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We all love to relax and have our skin pampered while at it, right? Well, the good thing is that you don’t have to leave your house to get the skin pampering session you deserve. It’s been a long week; the best time to kick back and relax is the weekend, preferably a Saturday. A spa treatment gets done alone or with family or friends. Before we share the DIY materials for your facial spa treatment, we need to understand why you need one and if it’s different from what you get at the commercial spa.

Why do you need facial treatment?

Every day, you follow your skincare routines, and maybe that’s enough for you, but there’s more to a facial spa treatment. Facial treatment comes with steaming the face, the all-natural DIY face mask and the face massage your face needs for better blood circulation.  Not only does it get your skin glowing, but it also helps you relax your nerves and worry less. We all go on a spa date to relax and feel better; having a facial spa treatment at home gives you the chance to be comfortable in your space while doing what you love. Also, there is no number of minutes as you can take all the time you want.

There are also skin benefits to a facial treatment; it helps your body rejuvenate. The body sheds old skin cells every 28 days, and that’s why we exfoliate. While we can exfoliate at least twice a month, a facial spa treatment should be done once in three or four weeks to avoid irritating the skin. You need a facial treatment to renew your skin cells and add that glow to your skin. 

Now we know why we need a facial spa treatment at home, let’s get into how to do it using DIY products.

Cleanse with shea butter or honey

Shea butter is a two-step natural cleanser that gets rid of makeup while also moisturising the skin. By cleansing your skin using shea butter or any other natural cleanser. You can also use honey to wash your face. We recommend our natural shea butter as honey can sometimes affect the face if not purchased from the right store. Massage your face in a circular motion while cleansing it, add little water and work it in using two fingers.

Exfoliate with oats

Oats are the top on the list for two reasons; one, you can use them on your face and two, it’s also a healthy way to start your morning when you eat them. We will focus on the first reason. Oats help the skin get rid of dead cells and pave the way for other skincare products to penetrate better. It balances the skin tone too. Take as many oats as you need and ass a bit of water. Use your fingers to rotate and work the oats in gently.  Remember, you are trying to pamper your skin and not harm it, so be gentle while exfoliating.


You can recreate your sauna or the spa steam. Steaming your face helps to open your pores and soften the skin. It also helps to increase circulation on the skin. Grab a large towel while you let the water boil in a pot. When the water is hot enough, pour it into a bowl. Cover your head with the towel and lean your face towards the steam. Please remember not to get too close, and also, It is safe not to steam for more than  10 minutes. If you are uncomfortable with the idea of steaming over a bowl, get in the shower, close the doors and create a steamy environment. Stand around or sit while your face gets steamed.


The Kaolin Clay Powder is one of the simplest masks for skin treatment. Let the mask sit in for a bit, rinse off with warm water  before the next step. With your skin open from the steaming, use the mask to nourish it.


A toner, just as the name applies, helps to balance the PH level of the skin. Use a natural toner or a facial mist for this step.  If you have a serum in your daily routine, use it after the toner.


Massage your moisturiser on your face the same way it gets done in the commercial spa. It helps to keep the facial muscles toned and relieves stress too. Massage for about two minutes to let it penetrate the skin.

The next step is to pour yourself a glass of wine or partake in any activity that helps you relax. Let us know how it goes, and don’t forget to share this post with a friend! Who needs a spa day outside when you can have one at home? 

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