does. It is not used inside the vagina as it is an oil and not a cleansing bar or liquid. Wash the vagina first and also endure you apply the oil with clean hands. The only time you can use oil inside the vagina is if you have been told t do so by a specialist. Always keep the oil bottle sealed and at a warm temperature. If the bottle isn’t sealed correctly, it can get contaminated. Remember this is a product you use in a sensitive part of the body. 

Now that you know where to use this vagina oil, start with a few drops of it. You can start with 2-3 drops and increase depending on how your body takes this new product. Always test patch a product before using it fully on any part of the body. If you are on a medication or using other herbal products, let your doctor know before using the oil. You can always get good feminine care by doing a massage with the vagina oil. Remember, do not use it internally! 


-Yoni oil can stop ingrown hair. It reduces the growth of hair around the vagina and stops the itchiness that comes with having ingrown hair. The ingredients in this vagina oil reduce inflammation and causes a soothing feeling. 

-Yoni oil moisturizes. If you experience vaginal dryness due to stress and hormonal issues, this oil would help return your vagina to normal. Vaginal dryness is also caused by aging. The essential oils in vagina oil make the vagina softer as it moisturizes it. 

-Yoni oil relieves pain. Vaginal injuries occur either from wearing tight clothes or the soreness from sex. This can be used to reduce the pain and sore feeling. Massaging  our vagina oil around the vagina increase cells turnover and provides sooth for the vagina. 

-Yoni oil serves as a lubricant. Most over the counter lubricants are unsafe for the vagina. These products might be the cause of bacterial infections and discharge in the vagina. The vagina is a sensitive part of the body, and the products used in it can cause harm. Rather than products you are unsure of, you can use the  vagina oil as a lubricant. The Bulgarian rose oil in it gives off a fantastic scent. 

Discover the Safe and Healing Benefits of Ixchel’s Yoni Oil: Natural, Chemical-Free, and Multipurpose

The benefits of this product will let you know how safe yoni oil is. As long as you do not put it inside the vagina, thenit is very safe to use. You can also add drops of  vagina oil to your body oil as it tightens the skin. Yoni oil is also a healing balm. Men can use it for skin pampering as it’s importance goes beyond feminine hygiene. Before you get  vagina oil, be sure to check the ingredients used in making it. There should be no chemical additive to your  vagina oil. 

If you’re unsure of what  vagina oil to get, try our Ixchel’s yoni oil. What feminine products do you use? 

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