The Magic of Coffee on the Skin

The Magic of Coffee on the Skin 10

When you take in food, do you ever think that if you applied them to your skin, it would make your skin better? Does it shock you sometimes when a new skin product emerges and it is from something you have on your shelf to eat? At this point, humans should be prepared for just about anything when it comes to skincare. 

Because who would have, for even one minuscule second thought that coffee would affect the skin? When some people think about coffee, a few things come to mind, and none of them is skin. For some, it is that woozy Monday morning after a hangover from a fun Sunday night.

 For others, it is that midday sleepiness that hits in the middle of a task. For both categories aforementioned, it is the snap-back-to-life effect that this wonderful brown-almost-black product provides. 

However, did you ever stop to think for once that this wonderful product could be applied to the skin? Certainly not. Research somehow found out that coffee did more than making us alert, it helps with our skin as well. That is why we are going to be looking into some of the benefits of coffee and how it takes care of the skin.

What are the benefits of coffee for the skin? 

Coffee: Your Natural Anti-Aging Elixir for Youthful Skin

Coffee: Your Natural Anti-Aging Elixir for Youthful Skin
The Magic of Coffee on the Skin 11

One of the most interesting things about coffee is the calming effect it induces. This is because when coffee is taken in the way we know how to, relaxation is the one thing it is not doing. A relaxed skin will not form fine lines or have wrinkles. Furthermore, it possesses antioxidants, which inhibit the movement of free radicals, thus stopping cell damage and death. 

The resultant effect of this is a reduced pace in aging, on your skin at least. When you applied it on your skin, also increases the collagen and your skin’s elasticity, leaving your skin firm, and fresh. As you go on, the water in your skin evaporates, leaving your skin prone to dryness, which in turn will cause wrinkles. Coffee keeps your skin in constant hydration, immediately replacing the lost moisture, and leaving your skin fresh. Coffee is the perfect anti-aging remedy.

Sunscreen: Your Skin’s Shield Against Harmful UV Rays

Sunscreen: Your Skin's Shield Against Harmful UV Rays
The Magic of Coffee on the Skin 12

The sun is said to be the provider of one of the major nutrients our body needs vitamin D. However, no one tells us enough that the sun on your skin is sometimes not a very great idea. The UV rays from the sun are harmful to the skin, and it can cause burns and wrinkles. It is like sunscreen, as it acts as a shield between your skin and the angry sun when used.

Coffee for Dark Circles: Your Natural Solution

Coffee for Dark Circles: Your Natural Solution
The Magic of Coffee on the Skin 13

Dark circles can have you using one or two concealer dabs, and a dash of foundation to conceal them. People say adequate rest deals with dark circles, but the truth is, sometimes, they just won’t go away. Now you are stuck explaining to everyone that you have been sleeping well and you are not heartbroken because of them. Fortunately, coffee is the answer to that problem. 

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Having a healthy amount infused in your skincare regimen can get rid of your dark circles in no time, giving you a clear face with an even tone. Coffee contains caffeine, while this may not be news to you, it may please you to know that caffeine dilates blood vessels. Guess what causes the dark circles around your eyes? Some blood vessels. 

Coffee: Nature’s Anti-Inflammatory Solution for Healthy Skin

Coffee: Nature's Anti-Inflammatory Solution for Healthy Skin
The Magic of Coffee on the Skin 14

Inflammation is something we have to fight against constantly. Literally, anything can cause inflammation, from an insect bite to a change in the environment, even a change in a product. You have to constantly make sure that you are fighting and overcoming inflammation at every turn. Coffee possesses properties that make it the perfect weapon against inflammation. 

Coffee: Your Source of Vitamin B-3 for Healthy, Radiant Skin

Coffee: Your Source of Vitamin B-3 for Healthy, Radiant Skin
The Magic of Coffee on the Skin 15

You may have heard about this vitamin or not, but it is great for your skin, and coffee possesses a high level of vitamin B-3. This vitamin can help fight cancer as studies have shown. 

Vitamin B-3 has something called ceramides, these are compounds that hold the skin together, forming some kind of protective layer over it. The protective layer formed, helps to keep the skin from losing moisture. When your skin loses moisture, it becomes dry and brittle and begins to get flaky. Vitamin B-3 restores and aids in ceramide build-up. 

When applied to your skin, Vitamin B-3 will even out skin tones, reduce wrinkles and fine lines, and will brighten up your skin. Using coffee on your skin exposes your skin to this wonderful vitamin. 

Coffee: Your Skin’s Best Friend Against Sunburns

So, you didn’t know about coffee as sunscreen before you stepped out, now you have gotten some sun burns. Do not worry! It does more than protect your skin from the sun, it takes care of your skin after it has been attacked by the sun. Applying a coffee-filled mild product on your skin after a sunburn will calm your skin down, and induce self-healing. 

Unlock Smooth Skin: The Power of Coffee Beans

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The Magic of Coffee on the Skin 16

Surely, we all want smoother skins. Well, having smoother skin is guaranteed when you use this brown bean in all its glory. To be able to run your hand through your skin without encountering bumps, you need this.

Is drinking Coffee bad for my skin?

Interestingly, coffee is like sugar when it comes to the skin. While consistent ingestion of coffee the way you know how to will not do your skin so much good, applying the same on your skin will do amazing things. So with coffee, it is less internal use, more external use. 

It suddenly seems that coffee is the answer to all our skin problems. If you are asking “What is the best way to use coffee on my skin?” Here is a pro tip, you do not have to go applying coffee on your skin. What you can do is get our Mayan Magic Coffee Face mask. It is your best bet at getting the nourishing and healing effect that coffee brings to the skin.

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