Effects of Soda On Your Skin

Effects of Soda
Effects of Soda

There is a long list of Dos and Don’ts when it comes to taking care of our skin, and this list is often geared towards what we put on our skins. In some cases, there is a list of Dos when we are talking about what we take in for the sake of our skins.

However, there should be a long list of don’ts when we refer to what we take in for our skins, and pop/can sodas should top the list. Are you furrowing your brows right now? Release them, and accept this truth─sodas will do a lot worse to your skin than you could ever imagine.

The bad thing about the way soda works on your skin is that while you gulp that cold frizzy sugar-filled trojan horse into your system, it is slowly and ever so delicately destroying your skin. Before you can glaringly see the effects of soda on your skin, a lot of damage has been done on the inside already.

Now, we are not saying this to scare you, and we just want you to have great skin, which is why we have laid out three effects of soda on your skin for you to see.

Three Effects Of Soda on Your Skin

Soda increases your chance at acnes.

When you take in so much soda, your blood sugar increases; now, with increased blood sugar, your hormones enter into an imbalanced state, causing them to produce more oil than as required. The result of your hormones overproducing oil is acne. These sugar-inspired acnes are usually hard to treat because you are so focused on surface treatment.

So, after you slap on your treatment serums and everything else, you sit balanced in front of the TV with yet another can of soda, the enemy. Taking too many sodas does not only increase your chance of getting hormonal acne; it makes it so difficult to treat them too because it takes a lot to undo the damage done on your skin by the sugar.

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Soda accelerates aging

What does aging look like on the skin? Wrinkles, sagging, dullness─that is the answer. You could be in your 30s and already look like the 50s made a detour and stopped by your house. The phosphates and sugar contained in your favorite soda accelerate aging in your cells.

So, there you are, with a can of soda in one hand, phone in the other with your cosmetic products plug on speed dial, looking into the mirror and wondering why you suddenly have fine lines all over. The enemy is in your hand, but because you do not know it, you take another refreshing gulp and age even faster.

Soda can dry out your skin.

Some of the conditions that originate from dry skin include eczema and psoriasis. When you take in too much soda, you get dehydrated from the inside out, and this reflects on your skin, causing breakouts and inflammations as sponsored by skin dryness. They tell you to drink water to avoid having very dry skin, and that is right. However, you must also reduce your soda intake unless you are willing to match every can of soda you take with a glass of water the same size to tackle the dehydration caused by soda. See how odd that sounded? That is exactly why you should replace soda with water.

Say No to Glycation: The Impact of Sugary Drinks on Your Skin

The process whereby your skin gets destroyed by sodas from the inside is called glycation. This process breaks down the collagen from inside your skin, makes your skin dry and brittle, and causes a whole host of problems. While glycation may be hard to reverse, it is not irreversible and can be treated. You will first need to completely give up sugar for the healing process to start. Now, we all know that we want to indulge in a little sugary pleasure every now and then. However, this cannot happen when the effects of soda can now be seen on your skin. Whatever you do, you must try to avoid glycation by all means.


Unless there is a particularly strong health reason to do so, we are not asking you to completely stop taking soda. However, you do need to drastically reduce your daily intake if you love your skin. Substitute sodas for fresh fruit, squeeze and water, and watch your skin blossom.

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